Saint Polycarp by Ermes Dovico

In a press conference Gloria Branciani denounces increasingly aggressive and blasphemous sexual demands. A decisive step to shed light on the case of the Slovenian priest, which casts a shadow on the transparency of the current pontificate.

Katalin Kalikò

A Nobel at Pav praises and glorifies vaccine 'god'

The Nobel Prize winner Katalin Karikó, who made mRNA resistant and thus also prolonged spike production, has joined the Pontifical Academy for Life. The Vatican continues to worship the vaccine god, losing still more credibility.


Immigration scandal, 'bogus Christians' game system to stay in UK

Violence, murder, terrorism: tragic news events have lifted the veil on the phenomenon of 'bogus conversions' from Islam to obtain political asylum in England. Anglican Church under indictment.

Stefano Bisi (left) talks with Bishop Staglianò

Freemasonry wants a "mea culpa", Catholic Church commits examination of conscience

Not only Cardinal Coccopalmerio's proposal for a "permanent round table" of confrontation between the Church and Masonic lodges: at the meeting in Milan, Bishop Staglianò shatters the doctrinal approach and clears the way for openness in the name of Mercy.

Stefano Bisi and Archbishop Delpini

Tomorrow 16 February, the Grand Masters of the three Italian Masonic lodges are the protagonists of a seminar together with Monsignor Delpini, Cardinal Coccopalmerio and Bishop Staglianò, organised by GRIS. Questions are raised about the ambiguous nature of the dialogue, and Delpini forbids the presence of journalists.

There is a bad sorrow, full of bitterness, that leads to hell, but there is a good one that separates us from vices and opens the gates of heaven. On the occasion of Ash Wednesday we offer you an excerpt on the subject, taken from the current issue of our monthly apologetic training magazine La Bussola monthly.

Ecclesia 14_02_2024

The country ruled by liberal Trudeau sees an increase in the use of euthanasia and assisted suicide. And it ranks first in organ donations from patients who resort to Maid. The Church defends its hospitals against mandatory euthanasia.


Worldwide appeal to cardinals and bishops: stop Fiducia Supplicans

The blessing of gay couples subverts Catholic doctrine. Many Pastors forbid its application and now ask the Pope to revoke the Declaration. Illustrious signatures from all over the world launch a document, and to which it is possible to adhere.


Our Lady of Good Success, prophecies for our times

On 2 February, 430 years ago, the cycle of apparitions of "Mary of Good Success" began with the appearance of the Blessed Virgin to Sister Mariana of Jesus, today a Servant of God, leaving us prophecies - many already fulfilled, others to come - about the Church and the world today.


Gay couples, Pope’s contortions to avoid telling truth

In interview after interview, Pope Francis pulls out all stops to defend the Declaration on blessings to homosexual couples, and tries to corroborate a false narrative to muddy the waters.


European Green Deal destroys agriculture and threatens the environment

Drastic cuts in pesticides, the extension of organic farming, and the reduction of cultivated land are measures aimed at a 'degrowth' that threatens the whole of society. Brussels must re-open a dialogue with the agricultural world.