Charles III's coronation, a triumph of political correctness

    For the solemn ceremony on 6 May, nothing is missing, indeed no one is missing, not even Buddhists and Zoroastrians. With a few additions, the 'multi-religious' liturgy, presided over by the Anglican primate Welby who will crown the British sovereign and queen consort, will be able to boast inclusiveness, pink quotas and a whiff of environmentalism.

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    2024 election campaign symbolizes America's "night"

    Septuagenarian Trump and octogenarian Biden are running for the presidency. The electorate is confused because of secularization, vices and cancel culture. The (only?) hope for America is for a younger electable Republican to break through in the primaries and end the darkness with a new dawn to reinvigorate American democracy.


    Warmongering China makes Taiwanese want independence

    The latest polls reveal the Taiwanese no longer feel Chinese and disagree with the 1992 Consensus agreement which establishes the principle of one country (albeit two systems). China would never accept a proclamation of independence. Storm clouds are gathering as 2024 gets closer, the year of the elections.


    «Sri Lanka, Intelligence and Islamists unite against Christians»

    Four years ago, the violent attacks on hotels, Catholic and Protestant places of worship cost 200 lives. The Archbishop of Colombo demands the truth. Interviewed by the Daily Compass, he claims the country's secret services and the deposed former president were involved.

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    Ukraine: LGBT agenda advances with the war

    The armaments received from EU countries and the United States are accompanied by the acceleration of Western diktats for Ukraine to approve 'gay marriage' and the LGBT agenda. Freedom of religion is under threat. And parallel to the war is a wider religious conflict, as the dispute over the Cave Monastery shows.

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    Attack on Wojtyła: a stack of lies based on ‘red’ dossiers

    In a well-planned marketing operation, the book Most Grievous Fault has been launched in Poland, alleging that Wojtyła covered up the abuse of priests when he was archbishop of Krakow. Attacks that come from afar, the result of an insidious effort to demolish John Paul II at home and uniting anticlerical sectors, liberal media, and Catholics hostile to Tradition. And at the origin are the false dossiers of the communist regime.

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    Scotland: Forbes under attack for Christian beliefs but ahead in polls

    There are three candidates for the SNP leadership: the winner will succeed the outgoing Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The media attack Kate Forbes, 'guilty' of defending marriage. The outgoing prime minister supports the Muslim - pro 'gay marriage' - Humza Yousaf.


    From Davos to New York: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Compulsory vaccination - flu, Covid and sexually transmitted diseases - for everyone, but the main focus targets minors, bypassing parental consent. At the same time lockdown dealt the coup de grace to the small entrepreneurial and commercial activities that kept the different communities together. This is how the plans of the Davos elites become law in New York.


    China's population decreases. But that's not good news

    For the first time in 60 years, China’s population decreased by 850,000. It’s the long-term effect of strict birth control policies. But, the demographic crisis might open up a social and economic disaster which the Chinese regime would have difficulty responding to at the moment. The Chinese crisis is only mirroring the crisis of Western countries, which are following the same principles that lead China to ruin.

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    World Cup in Qatar: Infantino's unbridled hypocrisy

    Yesterday's opening match between Qatar and Ecuador should not overshadow the controversy triggered by FIFA president Gianni Infantino's statements on the eve of the World Cup. Beyond the sporting aspects, priority must be given to the moral ones. For Italy, it is a good thing not to participate in what will go down in history as the World Cup of corruption, terrorism and human rights violations.

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    Without Africans, no "plan" for Africa will work

    The Pope and Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new elected Prime Minister, relaunch cooperation with Europe and Italy to solve the problems of the black continent. This proposal is not new but inadequate as long as we forget that terrorism and migrants also come from Asia and we take for granted Africans are incapable, in the face of a Europe that struggles to help itself.

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    Absolute power to Xi Jinping, only the Vatican does not notice

    The conclusion of the XX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, marking the total centralisation of power in the hands of Xi Jinping, goes well beyond expectations. Xi prepares for conflict, targets Taiwan and only appoints his loyalists: the priority is no longer the economy but his power and the modernisation of the army. It’s a clear message for the Holy See, which has just announced the renewal of the Agreement for the appointment of bishops, interference will not be tolerated.

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