Precedents of this pontificate suggest that the conclusions of the Synod will become Magisterium without requiring the Pope's intervention with a post-synodal Exhortation. It’s another sign of a break with tradition.


Ukrainian Nazi applauded in Canada betrays historical ignorance

The video of an SS veteran being applauded by Zelensky, Trudeau and the entire Canadian House of Commons is not a Russian propaganda ploy. The mistake is fruit of ignorance of the history of the "killing fields" occupied by Hitler and Stalin.



The Church prepares for the Synod in silence and divided

The preparation for the Synod which opens on 4 October is scarcely participated by the People of God. On the other hand, there’s growing conflict among those involved. Not exactly a good start.


The grain war, this time the aggressor is Ukraine

The European grain market has been flooded with Ukrainian wheat, creating a crisis for the agriculture markets in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. Poland, the most generous country in terms of aid to Ukraine is now threatened politically and economically by Kiev.

A few months after Pope Francis met with former President Bill Clinton and Alex Soros (George's heir), in a private audience, a newly released video message consolidates the relationship between the pope and the former president. Notably, however, Clinton and Soros are the major sponsors of abortion in the world.

Fabrizia Raguso

“Rupnik and Sr Ivanka Hosta are very dangerous, they must be stopped permanently.” “Many nuns are still paying for the abuse they suffered, we have never had any help, neither material nor psychological." "The bishops must understand that hiding evil destroys the Church." In an exclusive interview, Fabrizia Raguso tells her story to the Daily Compass. She is one of the Slovenian Jesuit’s victims and among the first to give birth to the Loyola Community.

The Financial Times, the City of London newspaper, predicts a grim future for Italy’s Giorgia Meloni government. As it’s reminiscent of the same newspaper's condemnation of the Silvio Berlusconi government in 2011, one wonders, is the analysis impartial or dictated by a political agenda? Interestingly, the second hypothesis is not so far-fetched.


US bishops versus Biden's rainbow measures

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has reacted strongly to Biden’s regulation limiting subsidies for failure to conform to transgender ideology in social and charitable services. It puts religious freedom at risk.


British government thinks again, “silent prayer is not unlawful”

In a letter to the police forces, British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman clarifies, among other things, that silent prayer near abortion clinics cannot be cause for arrests. But the fundamental problem remains: the strict restrictions around clinics prevent acts of charity


Covid and global warming, permanent "alliance".

The WHO announced Covid "is here to stay" and that global warming could aggravate 50% of known pathogens. But, the first solution to the “crisis” is fearmongering.


The Synodal Tower of Babel: Daily Compass Rome conference

On the eve of the Synod on Synodality, apparently orchestrated to guarantee a desired outcome, the Daily Compass is holding a conference in Rome to lay bare what’s at stake. The conference takes place on October 3, in the Ghione Theatre, at 16:00. The distinguished speakers are Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, Father Gerald Murray and Professor Stefano Fontana. Its open to the public and entrance is free.