Absolution is not an absolute right

    The recent words of Pope Francis in an impromptu speech, in which he calls priests who do not always give absolution "delinquents", deny what the Church has always prescribed: there are cases in which the priest has the duty to deny or defer absolution: it is denied when there is no real repentance, it is deferred when there are well-founded doubts about it. 

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    Contraception: Paglia reopens the front: “Change is possible”

    Could the doctrine on contraception be subject to change? For Monsignor Paglia, it needs to be considered,"the day will come when the Pope will do it". The PAV president's disconcerting interview with The Tablet refers to Civiltà Cattolica's hopes for an encyclical that would definitively surpass Humanae Vitae. It’s a concentration of pathetic responses, polls and dissent confusedly piled up and passed off as doctrine. And even the non-ideological pro-life neologism is invented.


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    “And the Word became ideology”. At the Synod a falsified Church

    The Working Document for the Synod on Synodality, presented on October 27, is a reiteration of the typical phrasing of the pseudo-Christian ideology with which the Church hierarchies continually hammer the faithful: inclusiveness, Church without doors, rejection of the division between believers and non-believers.

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    What we value most is Christ Himself

    Today, Jesus' invitation stimulates us first of all to renew our union with Him, a truly living and truly beloved person, and not to confuse Him with any ideological project or Christian society (…..) Only by contemplating the Father's love for His Son do we, too, learn to love Jesus Christ. The Daily Compass publishes the complete text of Cardinal Robert Sarah's meditation for the Giornata della Bussola 2022, on October 29 in Palazzolo sullOglio before 1000 people.

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    Now also L’Osservatore Romano embraces the gay and secularised Church

    In a lengthy interview with the Vatican newspaper, Cardinal Hollerich, president of the European bishops, theorises a “Church-that-does-not-discriminate”, in which there is no longer even any need to convert: having erased sin, original and present, everything that exists is good. And of course it is good to bless homosexual unions. Just to be clear: the interview with Hollerich, as well as that previous with Zuppi, is not a personal opinion, but is intended to indicate the path established at the top.


    A collapse in vocations, Ireland discovers it’s post-Christian

    The Irish Church was once a forge for missionaries; today it’s experiencing a serious shortage of priests and vocations. Several dioceses (including Dublin) have responded by developing plans with lay-led liturgies, fewer Masses and unified parishes. Yet, even in the midst of the crisis, there are still some institutes where hope flickers.



    Luigi Giussani: the 'great companionship' of the Church

    Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the servant of God Fr Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation, whose members will be received in audience by the Pope this morning. We entrust his memory to the words of one of his earliest and closest pupils, Msgr Luigi Negri, taken from his latest book 'Con Giussani. La storia & il presente di un incontro" (Edizioni Ares, Milan 2021).


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    The three black holes of the Synod that endanger the Church

    The path that will culminate in 2023 with the Synod of Bishops has at least three black holes. The first is that there is nothing synodal about the way it is being conducted, which confirms Pope Francis' imperative attitude. The second black hole concerns listening, flawed by the fact that it has already been decided what to listen to and what not to. The third is the idea of introducing liberal democracy into the Church which distorts the Church itself.

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    The power of the Hail Mary explained by the saints

    The ordinary faithful and the saints of all times have found inspiration, joy, and comfort from the recital of the Hail Mary. Its first part is all in the Gospel of Luke, the second part was added by the Church. She teaches us to honour the Mother of God with the Rosary, first of all, and other devotions dear to Her, such as the three Hail Marys.

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    "My mother, Saint Gianna, God's answer to the world’s attack on life"

    For the 100th anniversary of Gianna Beretta Molla's birth, the Daily Compass spoke to her fourth child, the daughter who was born thanks to her sainted mother’s heroic sacrifice. Today Saint Gianna is "a precious gift from God for everyone", together with her husband Pietro: a married couple and parents who represent "Our Lord's answer to today's world" which continues to attack marriage, family, and life.

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    Cardinal Eijk: stop Flemish bishops from blessing gay couples

    The declaration of the Flemish Belgian bishops with their ad hoc liturgy for gay couples contradicts the Churchs teaching on homosexuality and a recent Vatican declaration. It’s necessary for the competent authorities to intervene now so the document is withdrawn and the Belgian bishops to obey. Cardinal Eijk  Archbishop of Utrecht speaks out.

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    Flemish Bishops allow gay couples blessing applying Amoris Laetitia

    The decision of the Flemish-speaking bishops to make public a 'liturgy' for the blessing of same-sex couples stands in open schism with the Church but is justified via Amoris Laetitia. Now Pope Francis will have to determine whether the Flemish bishops' interpretation of AL and the synodal process has gone too far or not. It is assumed, he will not take a position of 'disarmed neutrality'.

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