Saint Thomas More by Ermes Dovico

Canonical trial for the former nuncio, while the Fraternity founded by Mgr Lefebvre announces the illicit consecration of new bishops. But going beyond legitimate criticism of ecclesiastical authorities leads to schism. And it is not the solution.

The event

Medjugorje, the necessary novena for peace

In view of the 43rd anniversary of the beginning of the Medjugorje apparitions, which are still unrecognised, Our Lady asked through the visionary Marija for a special novena for peace, to be experienced by ascending Podbrdo. This is the first time this has happened. An appeal that says so much about the times we live in.


USA puts Pfizer on trial for vaccine “falsehoods”

The Attorney General of Kansas is suing the pharmaceutical giant: "It deceived on efficacy and adverse effects". Accusations include damage to pregnant women, myocarditis and deaths, as well as censorship on social media to hide criticism.

Interview / Card. Collins

“The Sacred Heart, a devotion that unites affection and reason”

The world offers “a superficial and illusory view of love”, where sacrifice is not contemplated. “But Christian love is more profound, and it means imitating Christ”. In the spirituality of the Sacred Heart, affection, intellect and will work together. The Daily Compass interviews cardinal Collins.

Xi Jinping - LaPresse

In Xi Jinping's China, Mao's Cultural Revolution methods are seeping back. In order to prevent dissent, the 'Fengqiao experience' system is reintroduced: volunteer vigilantes who incite citizens to denounce one another.  

World 18_06_2024 Angeline Tan

Vladimir Putin - LaPresse

Putin proposes peace to Ukraine. The problem is on what terms? The terms are so harsh they amount to surrender. An analysis is required that goes beyond the usual simplification of the facts.

World 17_06_2024 Alberto Leoni
The Pope at G7 - ImagoEconomica

The speech on Artificial Intelligence was full of useless technicalities and poor in terms of foundations for the desired ethical choices. No reference to God and Jesus, nor to natural law. But the person, morality and politics do not hold up without God.


Gaza: Unrwa school massacre in Nuseirat increases hatred between Israelis and Palestinians

Massacre in Nuseirat, after Israeli air attack on a Hamas cell. An Unrwa school is destroyed leaving forty dead. Tempers are flaring on both sides and at a nationalist march in Jerusalem Ben Gvir's extremists give vent to worst anti-Arab ideology.


India: Christians relieved by Modi’s diminished victory 

Hindu premier wins a third term but loses his parliamentary majority. Now he has to reckon with the advance of the opposition and religious minorities threatened by his nationalist agenda.


Sister Zaira, from religious vocation to holy death

"Celebrate, because I am with Jesus!", this is Sister Zaira Dovico’s spiritual testament stated only days before her premature death, not yet 50, due to cancer. The Daily Compass offers its condolences to the Dovico family and publishes her brother Ermes Dovico’s testimony (Daily Compass colleague) which retraces the birth of her religious vocation and the last period of her life.


Gays in the seminary, pope eats his words

After the remark on faggotry in the priesthood, a sensational turn by Pope Francis: he encourages an aspiring gay seminarian not to give up. An inconceivable contradiction, which turns into a victory for the LGBT lobby.