The future of Europe threatened by the "pro-Europeans"

    It is precisely the pro-European states that are threatening the European future. Europe will have a budget of 1,074 billion for seven years and 750 billion for the Recovery Fund, but the five "frugal/stingy" countries will have very significant discounts on their contributions to the European budget, and will be able to play this card to contribute less money to Europe and European countries in difficulty. But their real victory lies in the right of veto by each country on the expenses and implementation of the projects financed by the Recovery Fund. This is a sign of mutual distrust and diffidence between the 27 countries, the tip of the iceberg of the European crisis.

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    The World on course for a Demographic Catastrophe

    An American study foresees that by the end of the century there will be a general decline in the world population, with the populations of 23 countries reduced by more than 50%. The researchers say that a major social reorganization is needed or it will be a disaster. But rather than seek real solutions, they want to continue with the same anti-human ideologies that have brought us to this point of crisis. The Holy See also deserves an admonishment.

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    Erdogan intends to restore the Caliphate

    Today Hagia Sophia has once again been transformed into a mosque, as was Erdogan’s intention from the beginning of his career. But where does this policy lead? Erdogan makes no secret of his plan to restore the Ottoman Empire. He has already presented himself as the protector of the mosques of Jerusalem. What if one day he does restore the Caliphate?

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    Beijing's military exercises in the South China Sea are yet another provocation leading to a rise of tensions in the region. Archipelagos in this area are disputed by 5 other nations, in addition to the U.S. and Japan. Another test of China’s strength against Taiwan is now planned for August.

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    Libya, Erdogan content. Russians and Turks work for peace

    The withdrawl of Haftar's LNA troops from the entire Tripoli front rewards Erdogan's unscrupulous military tactics. This, thanks to an accord struck with al-Sarraj, undermines Italy in terms of any remaining influence it might still have over its former colony. An end to all armed conflict hinges upon an agreement drafted along the same lines of the peace accord struck in Syria between the Turks and Russians. The deal will ensure certain privileged positions in Libya, a nation that effectively ends up being split in two.

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    Here's what Obama would have done with today’s riots

    “What would Barack Obama have said or done today for the George Floyd crisis to restore order, justice and healing?” This is the question many people have wondered in these days of fierce criticism of President Trump. In fact, a similarly tragic incident took place during Obama's presidency, in 2015 with violent protests in Baltimore. You would be surprised to know that Obama acted quite like Trump but with one big difference: the current Republican president has done much more to help the African American community.

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    Is life difficult for blacks in the USA? In Africa, it’s worse

    African countries have now joined the crusade against racial discrimination in the United States, but they are actually in a much worse state. Since March 25, Kenyan police have fired shots into crowds killing 15 people and injuring 31 others in an effort to enforce curfews enacted to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the victims in Nairobi was a 13-year-old boy, Yassin. Nobody knelt for him. Then there is what footballer Kei Kamara had to say while supporting the American protests: "Being black in the United States is very difficult." Yet, he came with his family to the USA seeking asylum in 2000 at age 16. Kamara and his family had fled a bloody and cruel civil war which turned children into soldiers and resulted in 70,000 deaths as well as 2.5 million refugees.

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    George Floyd, the true story of the victim and icon of the revolt

    By now, the entire world knows who George Floyd is, the Minneapolis resident and African American killed last May 25 by means of inhumane police detention. He has become the iconic life to defend by militant Black Lives Matter, Antifa mobs rioting throughout America and by some peaceful protestors. But do we really know much about George Floyd beyond the facts of his tragic death?


    Also the West lost its freedom with Tiananmen

    Reviewing the thirty-one years that have passed since the Tiananmen Square massacre, we must admit that the Chinese communist regime gambled but won the bet, imposing its "law" internationally and with a large swath of western countries now espousing the "Chinese model". We can only hope for one of those unforeseeable historical events that often upset the plans of mankind.

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    Zen: "Hong Kong risks another Tiananmen"

    Exactly 31 years after the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, dark clouds hover over Hong Kong: "The brave young men who defend Hong Kong's autonomy and freedom are beaten, arrested, tortured." "Unfortunately, given the situation at the top of the Communist Party in Beijing, we don’t have much to hope for." "As Christians we put ourselves in the hands of God, defend truth and justice, pray for the conversion of our persecutors". Cardinal Joseph Zen, emeritus bishop of Hong Kong speaks out on the current situation in this special administrative region of China.

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    Trump: “standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility”

    "What we are seeing now on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or with peace." After he condemned the killing of George Floyd and expressed solidarity to his family, president Donald Trump warned the responsible of the violence that have spread across America. But it won't be an easy task.


    «Minneapolice», repression and anger behind the violence

    The escalation of violence after the death of George Floyd, a black American detained for using a counterfeit 20-dollar bill, follows 8 weeks of extreme lockdown orders, loosened only a week ago. Minnesota was already a powder keg because of hunger, no work, no individual liberty, no basic human respect, and the state and the city are run by radical left-wing ideologues, Tim Walz and Jacob Frey.

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