Saint Mark by Ermes Dovico

The British Parliament has finally passed the law that defines how and when a selection of illegal migrants will be transferred to Rwanda pending the evaluation of their asylum requests. Amnesty International and other NGOs protest, but misrepresent a law that will save lives.

Dubai storm

Storms in the Gulf, but don’t blame mankind for natural disasters

The trend to blame human action for every natural disaster that occurs, predictably was the same excuse used for the deluge in the Persian Gulf that caused 20 deaths and immense damage in the United Arab Emirates. The culprits: anthropogenic global warming (as usual) and cloud seeding.

WHO headquarter (Imagoeconomica)

WHO propaganda ranges from vaccines to abortion

The strategies adopted by the World Health Organisation are part of a globalist design, which under the slogan of 'One health' wants to impose a society based on vaccine ideology and to control the world’s population through abortion. Here is how and with whom.


Macabre dance video signals medical abuse culture

There is no justification for the 'macabre dance' performed during a practice session for forensic medicine in Malta. It is a sign of the great reset taking place in medicine which is losing its sense of care for the sick and respect for all people, even the dead. 

While Trump had laid the foundations for a balance in the Middle East with the Abrahamic Accords, the current US administration has encouraged Iran in its work of destabilisation. A diplomatic disaster.

World 15_04_2024 Eugenio Capozzi

A mentally disabled teenager, who became pregnant after being raped, escapes from the institution where she is kept to save her son's life, gives birth and leaves the newborn baby with social services. After 27 years her son finds her again and.... The incredible story of Glenda Sue Holt and Steventhen Holland, now one of America's best known pro-life activists.

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Half a century after the Russian writer's famous denunciation, the African prelate echoes the same words. His warning is against the temptation to pander to the "fluid" atheism that has penetrated the Church, also in view of the next Synod.


Easter Triduum, the mysteries of life and death interrogate world today

In the three days of the Triduum we relive the apocalyptic clash between life and death, light and darkness, hate and love. It is an ever-present drama that concerns each of us, our eternal destiny. Even in the greatest suffering, Christ gives us the certainty that, united with Him, we will rise to new life.


Hate crimes, Scotland’s LGBT police state

After pressure from the LGBT lobby, new regulations in Scotland against so-called "hate crimes" will come into force on 1 April. Those who defend male-female gender and marriage between man and woman, face a sentence of up to seven years in prison.


Gaza, why Israel’s response is 'disproportionate'

Patriarch Pizzaballa and Cardinal Parolin accuse Israel of a "disproportionate" response. Not only do the numbers prove them right, but the facts show that Israel is losing its soul.


"Jimmy Lai, persecuted by China, abandoned by the Vatican"

 As Hong Kong tightens its national security law, the famous Catholic dissident risks being jailed for life. Father Robert Sirico attended the last hearing of his trial: 'He saw me, I blessed him and he was moved'. A crucifix drawn in prison is now on display at the Catholic University of Washington. The closeness of Cardinal Zen, the silence of Rome and the Church in Hong Kong.