Coal is life, energy transition can wait

    The G20 environment ministers have failed in their attempt to ban coal by 2025. The reason is simple: coal is the main source of electricity for developing countries (and will be for a long time to come) and without electricity there is no economic growth.

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    Floods in Germany, not an unprecedented tragedy

    Although the usual narrative of blaming global warming for out-of-control weather events has started, the rainfall that caused the flooding in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is far from new and is also typical of the summer period. And by chasing the myth of climate change, the works required to minimise damage are neglected.

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    Having children is environmental vandalism. The lesson of Vogue

    Is bringing a child into the world environmental vandalism? Yes, if they are born into the current lifestyle. The only ecologically responsible way to have a child is to instruct it from the outset not to consume and to overturn the current political-economic system of the West. The fashion influencer’s lesson explains what really constitutes ecological conversion.

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    Climate, the end of the world can wait

    For the umpteenth time on Earth Day, apocalyptic alarm bells have been rung from Biden to Pope Francis if drastic and urgent measures are not taken. These are predictions that, as usual, will turn out to be wrong and any commitments made based on them will prove unrealistic. In the meantime, the high-stakes pressure serves only to justify ever-heavier state intervention in the economy and to restrict citizens' freedoms.

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    The prince who wanted to become a deadly virus

    He founded the WWF and to save the environment would have gladly sacrificed a part of humanity, even declaring that he wanted to be reincarnated as a lethal virus. Infused with neo-Malthusian ideology, he inherited and promoted eugenic culture. This is the lesser known side of Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, whose funeral takes place today.

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    'Green' Church at the service of eugenics

    The Vatican’s formal presentation of its "Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People" marks the total subjugation of Church leadership to an ecological ideology, one that is anti-human at its core. While done in the name of defending the poor, it is actually a bullhorn for those who seek their elimination.


    Biennial lockdowns, good for the climate bad for mankind

    The equivalent of a lockdown every two years, because, in 2020, an annual CO2 reduction target set by the Paris agreements was doubled. This is what a study by Nature Climate Change attests. Rather than suggesting to repeat the experience, however, it calls for the same result to be achieved by adopting a green energy policy. But, at what human and material costs?

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    ‘Climate justice’, new diktats

    In a landmark ruling, the Paris Administrative Court has condemned the French state for ecological and environmental damage, as it is not meeting its commitments to cut carbon dioxide emissions. A fundamental step in the process of imposing a new ecological dictatorship.

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    The Green Madness tries to destroy the Netherlands

    We are publishing the article written by Hugo Bos, “The Green Madness Trying to Destroy the Netherlands”. This article highlights the data of the ecologist ideology in Holland. It is an extract from the XII Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church of the Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân recently published by Edizioni Cantagalli, Siena. 

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    Environmentalism and Globalism, the two most dangerous ideologies

    Environmentalism is an enormous ideological bubble, globalism is an ethics of humanity with few and generic moral principles for a universal religion without dogmas and doctrines. This alarming project is also being supported by the Catholic Church. The XII Report of the Cardinal Van Thuân Observatory is dedicated to ‘Environmentalism and Globalism’, the two most dangerous ideologies of the moment, which aim to converge on one single world political programme.

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    The Vatican pays in Pachamama

    The Vatican Mint has issued a new €10 silver coin to celebrate Earth Day: engraved on one side, is the image of Mother Earth projecting the iconography of the Pachamama. A scandalous choice: the Catholic Church is paying tribute to a pagan divinity. 

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    Pandemic or climate change, make good excuses for a lockdown

    The IPCC, the UN entity that is concerned with studying climate change, has reached the conclusion that lockdown is good for the planet because it is reducing CO2 emissions. Indeed, what we went through during the worst months of the pandemic should be seen as a small contribution towards reaching the goals set by the Paris accords. Thus, in order to reach them we would have to resort to an almost permanent lockdown. And so they have finally achieved a perfect fusion between catastrophism caused by climate change and that of the pandemic. They are both forms of millenniarism which say that economic development is a (collective) sin and its expiation requires the paralysis of the economy and the reduction of growth.

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