There’s no room for Christ in the “Assisi Accord”

    The three-day virtual Assisi "Economy of Francis” convention concluded with abundant slogans and the decision to start the process of finding new tools to overcome the world’s economic and social distortions. It was an entirely horizontal, worldly perspective, as echoed in Pope Francis’s final video message, overturning the vision of integral human development set forth by Paul VI in Populorum Progressio and by Benedict XVI in Caritas in Veritate.

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    • THE CASE

    Attack against John Paul II: that’s the purpose of the McCarrick Report

    From the National Catholic Reporter to the New York Times: the campaign has been launched to discredit St. John Paul II and cast doubts on his holiness. In fact, the error made in McCarrick’s appointment as archbishop of Washington, D. C., in the absence of proof substantiating the rumors, was induced by the opinion of two trusted advisors. This is what the Report states. Oddly enough, this circumstance is ignored in the synopsis of the McCarrick Report. Thereby the Vatican Report makes the cultural operation against St. John Paul II all the easier.

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    Leukaemia, an Angel, and a family saved by Mary

    The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is already happening now, in each individual heart. As the story of Simona demonstrates, by saying yes to the Blessed Mother, she saw heaven revealed on earth, not only with miracles of conversion and healing within herself but also in her entire family, like the time that an Angel saved her youngest child. But before seeing the light of a new life, Simona had to walk the Way of the Cross, right to the very end.

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    McCarrick, the gay lobby scores again

    The McCarrick report reveals a substantial degree of tolerance towards homosexual conduct by the clergy, which is punished only if minors are the persons abused. This report also ignores the fact that the McCarrick case is only the tip of the iceberg of a power system controlled by the gay lobby.

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    Hurrah for Biden the Catholic: now the Church accepts abortion

    Upon the American Catholic bishops sending a note of congratulations to abortion advocate Joe Biden, the Church now accepts abortion. One’s position for or against life is no longer a criterion for evaluating political behaviour. In short: abortion is no longer an issue for the Catholic Church. Today, we must sadly take note of this. Whoever has lived through the era of John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae and the battle against the "culture of death" will definitely feel a chill run down their spine.

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    • CHURCH

    Vatican diplomacy, the inconvenient truth

    In his latest open letter, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò shines new light on the extraordinary career of Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, the second most powerful figure inside the Vatican’s Secretariat of State. Peña Parra is currently under investigation for accusations of homosexuality, abuse and corruption. But the apparent scandal extends well beyond just his own case...

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    Semeraro & Co. The gay lobby in pursuit of power at St. Peter's

    As a slap in the face for those who still want to believe that the pope is not actually in favour of civil unions, Francis shows his indifference by his choice of new cardinals, three are well known for their positions openly in favour not just of same-sex civil unions but the legitimisation of homosexuality.

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    “How Bergoglio fought for gay unions, but lost”

    Bishop Aguer shares an anecdote with the Daily Compass that explains the phrase of Pope Francis, “I fought for that” , during an interview about civil unions for homosexuals: “In 2010 we Argentinean bishops took a position on egalitarian marriage proposed by the Kirchner administration. Bergoglio proposed the civil union regulatory solution, but we opposed it and voted against his proposal. According to the bishop emeritus of La Plata, this is an opinion embedded in Bergoglio’s mind, but it cannot become Magisterium, and accepting it out of papolatry is neither sound nor right  for Catholics”. 


    Cardinal Bo wants the Church not to be the Church

    ​​​​​​Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, in an interview published in Matteo Matzuzzi's blog,  speaks in clear words that reveal confusion . The Church can no longer serve a bold mission because it must remain a feeble minority. The Church must be content to dwell inside the catacombs and with the intention of remaining there. The Church is the one who must be baptized and no longer the one that baptize others. But is this still the Church?

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    The Lady of All Nations case, Bishop Punt reconstructs the facts

    A private letter (given to a journalist) signed by the Apostolic Nuncio in Lebanon quotes a document from 1974 from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which, it maintains, now makes inappropriate to venerate Mary as “The Lady of All Nations”. Obvious bewilderment among those devoted to her. But the Bishop emeritus of Amsterdam, J. M. Punt, who approved the apparitions in 2002, reconstructs the principal parts of the story and demonstrates that during the 1980s and 90s Rome had already given permission for the title and its public veneration. Will the CDF intervene again to clarify the question?

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    Vatican duty to clarify Civil union and adoptions

    News of the documentary film by Evgeny Afineevsky has reached the four corners of the earth because of the statements made by Francis contrary to the Magisterium of the Church: even if the phrase about “civil unions” were removed,  it would still be very grave, to say nothing of what it is reported that the pope said about two homosexuals raising children. If the Holy See does not disavow this, the result is a massive problem.

    • CHURCH

    Faithful obliged not to follow Pope’s opinion on gay civil unions

    What Pope Francis said about homosexual civil unions is devoid of truth and, therefore, false. It does not force believers to accept what he said, even if coming straight from the pope himself. Quite the contrary: faithful are obliged to think the opposite, even if the current pope does not say so, because every other pope before him has said so. Catholic faithful must not feel uneasy about refusing this erroneous teaching which upends natural and divine law, rejects natural ethics, and upsets notions of law and authority by confusing them with power.

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