Saint Ambrose by Ermes Dovico

This is the second part of the in-depth study on the power of the Roman Pontiff: the preservation of the depositum fidei is the priority and inescapable requirement of his ministry.
- First part: The Pope's power is supreme, but not absolute or unlimited, by Geraldina Boni

Cardinal Burke

Burke’s Eviction, the Papacy loses out

Despotic decisions and communication through 'friends. These are serious gestures which show substantial contempt for the Church’s institution and the Papacy to lose credibility.
- The Pope's power is supreme, but not absolute or unlimited, by Geraldina Boni


The Pope's power is supreme, but not absolute or unlimited

The first part of a two-part in-depth study on papal power: not a personal status of superiority or domination, but a task of care and service, with precise limits. 


Indi, a funeral that speaks of Heaven

Yesterday, the funeral of little Indi Gregory, the seriously ill eight-month-old girl who was put to death by English doctors and judges for her 'best interests', was held in Nottingham's Catholic cathedral. The bishop McKinney: 'There is a special place in Heaven for children like Indi'.
- "My beautiful warrior Indi Gregory", by Dean Gregory

Cardinal Burke

The international news commentaries that the Pope intends to confiscate Cardinal Burke's home and salary focus on political and party logic, but miss the point. Instead, it is the very nature of the Church which is at risk.

Cardinal Burke

Vatican sources close to the Daily Compass: Burke was defined as an "enemy" in an announcement made to the Heads of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia. The cardinal has not yet received a formal notice, but considering precedents, it is unlikely to be just a threat, which nonetheless would be very serious.

Fr. Maximilian Kolbe

St Maximilian Kolbe had a great devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. And from the beginning the Medal was the hallmark of the Militia Immaculatae which is committed to spreading its devotion. The Daily Compass interviewed Father Raffaele Di Muro.


Strickland’s removal was against canon law

The removal of Msgr. Strickland from the leadership of the diocese by Pope Francis, took place without a trial, in violation of canonical norms. Msgr. Torres received the same treatment in 2022. As Saint John Paul II explained, this is contrary to charity and natural justice. 


American journalist delves into Deep State maze

With his book Controligarchs, investigative journalist Seamus Bruner exposes the affairs and plots of foundations and philanthropic billionaires. Revealing how they want to condition our lives.


England, 100 pounds for the right to life

The trial of Adam Smith-Connor, who refuses to pay a fine for praying silently in front of an abortion clinic, has been adjourned until January. But the law establishing buffer zones around abortion clinics is at stake.


The copy and paste signature: Cardinal Tucho's "latest scam"

The signatures of the Pope and the Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith to the answers regarding the admission of gays and trans people to the sacraments are not authentic, but poorly scanned from another sheet of paper. With the new management at the Dicastery, one oversight leads to another.