Francis’ reform: evangelisation before doctrine

    With the new Apostolic Constitution “Praedicate Evangelium”, Francis intends to alter the Roman Curia, diminishing the importance both of the role of Secretary of State and the function of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (which will be re-entitled as a Dicastery), and will delegate to himself the control of the new Dicastery of Evangelisation, which will precede all others in order of importance. However, to consider evangelisation as a precedent to doctrine, not necessarily connected to it in any fundamental way, represents a serious problem.

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    Abide by God

    For Israel and the Church, the recognition of the one and only true God depends on a very specific historical event, the Exodus. As Christians we have experienced that only Christ can free us from sin. Loving God above all else is the just response to God's love, and means living according to both the theological virtues (faith, hope, charity) and religious virtues (adoration, prayer, sacrifice, vows and promises).


    I believe in one God

    The first article of the Creed presumes that God exists and also affirms the uniqueness and unity of God. This avoids two errors: polytheism and dualism on the one hand and monism on the other. The first commandment is the correlative of this article of faith: "You shall have no other God before me".

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    That “we” which invalidates Baptisms

    Invalid Baptisms and sacraments also in the diocese of Phoenix, where a "creative" parish priest had decided to baptise with the formula "We" instead of "I". A substantial difference because it is not the community that baptises, but Christ Himself. These are the rotten fruits of the liturgical creativity of priests who appoint themselves lords over the sacred. But it is the faithful who pay the price.


    Aggression and defence: what doctrine says about war

    What does the Social Doctrine of the Church have to say about war? There is no right to a war of aggression, and even a war of defence is subject to very demanding criteria. War of aggression is always to be condemned and the right to legitimate defence is always to be confirmed. However, the latter must be proportional and there must be "well-founded conditions for success" in order to continue fighting.

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    Preserve, deepen and transmit Revelation

    The Magisterium, which adds nothing extra to Revelation, takes two forms - Ordinary and Extraordinary - using two methods: solemn and non-solemn. The theme of infallibility concerns both the faithful ("in credendo") and the Pope ("in docendo"). This is when even the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium becomes infallible.

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    Between virus and war, God takes us to the secret place of conversion

    Lent begins and the proclamation of the Gospel takes us from where we are, to lead us to a secret place where we can know the secret of the Father, the place of prayer and fasting to which we are called to present the bulwark of faith against the brute violence of war. Many are afraid of dying, as with the virus, and so they run away, far away, like the prodigal son. Thus, in an instant, it is no longer the virus, but the brother who has become the enemy to fight, the brother who did not think and act like us. Without God, man is always at war with a scapegoat on whom to pour out his frustration, pain and anger at the failure generated by sin, since a divorce is consummated because of the same sin that instigates a war.

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    The Magisterium

    The Magisterium of the Church has an interpretative role, it is not a third source of Revelation, which concluded with the death of the apostles. The development of the doctrine is to explore further the contents of Revelation and cannot be a source of discontinuity. The object of the Magisterium is the depositum fidei and the truths of the faith and morals closely connected to it.


    Barbarin: false accusations against me are an attack on the Church

    "Even though I was acquitted for events that happened long before I arrived in Lyon, my name will remain linked to the priest paedophilia scandal." "They may have made me pay for the Manif pour Tous victory, but a parliament does not have the right to change the natural order." "I managed to get back on my feet thanks to the prayers of many friends." "The Notre Dame fire changed the attitude of the French towards the Church." These are the words of cardinal Barbarin, former archbishop of Lyon, now chaplain of the Little Sisters of the Poor in a small diocese.

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    Tradition and Scripture

    Do the Scriptures suffice in order for Revelation to be accepted, as a certain theological approach would like to suggest? Revelation is found in the Scriptures but Tradition is still necessary for Revelation to emerge fully and be understood. Scripture and Tradition should not be counterposed nor separated to their detriment.

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    The LGBT lobby is behind the attacks on Benedict

    The attack on Pope Benedict XVI comes with the Rome-Germany axis at a time of maximum pressure to promote the LGBT agenda in the Church, also in view of the Synod. And in the background is the opposing position on the sexual abuse scandal: Benedict is not forgiven for having denounced the crisis of faith that lies at the root of moral corruption. The paradox is that those who are trying to frame him on abuse are precisely those who favour and promote it.

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    The Sacred Tradition

    References to Tradition were already present in the Scriptures. Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are closely united because they come from God and tend towards the same end. The transmission of Tradition includes both actions and content. The Fathers of the Church bear witness to the existence of Tradition.

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