Saint James the Greater by Ermes Dovico

The reason for the forced accompaniment imposed on the French community enjoying a boom of seminarians amid the general desert of vocations appears to be the Holy See finds the elevated numbers worrisome: too many priests and too many conservatives who risk infecting half of France.


Church crisis favours false St Athanasius pretenders

Today's ecclesial crisis resembles, in some ways, that caused by the Arian heresy. But the parallel between St Athanasius and some of today's schismatic prelates does not hold up: the holy bishop of Alexandria, exiled several times, defended the faith and at the same time remained obedient to Rome.

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Biden’s exit puts Harris “gamble” under scrutiny

Biden has endorsed his vice-president to replace him for the nomination. A choice that represents continuity. But until now she is noted only for her support for abortion and her failure in the one task entrusted to her: resolve America’s illegal immigration problems.


Switzerland, Catholic website offers church list for ‘gay blessings’

The Swiss organisation Alliance for Catholic Equalityhas published a list of parishes willing to blessirregular and same-sex couples. Few priests are listed, but the Fiducia supplicans drift continues to make headway.

Women at the altar: five authors explore the question, including an Anglican bishopess,” at least two of whom argue for female priests. The Pontiff pens the introduction but plays safe using ambiguity.

The Indian billionaires Anat Ambani e Radhika Merchant, not only celebrated the wedding of the year, but also the most polluting. $600 million spent, thousands of planes and unbridled opulence. Silence from those who constantly accuse only the West of consuming the planet's resources.”

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Approved new guidelines severely punish up to the death penalty anyone, including abroad, who asserts Taiwan's independence or its entry into international organizations.

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Vatican approves Maria Rosa Mistica apparitions,"historic turning point”

The approval of the apparitions at Montechiari Brescia is the first decree nihil obstat after the Vatican produced new norms on supernatural phenomenon. Monsignor Marco Alba, rector of the sanctuary speaks to the Daily Compass. “Pilgrims visiting Fontanelle can live an authentic Marian devotion linked to Pierina Gilli's spiritual experience”.

-Rosa Mistica: Vatican nihil obstat explained by Ermes Dovico


The Search for New Candidates?

In one of his comments Trump said he was running for president again to get rid of Joe Biden. If Biden steps down will Trump follow? There is now some possibility of having two younger politicians competing for votes on November 5th.


New Israel-Vatican fallout

Nine months since the beginning of the war between Hamas terrorists and Israel, the population of the Gaza Strip is at breaking point. The Israeli ambassador to the Holy See responds sharply to a document by the Justice and Peace Commission.



France, immigration strengthens Muslim presence

According to the Ined-Insee surveys, 91 percent of immigrants raised in Muslim families claim the religion of their parents, compared to 67 percent of Catholics. And children with a Muslim name account for 21.73 percent while 57 percent of Muslims consider shari'a more important than the law of the republic.