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    The death of Judas, the weight of avarice

    We continue our Lenten journey with Father Cornelio a Lapide's (1567-1637) commentary on the Passion according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Judas ends up hanging himself, overwhelmed by the "tyranny of greed". While the field bought with the price of treason retains a particular property.  (Edited by Father Konrad zu Löwenstein).

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    Houses and properties: centralising Pope reverses doctrine

    With two documents in a few days, Pope Francis centralises all Vatican property in his name and demands rent from the cardinals. At the same time, in doctrinal and moral matters he pushes for 'devolution'. Exactly the opposite of what the Magisterium has always demanded: subsidiarity should be applied to society and politics, not to the Church.


    Cardinal McElroy's summa of heresies

    In an article in the Jesuit magazine, America, Cardinal McElroy looks favourably on the female diaconate, access to Communion for remarried divorcees, spouses married only civilly, and LGBT people who have not renounced their lifestyle. But his positions contradict the Magisterium and Sacred Scripture.


    The clique of Saint Anselm conducts the war against ancient Mass

    From secretary Viola to the undersecretaries García Macías and Marcjanowicz, including Ravelli and Midili who lead the pontifical celebrations: they all come from the same Sant'Anselmo University and all only act animated by ideological shortsightedness and blindness to reality. That's who is waging war on the ancient Mass.

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    Judas and the desperation for salvation

    We continue our Lenten journey with Father Cornelio a Lapide's (1567-1637) commentary on the Passion of Christ according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. It is the moment of Judas' betrayal, of his tortuous repentance, which drives him to despair instead of asking Jesus for forgiveness.

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    Nuns in Ireland, an endangered species

    A survey by Irish Catholic reveals that the number of religious women in Ireland has dropped by 50% in just 20 years, and the trend indicates a further collapse. A phenomenon that undermines the system of health and educational services that have been guaranteed for the population since independence.

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    Who, why and how they wanted to put Jesus to death

    Starting from today, Ash Wednesday, our Lenten journey begins. This year we intend to follow it through the comments of Father Cornelio a Lapide (1567-1637) on the Passion according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew. It begins with the decision of the priests to put Jesus to death.

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    "Civitavecchia: Our Lady's prophecies are already being fulfilled"

    The diabolic attack on the family, apostasy and scandals in the Church, the danger that threatens Italy and the risk of a nuclear war, which nonetheless - Mary advised - can be avoided. The Daily Compass interviewed Father Flavio Ubodi, vice-president of the diocesan commission which studied the events of Civitavecchia. The messages given by Our Lady between 1995-96 "are being punctually fulfilled".


    Jesuits hold firm to soften sanctions against Rupnik

    From Jesuit Verschueren’s statements, it seems highly unlikely that forthcoming measures against Father Rupnik will go towards the only sanction proportionate to the crimes committed by the Jesuit: dismissal from the clerical state. Yet, the code of Canon Law is clear.


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    The great escape, Catholics flee the only true church

    There is a dramatic crisis of faith, regretfully also fuelled by the leadership of the Church, which is driving many of the faithful to give in to the temptation of following other paths, from Orthodoxy to sedevacantism to the Lefebvrian communities.  But there is nothing Catholic about these positions, this is why.

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    Synod rehearsals in the name of “forbidden to forbid”

    Overcoming divisions and oppositions in the Church by creating a space where everyone can find their place. This is the approach that is being insistently proposed in preparation for the Synod, as demonstrated by the recent conference in Bologna by Father Timothy Radcliffe, the pro-LGBT Dominican called to preach the opening spiritual exercises. But it is also the position closest to the portrait of the Antichrist sketched by Vladimir Solov'ev.

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    Cardinal Sarah: «Nobody can forbid the celebration of the Eucharist»

    Moral scandals and doctrinal confusion. How can an ordinary Catholic avoid being discouraged yet still faithfully follow the Church? In his book - Catechism of the Spiritual Life - Cardinal Robert Sarah indicates an itinerary of conversion through the sacraments as the way to build a strong relationship with God and serve a Church in a crisis of faith. The Eucharist, without which a Christian cannot live, is central to experiencing Christ.