Ukraine criticises Pope's Good Friday Way of the Cross

    The ambassador of Kiev has protested because during Good Friday’s Way of the Cross with the Pope at the Colosseum, a Russian and a Ukrainian woman will carry the Cross together. For the first time, the media is criticising Pope Francis. But it is a courageous choice because in the Cross lies the source of peace.

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    • THE CASE

    Document proves Becciu did not pay to frame Pell

    A document that has emerged from Australia and that The Daily Compass has been able to view proves that the money sent from the Vatican to Australia had nothing to do with the trial of Cardinal Pell. It was destined for a cyber security company for a contract relating to the management of some ".catholic" domains.

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    The virtue of Charity

    The theological virtue of Charity is the noblest of all the virtues, the one that gives the others their place and without which they would lose all value. It is primarily friendship with God, a supernatural virtue that inclines the will to love God and others.

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    “I baptise you female and confirm you male.” Turin Church break rules for trans

    In Turin, a woman "becomes" a man and then asks for Confirmation. The parish priest turns to the curia and the Diocese gives its consent: "Yes to Confirmation with the new name, but the natural name is to be written in the baptismal register with a note on the sex change". The Daily Compass recounts the parish priest’s dilemma, the curia’s email  giving consent and the new stage in the demolition of Catechism: if nature no longer counts and only personal "rights" do, then demise is inevitable.

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    LGBTQ: Cardinal Marx heads latest assault on Catechism

    A coordinated attack has been undertaken in order to change the Catechism with regard to homosexuality, and the theatre chosen for the battle is the Synod on Synodality. In a long interview, Cardinal Marx openly supports the necessity to modify doctrine in order to legitimise homosexual acts, while on April 3, Sister Nathalie Becquart, undersecretary of the Synod, referred directly to an American LGBTQ group in order to lend it legitimacy.

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    Sins against the virtue of hope

    Despairing of salvation and the presumption of salvation are the two main sins against the virtue of hope. Lust, gluttony and greed lead to despair; vainglory and pride lead us to believe that we can be forgiven without repentance.

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    Consecration to Maria: it is late, but not too late

    A careful reconstruction of the messages and letters of Sister Lucia assists us in understanding that the Consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary may be late in coming, and that therefore the errors of Russia have been spread throughout the world, but at the same time, it may still succeed in diminishing this time of trial.

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    The people, the Pope, and Mary: the consecration rejoins together heaven and earth

    With last Friday’s solemn Act of Consecration, after an intense penitential liturgy in which the Holy Father asked God's forgiveness in the name of all, there was a "rejoining" of Heaven and earth. The Church, the world, Russia, and Ukraine are now the property of Mary, who approaches the throne of God as our Advocate. The Act performed yesterday - the Consecration, the Communion with the bishops, the historical reasons - matches the modalities requested by Our Lady. And it is from this objective fact, with the invitation to return to God, that we must start again.

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    The virtue of hope

    A virtue is called theological because God is the object to which it adheres. The object of Hope is eternal happiness, to which all other things are ordered. Faith precedes hope, and hope precedes charity, but it is by charity that faith is brought to perfection.

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    The palliative Church

    If the palliative society in which we live is one that intends to eliminate pain and thus anaesthetise citizens, the palliative Church dominant today is a Church that pacifies consciences, that abolishes the term sin. It is a Church obliged to get along with the world. As we have seen in these two years of pandemic.

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    • ITALY

    Convent shut down after nuns refuse covid vaccine

    The Benedictine Monastery of Santa Caterina in Perugia is being shut down. In February they received an unexpected Apostolic Visit, which has now been followed by the transferal of 5 nuns. The motive?  “The visitor found all aspects of our monastery in order, with the exception of the fact that we have not been vaccinated,” stated the Mother Superior, Mother Caterina to the Daily Compass, as she confirmed the truth behind the indiscretions circulating in the ether. “I was informed of the impromptu visit by Bishop Bassetti, who was, however, unaware of the motivations behind such sudden interest. The decree underlines what is stated as my inappropriate behaviour: should I have obliged my Sisters to perform an act against their will, risking denunciation?”

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    Francis’ reform: evangelisation before doctrine

    With the new Apostolic Constitution “Praedicate Evangelium”, Francis intends to alter the Roman Curia, diminishing the importance both of the role of Secretary of State and the function of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (which will be re-entitled as a Dicastery), and will delegate to himself the control of the new Dicastery of Evangelisation, which will precede all others in order of importance. However, to consider evangelisation as a precedent to doctrine, not necessarily connected to it in any fundamental way, represents a serious problem.

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