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A Hong Kong Court of Appeal order panders to the pro-China government's request to prevent the broadcasting of the pro-democracy anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong', used in the 2019 protests against the CCP. Pressure also on big tech and YouTube blocks the song.

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The new norms on apparitions tear apologetics to pieces

The document presented on 17 May is in clear discontinuity with the approach the Church has always taken towards supernatural phenomena. The new norms deny the possibility of recognising the traces of God's intervention in human history.


China-Vatican, rewrites history to legitimise secret agreement

Many Chinese speakers, video-message by the Pope and speech by the Vatican Secretary of State, Card. Parolin: the Shanghai Council of 1924 commemorated with two conferences, one in Milan another in Rome, to promote "the spirit" of the secret agreement on the appointment of bishops. Forcing history on the backs of Chinese Catholics.


How the Beijing regime terrorises Chinese students abroad

Amnesty International's new report: all the ways in which the Chinese Communist Party tracks, spies on, persecutes and represses students abroad. Transnational totalitarianism. 

Over 2,000 minors are subjected to body searches every year. The shocking reality became public knowledge after two enquiries. The government is running for cover and has already prepared new restrictive regulations for the police that will come into force this summer.

Fernández’s document: six criteria to ascertain everything, but woe betide the supernaturalness of phenomena and apparitions. At most a nihil obstat, for the record, "it does no harm...".

Cardinal Fernandez

The new norms presented today by Prefect Fernández, provide for greater centralisation in Rome of the decision-making power on the authenticity of the alleged apparitions. A centralisation that effectively prevents bishops from pronouncing themselves, but only to regulating worship and pastoral care on the basis of six more or less stringent criteria. Scepticism of the new Vatican course continues Medjugorje.

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Gaza, a war Israel is losing

A ceasefire under the current conditions would sanction Israel's defeat, yet the attack on Rafah would also be disastrous: for the Palestinian population and politically for Israel. It is the root of the problem that must be addressed and solved.


From 'miracle' to lawsuit: AstraZeneca vaccine quits market

AstraZeneca's decision to withdraw the Covid vaccine should give pause for thought: it was hailed as a miracle. Instead it was an experimental drug, with efficacy and safety yet to be verified. As time would tell.


University protests result of Islamist penetration puts West in danger

The wave of pro-Palestinian student protests that has swept through US universities, and to some extent in Europe, is a consequence of the increasing percentage of Islamic immigration and a dangerous trend that the political classes have underestimated.


Pope offers fluid response to rainbow nun

Sister Jeannine Gramick writes to the Pontiff: her LGBT friends are upset by certain statements in Dignitas infinita. Francis reassures her: the criticism only refers to gender ideology because it "annuls differences", but the practice - homosexual and transsexual - generated the theory and is glossed over.