Saint Romanus of Condat by Ermes Dovico

On 8 March, a poll will take place to remove from the Constitution a woman’s right to stay home to look after her family and the uniqueness of the natural family.


Freemasonry, Staglianò's doublespeak

Pressed by the Daily Compass article, the President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology publishes the speech he gave at the Milan conference on Church and Freemasonry. It’s even clearer now that he indicates Fiducia Supplicans as the solution for Freemasons.


Alert: TV series "Hazbin Hotel" promotes demons

A cartoon ("for adults") where the inhabitants of hell are the victims of an "evil" heaven in a diabolic reversal of good and bad. The International Association of Exorcists warns of the risks of normalising evil.


Jesuits make clean sweep after Rupnik disaster

The dean of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Father Ruyssen, sacked with immediate effect and sent away from Rome in the middle of the academic year is another sudden change and move. The Jesuits are shaking off 'difficult brethren'. It’s a repetition of the usual strategy: removing, instead of intervening.

In a press conference Gloria Branciani denounces increasingly aggressive and blasphemous sexual demands. A decisive step to shed light on the case of the Slovenian priest, which casts a shadow on the transparency of the current pontificate.

Ecclesia 22_02_2024 Nico Spuntoni

Katalin Kalikò

The Nobel Prize winner Katalin Karikó, who made mRNA resistant and thus also prolonged spike production, has joined the Pontifical Academy for Life. The Vatican continues to worship the vaccine god, losing still more credibility.

Violence, murder, terrorism: tragic news events have lifted the veil on the phenomenon of 'bogus conversions' from Islam to obtain political asylum in England. Anglican Church under indictment.


Sicily: the seven rapists were 'model' immigrants

The group of young men who raped a 13-year-old girl forcing her boyfriend to watch, had all arrived illegally in Italy from Egypt. Their host community reported they had “good reports”. But, the Italian Home Office records an escalation of sexual violence by foreigners.


Farmers rebellion unmasks pied pipers of the green utopia

A clash is taking place between the ideology of apocalyptic environmentalism and the great farmers' uprising. At stake is the total alienation from reality that holds all 'euro-green' policies together, its unbridgeable distance from any practical rationality and the despotic and dystopian implications of their application.


Francis’ Church, next stop: gay marriage

Father James Martin catechises the Irish bishops on Fiducia Supplicans and in a tweet 'normalises' gay marriage. And the Pope's response to the latest dubia has already paved the way.


Narcos and terrorism, Iran and Latin America’s dangerous friendship

Iran is very interested in Latin America, the area just a few miles from the 'Great Satan', the United States of America. Iran receives support from terrorist organisations and pro-Iranian groups to expand its ideological influence in Latin America. While Hezbollah is involved in fund-raising, propaganda and smuggling operations.