Ireland: murdered women, launches anti-male crusade

    The terrible murder of 23-year-old Ashling Murphy has provoked such a wave of sentiment across the country, that it has turned into a pounding campaign that accuses all males, and obviously the Church, of being responsible for a misogynist society.


    The father, formidable antidote to dysfunction and crime

    An article in the Washington Examiner draws attention to the role of the father, who is crucial for the discipline and success of children. And irrefutable studies underline the importance of the father figure and therefore of a stable marriage in reducing suicide rates, drugs, school drop-outs and a range of disorders among young people. What are politicians waiting for to take note of this and reverse the course?


    From Gay Pride to paedophilia: the Netherlands leads the way

    Dutch Pride is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a photo competition. One prize has gone to a disturbing image of a two-year-old girl surrounded by S&M males. Why? Because of the usual litany about prejudice and diversity. This is the kind of  "freedom" the LGBTI movement aspires to: a future of male bondage engaged in extreme and violent sex and their aspiring attention to the girl. On this matter, The European Commission is silent while voicing protest against Poland and Hungary for their strong opposition to homosexual ideologies in childhood. It says nothing about this widespread and ever less latent paedophilia.

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    Fake penises for newborn trans girls, the latest LGBT madness

    Padded polyester penises to put into little girls' panties so they can experience what it's like to be a boy is only the extreme tip of an LGBT industry for infants which - with toys, food, clothes and books - is booming.

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    LGBT index of churches now published (thanks to George Soros)

    The very first "Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe" has been published, ranking 46 churches in 32 countries according to their degree of “LGBT inclusiveness". In Catholicism, the country having the most gay-friendly church is Germany while Italy ranks fifth (17th overall). The initiative was spearheaded by the so-called "European Forum of LGBT Christian Group” which has the explicit support of George Soros' Open Society. It aims to subject the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations to the wishes of gay ideology. An overview is given herein.

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    Naomi and the baby that appeared from nowhere

    A baby appeared from nowhere, nameless, faceless and fatherless, wrapped in mystery, divorced from any declared parental relationship. The surprising announcement of Naomi Campbell, 51 years old, that she has just become the mother of a baby girl represents the next step in the evolution of adult individualism under the guise of parenthood.


    Kellogg’s breakfast recipe for LGBT indoctrination

    Rainbow-coloured, heart-shaped cereal topped with edible glitter is Kellogg’s latest invention to sponsor the LGBT cause. Yet, it’s incredible to think that the famous cereal was originally invented by Doctor Kellogg to suppress unhealthy passions.


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    The NYT accuses Google: “You support online paedophilia”

    The New York Times is still talking about the trafficking of child pornography and paedophilia on the web. This time the progressive newspaper’s columnist Nicholas Kristof accuses Google not only of failing to censor depraved and illegal content, but also of encouraging it. Yet no-one dreams of digging up the root of the problem, i.e. that porn should be banned entirely.

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    Covid and lockdown: cocaine epidemic in Europe

    Sales of the drug have boomed in Ireland, Spain and the UK, where more than 10% of the population reported having used it in recent months. There are signs of growth in countries where it was previously uncommon. Some said they tripled their consumption during the closures. But the EU is turning a blind eye.

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    “Irreversible neurological damage with distance learning”

    “With lockdowns and distance learning we have forced children into on-line addiction”. This is the word of neurologist Rosanna Chifari Negri, who raises the alarm with the Daily Compass: “It is the phenomenon of the on-line brain that affects the frontal lobe, the seat of decision-making and strategy, which becomes atrophic and loses neurons irreversibly. The thinning of the cortex means neuronal loss. It is not possible to fix the memory. All the children tested show loss of memory and attention and also have social psychopathologies”.

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    Blocking puberty, an irresponsible experiment

    London, an experiment conducted on 44 adolescents aged 12 to 15 years with diagnosed gender dysphoria: they were given puberty blockers to postpone their physical development. According to the researchers, who published the results in Plos One, they are now “happier”. But in the meantime, the treatment has had irreversible consequences on their physical growth, and there is no guarantee that they will remain happy when they reach 18.

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    Child abuse exposed in the documentary “Transhood”

    It seems like a nightmare, instead it is reality: today children can be encouraged, as young as 3 or 4 years old, to think that they belong to the opposite sex of their biological one, thus endorsing, rather than reducing, the confusion deriving from problematic situations. This is what a documentary reveals that follows the lives of five children from 4 to 15 years of age: a rainbow propaganda that, if watched carefully, shows how the innocent are so brainwashed, that it also records the remorse of one of the mothers.

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