The planned death of Archie Battersbee kills a mother's love

    After a hard four-month legal battle, the doctors at the Royal London Hospital have won: Archie, the 12-year-old youngster in a coma since April 7, had his life-support removed and was left to die in hospital with a procedure that smacks of an execution. He died at 12:15 on 6 August. His brave mother, Hollie Dance, fought until the last moment to affirm the right to life and the primacy of parental love against a state that claims the power of life and death over its citizens.
    - ARCHIE'S BRIEF LIFE IS IN ITS LAST HOURS, by Patricia Gooding Williams
    - ARCHIE'S EXECUTION SCHEDULED FOR TODAY, by Patricia Gooding Williams


    Archie Battersbee’s brief life is in its last hours

    There is no hope left for Archie Battersbee now that the British Supreme Court, has rejected the last appeal to save him from the doctors who claim death in his "best interest": at 11am his life-support will be detached despite the announcement of a last-ditch attempt to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. A "brutal and shameful" sentence, states Hollie Dance, the brave mother of the 12-year-old in a coma since April 7. “I will still fight until the last minute for my son".
    UPDATE 1:00 PM: Barts Health Trust: No changes until the outstanding legal issues are resolved.
    UPDATE 10:00 PM - Last-ditch appeal to European Court is rejected  



    Death at noon for Archie Battersbee if Supreme Court rejects last appeal

    Appeal judges postponed the "execution" of the 12-year-old in a coma at the Royal London Hospital by a few hours so that a last, desperate appeal to the Supreme Court may take place. They rejected the UN’s request to suspend the withdrawal of life-support and insist that death is in Archie's "best interest". If, as expected, also the Supreme Court rules against Archie, today at 12 he will be deprived of all life-sustaining treatment.

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    Archie Battersbee's "execution" is scheduled for today

    A chilling letter from the Royal London Hospital to the comatose 12-year-old boy’s parents, details the step-by-step procedure by which their son will be killed. It permits them to hold him closely as he dies. It’s barbarism dressed in compassion. Only a last-minute intervention by the British government, already urged by the UN, can stop the judges' ruling being implemented.

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    Archie Battersbee gets thumbs down from judge, Mum vows: “I won’t give up”

    The ruling at the High Court in London on 15 July, once again favours the doctors at the Royal London Hospital who want to remove the12-year-old’s life-support, in a coma after a domestic accident. The family is ready to begin a new appeal, but in the meantime a judge has tried to stretch the standard for brain death and another to limit the criteria for "best interests".

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    The Pontifical Academy of Life paves the way to euthanasia

    The basic Text of the Pontifical Academy of Life (PAV) signed off by Archbishop Paglia also stumbles on the subject of euthanasia. First by giving primacy to the patient's subjectivity, but without saying that not all patient decisions are morally valid. Then by accepting the Advance Healthcare Directives and finally by foreseeing the possibility of discontinuing Clinically Assisted Hydration and Nutrition. All arguments already seen in the battles of euthanasia advocates.

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    Biden, the "devoted" president, but to abortion

    The American president, who professes to be a "devout Catholic", has promised to do everything in his power to guarantee abortion in the United States. He is calling Dem voters to the polls, "saddened" by the Supreme Court ruling, but is also worried about the midterm elections.The Fox News columnist, Miranda Devine, speaks to the Daily Compass.

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    Abortion and the US Supreme Court: why the Constitution can’t be self sufficient

    The historic American ruling, regardless of its merits, is not (yet?) a pro-life victory. If the reference to the Constitution does not impose the right to abortion, neither does it prohibit it, thus opening the way to those who would like to constitutionalise evil by calling it a 'right'. The Constitution is not enough on its own if it is not based on natural law.

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    Covid vaccines approved for infants in US: a useless risk

    The US FDA gives the go-ahead for Covid vaccines to be administered to infants and talks as if a solution has been found to a scourge that claims innocent victims, as polio or diphtheria did. But it makes no mention of the embarrassing fact that the lethality rate for infants affected by Covid is 0.00008% and this for infants with pre-existing conditions.

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    Historic ruling: the US Supreme Court strikes down the right to abortion

    "The US Constitution does not confer a right to abortion". This is the Supreme Court judgement which finally after 49 years cancels the Roe v. Wade ruling. Now the authority to regulate abortion passes to individual states. It is a monumental lesson for all pro-life supporters: the course of history is not ineluctable, it can be changed for the better when there are people determined to fight without compromise, for the truth and dignity of mankind. Former President Trump also deserves recognition for the victory: the Supreme Court judges he chose proved decisive.


    Archie Battersbee’s mother: “stop them slaughtering my son”

    After the ruling, which gives the doctors of the 12-year-old with a severe brain injury, permission to remove his life support, Archie's family declare they intend to appeal and denounce the collusion between the judge and doctors and the serious failures of the London Royal Hospital: "They consider him dead based on just an MRI scan ". "From the start, they were more interested in his organs than saving him." "They are trying to starve him to death." "The hospital hygiene is appalling, there is also a death chamber for children like Archie.”


    25% rise in heart disease topples vaccine-worship

    The Israeli study does not lie: there was an increase of as much as 25% of cases that had needed emergency treatment for cardiovascular problems, by young people and adults between 16 and 39 years old, between January and May 2021, compared to the corresponding pre-pandemic and pre-vaccine periods. This study shows that the problem of vaccine adverse effects has been largely underestimated and underreported. A marked change is also needed in view of future further doses.