8 billion people and there’s still room for many more

    The milestone of eight billion inhabitants on Earth has been the trigger to instil the usual fear of overpopulation. But the world is not overpopulated, simply the neo-Malthusians are imposing unfounded and specious rules (on agriculture, energy, food) to prevent development and decrease the population. They are the ones we have to fear.

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    The “Mazzucato case”: Vatican no longer considers faith a virtue

    On his return from Bahrain Pope Francis justifies the appointment of Mariana Mazzucato to the Pontifical Academy for Life. The appointment is paradoxical because of the professor's pro-abortion statements and atheism, but for the Pope it is "a fresh breath of humanity". Yet, up to Benedict XVI, atheism was deemed detrimental to mankind and society.

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    Euthanasia for depression: the 'Shanti case' cancels hope

    After surviving an Isis attack, 23-year-old Shanti De Corte from Belgium was so traumatised she requested euthanasia, with her parents’ consent. According to a neurologist, she had other options. But without a perspective which includes eternity, the alternative is to reject reality, including its dramas, and to seek any means of escape, including death.


    Womb transplant for trans reduces people to pieces

    There has long been talk of uterus transplants for men who feel like women. Some justify it in the name of 'equality'. But encouraging this change - contrary to nature - increases the discomfort of trans people, because it widens the gap between biological data and psychological perception.

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    “EU under the thumb of Big Pharma over new pandemic”

    "It’s the Pharmaceutical companies who are dictating what agenda the European Parliament should follow by forecasting future pandemics and imposing vaccines, already in production, but without the EMA’s approval". The independent MEP Donato raises the alarm, over implicit admissions and demands on the EU Commission: "The responsibility for the adverse effects lies with the states because the vaccines were tested in haste; no tests were conducted to prevent contagion; flexibility requested to enable the sale of vaccines even without an emergency"

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    "Baby A": first declared dead, then alive, for judge should die

    The case in the United Kingdom of a baby who came back to life after being declared dead has led to the revision of the guidelines on the declaration of "brain death". Yet, it may not serve to save lives, because judges can still apply the principle of "best interests". As in the case of "Baby A": he breathes and moves but his life support will be withdrawn, because the real criterion is eugenics.


    Paglia case: how to destroy Catholic morality

    Recent statements, in Italy, by the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life on abortion have caused scandal and controversy. But these are not extemporaneous remarks, rather there is a precise intention to transform the entire moral doctrine of the Church. Monsignor Paglia is only carrying out the task entrusted to him.

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    England’s "best interests" law would have even killed Schumacher

    Michael Schumacher is alive albeit severely disabled, also thanks to his wife. While the English courts and protocols in the name of "dignity" prevented Archie Battersbee’s family from taking care of him. Two similar cases divided by a basic difference: the country where the accident occurred.

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    Vaccine and heart damage: new evidence. The Pentagon joins the fray

    New international studies on mRNA vaccines belie the narrative of benefits outweighing damages. According to a new Thai study, almost 30% of children who received Pfizer's vaccine suffered cardiac effects. But this is only one of some 200 published studies showing that the risks of the Covid vaccination far outweigh any theoretical benefits. And now even the Pentagon has doubts: the US Department of Defence's data on young soldiers vaccinated is alarming: 2021 saw drastic spikes in a variety of diagnoses for serious medical problems compared to the average of the previous five years.

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    The planned death of Archie Battersbee kills a mother's love

    After a hard four-month legal battle, the doctors at the Royal London Hospital have won: Archie, the 12-year-old youngster in a coma since April 7, had his life-support removed and was left to die in hospital with a procedure that smacks of an execution. He died at 12:15 on 6 August. His brave mother, Hollie Dance, fought until the last moment to affirm the right to life and the primacy of parental love against a state that claims the power of life and death over its citizens.
    - ARCHIE'S BRIEF LIFE IS IN ITS LAST HOURS, by Patricia Gooding Williams
    - ARCHIE'S EXECUTION SCHEDULED FOR TODAY, by Patricia Gooding Williams


    Archie Battersbee’s brief life is in its last hours

    There is no hope left for Archie Battersbee now that the British Supreme Court, has rejected the last appeal to save him from the doctors who claim death in his "best interest": at 11am his life-support will be detached despite the announcement of a last-ditch attempt to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. A "brutal and shameful" sentence, states Hollie Dance, the brave mother of the 12-year-old in a coma since April 7. “I will still fight until the last minute for my son".
    UPDATE 1:00 PM: Barts Health Trust: No changes until the outstanding legal issues are resolved.
    UPDATE 10:00 PM - Last-ditch appeal to European Court is rejected  



    Death at noon for Archie Battersbee if Supreme Court rejects last appeal

    Appeal judges postponed the "execution" of the 12-year-old in a coma at the Royal London Hospital by a few hours so that a last, desperate appeal to the Supreme Court may take place. They rejected the UN’s request to suspend the withdrawal of life-support and insist that death is in Archie's "best interest". If, as expected, also the Supreme Court rules against Archie, today at 12 he will be deprived of all life-sustaining treatment.