Rupnik's works discourages worship, “it’s not sacred art”

    On the debate started in Lourdes about Rupnik's works, which questions all the faithful, the Daily Compass interviewed Fr Nicola Bux: “The situation of sacred art has contributed to secularisation and the loss of faith. And Rupnik positioned himself in this void. The commissioning bishops should ask themselves whether the faithful, looking at Rupnik's art, are inspired to pray or rather to dance around the golden calf, which is ourselves”.

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    War in Ukraine, Papal mediation is a mismanaged operation

    The contemptuous treatment meted out to Francis by Ukrainian President Zelensky was embarrassing for the pope and the Vatican. Serious mistakes were made, precisely from the diplomatic point of view. The Catholic Church has the task of teaching justice and salvation in Christ. It must not descend to the levels of the powerful of this earth.

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    ‘Discernment’ makes moral teaching impossible

    'Discernment' is the keyword of the today’s new moral theology. It is understood in an agnostic and Protestant sense: the moral rule is no longer absolute, it is always historical and never definitive, it is always subjective and not merely objective. But in the end, discernment makes moral teaching impossible.


    Jesuit 'Father Pica's' sexual abuse diary

    The 383 pages in which the Jesuit, who died in 2009, wrote down his activities as a serial predator shake the Bolivian Church but also the Society of Jesus. As many as 85 minors were abused by the priest, covered by a dense network of cover-ups. His nephew denounced everything, but received evasive answers.


    Cardinal Burke: "A true conscience does not justify sin"

    We publish the text of Cardinal Raymond L. Burke's speech last April 13 in Rome for the presentation of the book in Italian “Èschaton”. The cardinal cleared up the misunderstandings derived from a false notion of conscience. Instead, “it is the voice of God speaking to souls” and “a guide in pursuit of the one truth”, Jesus Christ, towards holiness. Even at the price of "white martyrdom" heroic witness to the Catholic faith.


    The Order of Malta elects Dunlap: renewal and stability

    The Lieutenant Grand Master which Pope Francis preferred has been elected to lead the Order for a decade. After several beleaguered years, the choice means there are neither winners nor losers: the path forward was already mapped out and involves reform but also safeguarding religious distinctiveness.


    Relics donated to King Charles by Pope is not ecumenism

    The two fragments of the True Cross Pope Francis gifted to the King of England are the latest in a series of relics he has given away, in total more than any of his predecessors. But it is one thing to donate to the Orthodox, it’s another to the head of the Anglican Church, whose rites and ordinations are invalid.


    If the laity can vote, it is not the Synod 'of Bishops'

    The goalposts have been moved with the synodal process underway: pink quotas and lay quotas effectively distort the institution established by St Paul VI and regulated by canon law. And even if it is clear where this is heading, let us breathe a sigh of relief: an assembly redefined in this way does not 'make' magisterium.

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    • MARCH

    Poles take to the streets to defend Pope Wojtyla

    The media campaign aimed at vilifying St John Paul II has been followed by acts of vandalism on monuments depicting him. But the people do not take kindly to this and defy bad weather and lies in order to thwart yet another attack on the memory of the holy pontiff.


    "Doctrine of Discovery": No, not all cultures are equal

    The recent Vatican document condemning the 'Doctrine of Discovery' is decidedly problematic because of its consequences in judging the evangelisation of indigenous peoples. Above all, it contradicts the magisterium of John Paul II and Benedict XVI on the relationship between Church and culture.

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    • EASTER 2023

    The return of the Hallelujah

    We propose the translation of an extract from the article Le retour de l'Alléluia, published in April 1982 by the French magazine Itinéraires, under the pseudonym Benedictus. Behind this name, at least until 1985, was the pen of Dom Gérard Calvet, future founder and Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux. The article was later published in the first volume of Benedictus. Écrites spirituels, Éditions Sainte-Madeleine 2009, 206-300.

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    The burial of Jesus, prelude to the Resurrection

    The how and why Joseph of Arimathea presented himself to Pilate to obtain the body of the Lord. The connection between the Shroud and the celebration of the Mass. The announcement to the righteous in limbo. The motif of the empty tomb and the stone rolled from the door of the tomb. Everything announces the glory of the Risen One. From Father Cornelio's Commentary to Lapide. Edited by Father Konrad zu Löwenstein)

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