Here’s the agenda of “peacemaker” Biden: priority is abortion

    The candidate-democrat’s pro-abortion priorities have been made public. While certain Catholics are worried about justifying their vote for a radical party, arguing that Biden is open to the dialogue needed to restore peace to a divided America, they do not understand that the war broke out with abortion and egoism by law ( as Mother Teresa of Calcutta explained). Trump just decided to respond to the attack, and this is the reason why the foe is openly revealing its violence.

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    • 99 YEARS OLD

    Wanda Poltawska, the anti-abortion champion and her sad birthday

    St. John Paul II’s friend and Polish concentration camp victim of  Nazi abortion experiments said: "I saw Nazis tossing newborn babies into crematoriums: for all my life I’ve had these harrowing images before my eyes...I promised myself, if I survived, to study medicine and to defend life." Today Wanda Poltawska celebrates her 99th birthday while witnessing the latest attack on life in her native Poland.

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    British Medical Journal guidelines treat Covid

    Many are the therapies for the Coronavirus, and the British Medical Journal has updated the guidelines on how to manage the various situations that arise. Often lacking, however, are those who put them into practice, beginning with the oft lamented non availability of many general practitioners, who should be the first dyke to staunch the epidemic.

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    A group of Catholic intellectuals against PAL on abortion

    A group of Catholic intellectuals complain that the Pontifical Academy for Life uses ambiguous language in its criticism of the new Italian guidelines on day hospital abortion and altogether omits condemnation of abortion.

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    • CHURCH

    For the Italian Church and the Vatican, Abortion Is a Bit Less Bad

    The recent articles in Avvenire, the news service of the Italian bishops, and the interview given to Crux by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, are signs of a disturbing change in the Church in its attitude towards pro-abortion laws.


    UN-aid for Covid is blackmail to advance abortion policies

    Ecuador is the first country that has officially bowed to UN blackmail. In exchange for financial aid to battle COVID-19, the United Nations is demanding that Ecuador liberalize its anti-abortion laws, promote gender ideology in schools as well as legalize cannabis and surrogate pregnancies. This shameful negotiation demands attention from the international community. Vatican diplomacy must take decisive action.

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    • CHURCH

    Paglia’s Revolution: How to Destroy Catholic Morality

    In an interview with the American website Crux, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, denies the existence of non-negotiable moral principles and accuses those who use the right to life as a voting criterion of political exploitation. The implicit reference is to the American elections, but Paglia’s affirmations are consistent with an approach, by now consolidated, that distorts the fundamental foundations of Catholic moral theology.


    "What civilisation? Chemical abortion led me into a dreadful deception."

    "I was told ‘it'll be like menstruating, but only more abundant.’ Instead I found myself writhing in pain from cramps and fainting. My teeth were chattering. And after vomiting, I was totally dehydrated. When I expelled my baby I was sitting on the bidet and I flushed it down the toilet while the nurses asked me if I was finished. It was atrocious, I had nightmares for a year and then they found a fibroma tumour inside me." This dramatic story told to the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana by Natascia B., an Italian model and victim of the child-killing RU486 pill. She warns politicians who helped legalise this form of DIY abortion: "You will have an abortion at home because it is more comfortable. My doctor deceived me. With RU 486 there is nothing safe, civilised or painless.” Natascia says she did it because she had never had an abortion before.

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    • COVID

    Human guinea pigs: legitimate in theory, but not advisable for COVID

    Is it licit to allow yourself to get infected? In theory it is, but only under certain conditions concerning the moral purpose of the overall objective, the relationship between any negative (undesired) and positive effects (desired), the state of necessity, and so forth. If the chances of finding an effective vaccine in a short amount of time are very low, then such a risk is unacceptable. This is also because vaccine developers are tempted to burn through the proper stages of development. Meanwhile, there are already effective preventions measures and treatments

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    The Sanger case proves that abortion is racism

    As part of the Black Lives Matter campaign against racism, the name of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, has been removed from some of the association's clinics. The reason was her being a member of Eugenics Societies. Needless to say, for the sake of consistency, all Planned Parenthood clinics should be shut down.

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    The Dreams of Melinda Gates for Covid and women

    An essay by Melinda Gates in the international review Foreign Affairs reveals the humanist and elite ideology that is behind the philanthropy of the major Foundations. They claim to fight for women’s health, but lament the scarce availability of contraceptives. And what emerges in the end is that the true goal is control.

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    Covid Vaccine Without Testing? Too Risky

    The European Medicines Agency’s request to be able to use the vaccine against the coronavirus as early as this autumn, without proper testing, is extremely dangerous: it runs the risk of worsening the effects of the coronavirus rather than preventing it and also of causing serious brain damage.

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