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USA puts Pfizer on trial for vaccine “falsehoods”

The Attorney General of Kansas is suing the pharmaceutical giant: "It deceived on efficacy and adverse effects". Accusations include damage to pregnant women, myocarditis and deaths, as well as censorship on social media to hide criticism.

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The news made few international headlines, but that does not diminish its importance. Kansas Republican Attorney General Kris W. Kobach has sued Pfizer for "concealing data on the adverse effects of Covid 19 vaccines". While the development of the so-called Pfizergate vaccine, which will see the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen implicated in the Belgian court in December in the notorious affair of the purchase of doses for Europe by text message, is proceeding slowly on the European Continent, a public prosecutor is beginning to hold the pharmaceutical giant to account for its failure to disclose the efficacy and safety of the vaccine developed in partnership with Biontech.

The prosecutor filed the case in the Thomas County District Court. Specifically, as he explained at a press conference, Kobach identified six counts against Big Pharma, which was the main supplier of vaccines for most states in the world during the mass vaccination campaign between 2021 and 2022.

The first accusation is that of 'misleading the public by claiming to have a "safe and effective" Covid 19 vaccine'; the second is that of 'claiming that the vaccine was safe while knowing that adverse events were developing, including myocarditis and pericarditis, failed pregnancies and deaths' and of 'concealing this from the public'.

Third accusation: 'To have declared that its vaccine was effective, even though it knew that it had exceeded the time limit and did not protect against variants'. Information, that was then withheld from public opinion.

The fourth indictment is the claim that the vaccine would have 'prevented the transmission of Covid 19 even though it knew that it had never studied the effect of its vaccine on the population' and the fifth relates to censorship activities to prevent the public from learning the truth: 'Pfizer,' says the prosecutor, 'took steps to censor all information on social media that cast doubt on Pfizer's claims.

There is also room, in the sixth indictment to scrutinise the giant's profits: 'Pfizer's false claims about a "safe and effective" vaccine led to the company's record turnover of approximately $75 billion in just two years'.

The writ runs to over 174 pages and has been submitted to the public for all legal steps.

Needless to say, Pfizer, for its part, has limited itself to saying that it can prove in court that it is completely innocent of all the charges. What is certain is that a judge will now have to rule, and it is not unlikely that a snowball effect could be triggered. In the course of the presentation, in fact, the Attorney General announced that many other US states are preparing similar court actions. Furthermore, Kobach claimed jurisdiction in Kansas for the simple reason that Pfizer has also marketed its product in Kansas, and as a result of local laws has been authorised since 8 June 1993 to market products in the American country. It will therefore be difficult to argue for lack of jurisdiction where the prosecution takes place. The prosecutor, in fact, recalled that 3.3 million Pfizer vaccines were administered in Kansas, 60% of all vaccines administered in the country.

In the hefty indictment, the six counts are developed analytically and with solid supporting scientific literature. Starting with the issue of control. "Pfizer refused government funding to 'free' its scientists from government oversight of vaccine development. But the reason it did not accept government funding,' the indictment continues is, 'the government had limited visibility into what was happening at Pfizer.

These confidentiality agreements, however, served Pfizer to shield itself from trouble. 'Pfizer used the confidentiality agreements to conceal critical data relating to the safety and efficacy of the vaccine' because the contract with the US government required the information to remain secret for ten years, says the prosecutor. In practice, the pharmaceutical company 'had real veto power over the federal government's communications'.

Were governments hostage to Big Pharma? How many times this phrase was expressed by numerous 'conspiracist'. Now the same concept has been put in black and white by an investigative body of the stars and stripes justice, which also points the finger at the drug control agencies: 'Pharmaceutical companies are reaping huge profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims: the purpose of regulators (such as the American FDA ed.) is not to dance to the tune of global corporations and enrich them further, but to protect the health of the population'.

Strong words which are compounded when one considers the total list the allegations of omissions regarding adverse effects, according to the Attorney General deliberately kept in a drawer.

Having also administered the vaccine to trial members who had received the placebo, the data were all falsified because the control group was polluted. This too was, during the mass vaccination campaign, voiced by independent journalists who were accused of conspiracy. Now it is part of an official judicial act. Added to this is the fact that the trial was only carried out on healthy subjects, excluding in that order all those diagnosed with covid 19, the immunocompromised, pregnant or lactating women, healthcare workers who were particularly susceptible to infection, and all those patients who had risk factors that later proved fatal in contact with the vaccine.

Furthermore, it turns out that as of 28 February 2021 'separately from Vaers, Pfizer maintained its own database of adverse events, which it never disclosed. "At the end of February 2021 (thus with the vaccination campaign just beginning, ed.)," Kobach continues, "Pfizer's adverse event database contained 158,893 adverse events and 1,223 deaths that occurred as a result of vaccine inoculation. In fact the extremely high number of reports forced the pharmaceutical company to hire 600 more people full-time and another 1800 by June 2021 for data collection and analysis. Kobach further claims that because of this Pfizer was aware in April 2022 of 'tens of thousands of adverse events related to the Covid vaccine'.

As can be seen just from this limited account, the judge has an enormous amount of data at his disposal and for the first time it will be Pfizer that will have to defend itself against charges.