Black Friday offers outrageous sale on babies

    Among the discount proposals that are flooding the web recently, customers can also find a gruesome baby discount by BioTexCom, a Ukrainian centre that offers wombs for rent and artificial insemination. The marketing gimmick and promises of happiness, conceal a world of suffering and exploitation. Melanie's story: Ukraine costs less and offers more choice.


    Covid, a pretext to induce totalitarian control

    Totalitarianism always begins with "mass formation" of the population. It is not the same as a dictatorship: in a dictatorship, people obey, out of fear, the dictator at the top. Totalitarianism is the opposite: people are hypnotised by obedience "for the good of the community." Four conditions are needed for "mass formation" to take place: social isolation and lack of ties; lack of meaning in life; the presence of fluctuating anxiety and strong psychological discontent. Here is The hypnosis of society that Professor Desmet theorised, with a few clarifications to explain how this theory applies to what we are experiencing today.

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    Lessons to be learned from Texas and its halved abortion

    It’s called the “Initial impact of Law no. 8 of the Texas Senate on abortions in Texas and in out-of-state facilities” and it is a piece of research developed by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project of the University of Austin. The research informs us that abortions in September 2021 were half those compared to September 2020

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    The vaccine provokes paraesthesia: EMA breaks the taboo

    They were taken for neurotics, filled with anxiolytics, when their pain is real. In an update of Comirnaty Pharmacovigilance, the EMA has inserted almost 22 thousand cases of parestesia as a possible post vaccine connection. They are “mysterious" burning sensations reported by many - especially women - who in these months have had their lives turned upside down and have been ignored without receiving a diagnosis.The pathologist Dr. Bellavite told the Daily Compass: «It’s an important recognition in order to verify the adverse event, now it is necessary to find the causes of these symptoms to understand if they are of a vascular or a neurological nature». 

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    Modern thought is making human beings obsolescent

    The use of robots, and of technology in general, makes human beings "obsolescent", as in the title of Günther Anders’ book. But the problem, rather than technology, is modern thought that denies their likeness to God and equates them to an ape. If human beings are guided by their passions rather than by reason, then whatever is done to animals can be done to them.

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    Repentant trans belies pro gender psychiatrist

    In 2019 she stopped taking testosterone. And now Sinead Watson criticises the Stanford psychiatrist, who according to her is guilty of unilaterally embracing the "sex change" practice and of being contemptuous of those who have abandoned the "transition". Her testimony reminds us of the damage caused by the transsexualist ideology.


    Euthanasia for newborns is (already) the norm in Belgium

    The term "euthanasia" is never used to describe these cases. And yet in just one year, between 2016 and 2017, 24 children from a few days old to 12 months of age were euthanised. The reason: because they would have had no "hope of a bearable future." Such cases are never talked about because the childrens' parents consented. When we hear about "sweet death," do we really know what it is?

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    How Biden takes orders from Planned Parenthood

    Vice President Harris received a group of abortionists at the White House, declaring that abortion is a ‘non-negotiable' right. On the same day, 16 September, the Federalist published a paper showing how Biden is breaking the rules in order to reward Planned Parenthood & Co. and redirect taxpayers' money to them.

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    Foetal cells, the Trump-Biden difference

    Before Trump intervened to curb the use of tissue from aborted babies, experiments were being carried out on 'humanized mice'. Then Biden reversed his predecessor's measures, refinancing research based on foetal cells. This barbarity has become systemic, affecting many therapies, including vaccines, and cannot ethically be dismissed.

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    Vaccines, aborted fetuses and other drugs: a guide to the issue

    A strong argument from those who consider it unproblematic to use aborted fetuses cell lines for making vaccines goes like this: if we ban vaccines, then we should also ban a host of other common drugs that use the same cell lines. Not only is the matter a bit more complex than this, above all, it is not right to tolerate any evil just because it is found to be widespread. What follows is a recommendation for Christians....

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    Why “the benefits outweigh the risks” is untrue

    In the face of increasing cases of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines, the mantra of the media and politicians is “the benefits outweigh the risks”. This is untrue because the principle of proportionality must consider the individual, not the population at large. Also Cardinal Sgreccia reminded us: the individual is not a part, but a person; it is a moral abomination to believe that the risk of individual deaths is acceptable if it benefits the community.

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    The Family Plan that the U.S. and LGBT, anti-life lobbies hate

    On July 25, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei presented a plan valid till the end of 2032 for the protection of life from conception and the family as the "basic unit of society." On the same day, Guatemalan Public Prosecutor Sandoval was fired. This led to tough stances being taken by Biden's U.S. government and street demonstrations that erupted against the Guatemalan government.

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