Saint Mary Magdalene by Ermes Dovico

About us

A group of Catholic journalists

united by their faith

The Daily Compass born in December 2019 is an emanation of the Italian online newspaper ‘La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana.’ Founded by Riccardo Cascioli in 2012, it unites a group of passionate Catholic journalists who provide readers with a compass “to be guided through the news of the day.”

By judging the facts that emerge from a Catholic prospective, it is certain that only the Christian experience fully embraces and totally respects human dignity. For this reason, every aspect of reality is addressed from politics to international relations, from social emergencies to the economy, from cultural expressions to sport, by pinpointing the destiny of every single person which is ever present in the daily chronicle.

The Daily Compass maintains the same mission in English, by offering Catholic insights and analyses on news and current events. is a site operated by Omni Die srl, 
Registered office, via Bosisio 2, Monza 20900
Operational headquarters, via Ugolini 11, Monza 20900

Editor in Chief
Riccardo Cascioli

Managing Editor
Patricia Gooding Williams