Dogs’ best interests becomes legal right

    In Spain a dog is already considered something halfway between a property and a person. An owner leaves his dog with a waitress for the period he is away for an Erasmus project. But when he returns, the waitress doesn’t want to keep the pact. She takes the owner to court and the judge rules that also dogs have best interests that have to be taken into account. While babies in their mothers' wombs have lost the status of being a person, animals have just acquired it.

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    Castrated for the environment. The new anti-life campaign

    Nine years ago, World Vasectomy Day promoted in appealing terms a painful practice: the sterilisation of the male, a partial castration. Throughout the West, the media today advertise the practice as an alternative to abortion. And above all as an 'ethical' choice to save the planet from overpopulation.

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    • COP26

    Al Gore wants to inflict a Big Green Brother on us

    The former US Vice President Al Gore has announced the creation of a new technology (Climate TRACE) that will monitor greenhouse gas emissions on the entire planet. According to Gore, this new "big green brother" is able to trace the "identities" of those "responsible" for greenhouse gas emissions. It amounts to an eco-imperialism, with its devils and witches, that will crush everything and everyone. 

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    • G20 AND COP26

    Ecological transition means economic decline

    Western elites want "ecological transition" in order to manage economic decline and cement their power.

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    The continuous state of emergency is euthanising democracy

    Overpopulation, climate, Covid-19: for seventy years now the Power that controls politics, the economy and the media has worked to install fear in the population by means of invented or overestimated phenomena. It’s paved the way for a continuous state of emergency allowing "enlightened elites" to force policies and restrictions on people’s freedom which, in state of normality, would be otherwise impossible.


    Hurricane Ida debunks environmentalism

    A major hurricane hits Louisiana and the refrain of climate change warnings begins again. But all the data show that there is no increase in extreme events, while a comparison with the past shows how important adequate development is to minimise the damage of such events.

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    Governments told spend £11 billion climate fund on abortion to save the planet

    Sixty international abortion NGOs are launching an appeal to governments ahead of this November's climate conference in Glasgow. Their aim is to include contraception and abortion programmes among the measures to be funded in the fight against climate change. This is not a new narrative...

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    "Code red” UN climate alarm denied by facts

    The IPCC's Sixth Report, published yesterday, is sounding climate emergency alarms with its usual catastrophic predictions, unless political and economic measures are not immediately taken. However, current data refute claims on the continuous rise in global temperatures. Meanwhile it is useful to remember that in 1989 the UN launched an alarm in which governments were given just ten years to reverse the trend. Thirty years later, those catastrophes have never come true.

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    Coal is life, energy transition can wait

    The G20 environment ministers have failed in their attempt to ban coal by 2025. The reason is simple: coal is the main source of electricity for developing countries (and will be for a long time to come) and without electricity there is no economic growth.

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    Floods in Germany, not an unprecedented tragedy

    Although the usual narrative of blaming global warming for out-of-control weather events has started, the rainfall that caused the flooding in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is far from new and is also typical of the summer period. And by chasing the myth of climate change, the works required to minimise damage are neglected.

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    Having children is environmental vandalism. The lesson of Vogue

    Is bringing a child into the world environmental vandalism? Yes, if they are born into the current lifestyle. The only ecologically responsible way to have a child is to instruct it from the outset not to consume and to overturn the current political-economic system of the West. The fashion influencer’s lesson explains what really constitutes ecological conversion.

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    Climate, the end of the world can wait

    For the umpteenth time on Earth Day, apocalyptic alarm bells have been rung from Biden to Pope Francis if drastic and urgent measures are not taken. These are predictions that, as usual, will turn out to be wrong and any commitments made based on them will prove unrealistic. In the meantime, the high-stakes pressure serves only to justify ever-heavier state intervention in the economy and to restrict citizens' freedoms.

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