Taiwanese minister: "China persecutes Christians, even after Vatican agreement"

    "Not only the Vatican but the entire international community must think about religious freedom in China," says Taiwanese Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu in this exclusive interview for the Daily Compass. There is no sign the Vatican wants to break off relations with Taiwan. And the matter of religious freedom in China is a very serious issue because persecution continues, despite the agreement between Beijing and the Vatican.

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    Femen sacrilege in church: for ECHR is freedom of expression

    In Bouton v. France, the European Court of Human Rights unanimously ruled that the sacrilege committed by a Femen activist on 20 December 2013 falls under "freedom of expression". The woman, bare-breasted, in front of the tabernacle of the church of St Magdalene in Paris, simulated aborting Jesus and urinated. It’s the latest attack against the Catholic faith, justified on absurd grounds.


    Irish teacher challenges LGBT "war on pronouns"

    A Church of Ireland school teacher who refused to use gender neutral pronouns for a transgender student and went to school despite a court induction, has been jailed. "Religious freedom violated". The case will go to the High Court.


    The Spanish government declares war on Crosses

    The new law on Democratic Memory also targets the tallest cross in the world, located in Valle de los Caidos, from which Francisco Franco's body was also moved three years ago. The Benedictine monks will also have to leave, to turn the place into a democratic symbol. But this is only part of a war on all crosses in Spain. Protests from the bishops.

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    What we (don't) know about Canadian residential schools

    The debate on the Church's role in the forced assimilation of native peoples has been rekindled by the announcement of the discovery of burials, which are, however, only 'probable': to confirm hypotheses and accusations it will be necessary to dig (in the ground and in the archives). Admitting guilt does not mean avoiding questions about one's own responsibility, but also that of others. The Canadian government is vocal against the Church, forgetting that until yesterday Trudeau was fighting the indigenous people in court.

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    Nuns’ land donation repaid with hate campaign against Catholics

    A sensational case in Ireland: a valuable piece of land donated to the state by the Sisters of Charity in 2012 to construct a maternity hospital, has become a pretext for a vicious anti-Catholic campaign after abortion was introduced.


    Will Zen be sacrificed to maintain the China Accord? The Vatican’s Dilemma

    The Vatican’s strong reaction against Israel regarding the incidents during the funeral of the Palestinian journalist are in stark contrast with the Holy See’s approach towards China, after the arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen in Hong Kong. Their feeble statements betray a conception of diplomacy which is prepared to sacrifice the dignity of individuals on the altar of political objectives. Prominent Hong Kong figures are welcoming the Vatican’s abandonment of Cardinal Zen and all those who share his positions. 

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    «Hong Kong has been transformed into a police state»

    The President of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences, cardinal Charles Maung Bo, speaks out following the arrest of cardinal Joseph Zen: «I express my profound concern about the threats to religious freedom in Hong Kong». «For the people of Hong Kong it is now increasingly difficult to speak out freely, so those of us outside Hong Kong who have a voice must use it on their behalf». «I call on Catholics and the wider Christian community around the world to pray for Hong Kong, especially for Cardinal Zen, on 24 May»


    Desecrated churches: a surge of violence from France to America

    Since the beginning of the year, a long list of churches have been destroyed, statues of Our Lady decapitated, and hosts desecrated. Yet, the crimes are shrouded in the silence of the media and the connivance of the authorities. In France there is a case every day, in Latin America even the cases of murdered priests go unpunished.


    Two sentences prove discriminated Christians were right

    A public hospital nurse is finally free to wear her crucifix to work. Pastry chefs have won the right not to be forced to make cakes with phrases that praise gay weddings. This is the outcome of two British court cases, one by the Labor Court in London and the other by the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled Christians  were discriminated against.

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    Sir David Amess MP stabbed, Catholics in danger

    Sir David Amess, the British MP killed by an Islamic terrorist, was a practicing Catholic and defender of non-negotiable principles. He was denied the last rites, when a local priest was barred by the police from entering the crime scene. But, the proposal of an amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill would allow the last sacrament to be administered also in these cases. If the proposal becomes law, then even after his death, David will have achieved something good for British Catholics. Msgr. Kevin Hale, his friend and pastor shares his memories and concerns for the Catholic community.

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    Confessional secrecy, the Vatican speaks up

    The French Episcopal Conference is backtracking on its initial reactions to the violation of the sacramental seal, but it is the head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Penitentiary, Cardinal Piacenza, who has reaffirmed to ACI Stampa: “The secret cannot be touched”.

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