"Total opposition" attempts to destabilise Poland

    "Total opposition" is a political term which originated in the Polish liberal circles which lost the 2015 elections after years in power. Their goal is to provoke social conflict and portray Poland in a negative light abroad. The Daily Compass interviewed Jacek Karnowski, editor-in-chief of "Sieci", to discuss the matter.


    A Counter-revolutionary Talks About the Hell of Venezuelan Prisons

    Vasco Da Costa, a Venezuelan dissident, winner of the 2017 Sakharov prize, calls himself a counter-revolutionary, a traditionalist. His ideas have evidently caused fear in the regime started by Hugo Chavez and inherited by Nicolas Maduro, who has had him arrested eight different times. Just as a recent UN report has  revealed the horrors of the Venezuelan regime, Da Costa talks about the abuses and tortures he personally endured in the military prisons and secret camps where the the DGCIM services freely torture political prisoners.  They are part of a repressive system put in place by those who support 21st-century socialism, part of an international revolutionary project that is communist with a dose of liberation theology, born in Cuba and exported to Venezuela.

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    “Dear Pope, Help Nicaragua: Ortega Oppresses the People and the Church.”

    Abuses in Nicaragua by the Ortega-Zambrana regime continue: 18 policemen dressed in black kidnapped the owner of an anti-communist farm, along with his son and two other youths. This action has been denounced by the lawyer and political exile Álvaro Leiva, the executive secretary of the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights. Leiva also wrote a letter to Pope Francis denouncing the threats and persecutions executed by the dictatorship, which politicizes religion in order to intimidate the Church. The Daily Compass exclusively publishes this letter here.


    The “Love Jihad”: 4000 forced “brides” of violent Islam

    They are young girls who are Christian or Hindu. They are approached by peers, who kidnap and rape them, and then after threatening to publish the rape video on social media force them to convert. All of them are victims of the “love jihad,” the “holy war of love” that is upsetting Kirala. The Indian Catholic Church denounces ISIS’s method of recruiting, but even among Catholics there are progressive groups that deny or minimize.

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    African Bishops Denounce the Corruption of Their Governments

    The bishops of Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria are denouncing the corruption of their governments. The occasion was given by the mismanagement of international aid to face the Covid-19 pandemic. In Kenya the bishops and leaders of other denominations are denouncing the theft of medical and financial aid, while in South Africa they denounce the misuse of funds. In Nigeria an omnipresent corruption is threatening local health. Is this the West’s fault?


    Chile: The Revolts, the Government, and the Communist Infiltration

    Andrés Montero,an expert in international relations at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a member of the advisory committee of the School of Administrative and Economic Sciences at the University of Chile, explains to The Daily Compass the reasons for protests that were all but criminal and similar in their methods to what is happening in the United States.

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    Just like China, WHO controls information

    The WHO has launched a campaign against Covid-19 “misinformation”, using artificial intelligence and modern data collection techniques to track down on-line hoaxes and fabrications. This strategy, ironically, has already caused enormous damage in the fight against the pandemic, precisely because it limits comparisons and debate over theories in the face of a new disease. It smacks of censorship methods employed by the Chinese totalitarian regime.

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    Kenosha: inevitable conclusion of 3 months of lawlessness

    America has just been struck by another emotional blow to its conservative “heartland”, perhaps with historical consequences this November, following the August 23 shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, Jr, by a white Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer. This incident is causing a new uprising which peaked when a counter-protestor shot and killed two protestors. In the run up to the U.S. presidential elections on November 3, resolving racial tension among citizens, government, and police, will be the biggest influencer of ballots cast for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, surpassing the handling of ongoing troubles with COVID containment and economic woes.

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    China "normalizes" Hong Kong and Mongolia

    As this article demonstrates, the Chinese authorities are now rewriting the history books in Hong Kong, even eliminating any mention of Tienanmen Square. Meanwhile, in Inner Mongolia they are replacing the Mongolian language with Chinese in all the schools.


    Venezuela, Where the Doctors Die from Covid or are Arrested

    More than 25% of the deceased from Covid-19 are health care workers. The number has already jumped to 82. Yet the Maduro regime imposes censorship and repression to attempt to hide the human catastrophe that is unfolding: 12 doctors have already been arrested. The denunciation of Amnesty International to The Daily Compass: “90% of those who are hospitalized do not have water, soap, detergent, glasses, or special surgical masks.”

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    The liberal religious who support Democrats

    The Democratic Convention opened in Milwaukee to formalize Biden's candidacy. Progressives who espouse the cause of "new rights" will be at the convention. The American bishops call for a choice based on non-negotiable principles


    Peace between Israel and the Emirates, while Palestine troubles remain

    It is no exaggeration to speak of an "historic" agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. So what happens now? The Palestinian Authority is against it. It will never accept the presence of the Jewish nation of Israel. And all it needs is EU aid and UN legitimacy