From Davos to New York: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Compulsory vaccination - flu, Covid and sexually transmitted diseases - for everyone, but the main focus targets minors, bypassing parental consent. At the same time lockdown dealt the coup de grace to the small entrepreneurial and commercial activities that kept the different communities together. This is how the plans of the Davos elites become law in New York.


    China's population decreases. But that's not good news

    For the first time in 60 years, China’s population decreased by 850,000. It’s the long-term effect of strict birth control policies. But, the demographic crisis might open up a social and economic disaster which the Chinese regime would have difficulty responding to at the moment. The Chinese crisis is only mirroring the crisis of Western countries, which are following the same principles that lead China to ruin.

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    World Cup in Qatar: Infantino's unbridled hypocrisy

    Yesterday's opening match between Qatar and Ecuador should not overshadow the controversy triggered by FIFA president Gianni Infantino's statements on the eve of the World Cup. Beyond the sporting aspects, priority must be given to the moral ones. For Italy, it is a good thing not to participate in what will go down in history as the World Cup of corruption, terrorism and human rights violations.

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    Without Africans, no "plan" for Africa will work

    The Pope and Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new elected Prime Minister, relaunch cooperation with Europe and Italy to solve the problems of the black continent. This proposal is not new but inadequate as long as we forget that terrorism and migrants also come from Asia and we take for granted Africans are incapable, in the face of a Europe that struggles to help itself.

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    Absolute power to Xi Jinping, only the Vatican does not notice

    The conclusion of the XX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, marking the total centralisation of power in the hands of Xi Jinping, goes well beyond expectations. Xi prepares for conflict, targets Taiwan and only appoints his loyalists: the priority is no longer the economy but his power and the modernisation of the army. It’s a clear message for the Holy See, which has just announced the renewal of the Agreement for the appointment of bishops, interference will not be tolerated.

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    "For Iran compulsory hijab is like the Berlin Wall"

    Masih Alinejad, journalist and blogger, is one of the most representative figures of the Iranian women’s revolt against the Ayatollahs’ Islamic regime,  exploiting social media, from her exile in America, to fuel the protests. But she also has a warning for the free world: "Either democratic countries unite to end Islamic terror, or Islamic terrorists will end democracy."

    • THE WAR

    Russia-Ukraine war: the worst is yet to come

    Hope of a peace deal seems increasingly out of reach, finding a solution to the conflict ever more difficult, still this doesn’t mean attempts to resolve the conflict are worthless. In an interview, the Catholic Archbishop of Moscow, Monsignor Paolo Pezzi, exposes the extreme gravity of the situation and the urgency for negotiation.


    Chilean voters overwhelmingly reject radical anti-Christian Constitution

    By a large majority, the Chilean population has rejected the proposed new Constitution promoted by President Boric. Despite much press coverage and considerable interference from abroad (including the UN and the USA), rejection won in the constitutional referendum. The text of the new constitution included abortion, LGBT rights, and ecologism.

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    Ukrainian crisis: Poland prepares for war with Russia

    Increased military spending, the purchase of armaments, increased number of soldiers, voluntary military training: in Poland, war is not only considered inevitable, but for many it is even an opportunity to settle the score with Russia. And the hottest front is currently the one with Belarus.

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    Pope and Nicaragua: when politics comes before faith

    The words pronounced at yesterday’s Angelus by the Pope on the situation in Nicaragua, the first in four years of persecutions, are gravely inadequate and are consistent with the attitude held towards all communist regimes, not only South American. But the real problem is bending the Church's presence and intervention to political logic.

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    FBI raid on Trump’s home marks end of American Freedom

    The FBI raid on former President Trump’s residence is the sign and culmination of an oligarchy’s domination (political, financial, media, etc.) which has subverted the natural and legal order. The remedy, however, does not consist in returning to the “American Way” or "to the principles of the Founding Fathers”, because they were always, from the very outset, designed to allow an oligarchy to dominate things politically and socially.


    Taiwan crisis, we need firefighters not arsonists

    From Ukraine to the Balkans, from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, tensions are boiling over and becoming more dangerous by the day. Especially disturbing is the fact that there are no firefighters on hand when fires break out. And the crisis in Taiwan is particularly dangerous because the equilibrium rests on certain fictions.