Broaden reason: Benedict XVI’s legacy betrayed

    Ratzinger repeatedly invited to ‘broaden’ reason, which victim of a secular process that from the 14th century to the present day, via Kant, has made it lose faith in its ability to know the objective and finalistic order of things. This invitation has not been taken up during the current pontificate: the path indicated by Francis is in fact post-metaphysical, i.e. Kantian.


    "We Belgian bishops bless gay couples, with the Pope's approval"

    Clamorous statements were made by the Archbishop of Antwerp, Monsignor Johan Bonny, at the German Synod: since Amoris Laetitia it is normal to bless irregular couples in all Belgian dioceses, and Pope Francis is said to have approved the decision during his ad limina visit last November: "It is enough that you all in agreement". Very serious words, which require an immediate explanation from Rome.

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    The time Barabbas was preferred to Jesus

    We continue our Lenten journey with Father Cornelio a Lapide's (1567-1637) commentary on the Passion according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Pilate tries to save Jesus by using the custom at Easter of freeing a prisoner. But a murderer is preferred to the Innocent. (Edited by Father Konrad zu Löwenstein).

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    Philippe's pseudomysticism and the abuses: the Saint-Jean case

    The third part of the sad affair involving the Dominican brothers Thomas and Marie-Dominique Philippe: we discover the system of abuses in the Communauté Saint-Jean, founded by the latter. A system also based on false mysticism, in this case distorting the teachings of Saint Thomas.


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    Vanier, the serial abuser who passed himself off as 'the Bridegroom’

    Second part of the chilling account of the abuses perpetrated over decades in the community of 'L'Arche'. The bond between Fr Philippe and Vanier had to remain unknown to the Holy Office, as did the desecrating practices, that covered up a veritable sexual obsession with biblical terminology, involving dozens of victims (continued from part one).

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    Pope Francis, ten years of turmoil and dismay

    Movementist tactics, the primacy of praxis, pastoralism, moral relativism: processes that should have produced some new truths have actually scandalised, confused minds and hearts, and disarticulated ecclesial unity. And synodality, a new dogma, is the synthesis of a process in which the means count more than the end.

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    Abuse and 'porno-mysticism': the French scandal that explains Rupnik

    Seventy years of scandals hidden within the walls of the community L'Arche involving its founder Jean Vanier and his spiritual father Fr Thomas Philippe. A sinister mixture of psychological and sexual violence cloaked in spiritual 'justifications' and the same sense of impunity found in recent phenomena.

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    The trial of Jesus and the nature of His kingdom

    We continue our Lenten journey with Father Cornelio a Lapide's (1567-1637) commentary on the Passion according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Jesus' trial begins before Pilate, who dwells only on the third accusation against him. In what sense, that is, is Jesus King? (Edited by Father Konrad zu Löwenstein).

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    The power of fasting, a weapon to rediscover

    Fasting is necessary in spiritual combat, as the Scriptures, the Church, and the example of the saints teach. Yet today it is more neglected than ever. Its practice, in union with Jesus, has not only a personal value, but affects the plan of salvation.

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    Latin Mass, an English cardinal against his people

    The further restriction to the ancient rite by Rome creates embarrassment and expectation in the United Kingdom, where the Latin Mass is very popular. In fact, the Prefect of Divine Worship, Cardinal Arthur Roche, is English and disliked by his brethren at home. All eyes are on Westminster now, awaiting the replacement of Cardinal Nichols. Daily Compass interviews Damian Thompson.

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    The death of Judas, the weight of avarice

    We continue our Lenten journey with Father Cornelio a Lapide's (1567-1637) commentary on the Passion according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Judas ends up hanging himself, overwhelmed by the "tyranny of greed". While the field bought with the price of treason retains a particular property.  (Edited by Father Konrad zu Löwenstein).

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    Houses and properties: centralising Pope reverses doctrine

    With two documents in a few days, Pope Francis centralises all Vatican property in his name and demands rent from the cardinals. At the same time, in doctrinal and moral matters he pushes for 'devolution'. Exactly the opposite of what the Magisterium has always demanded: subsidiarity should be applied to society and politics, not to the Church.