Another victim surfaces in Rupnik scandal, Pope's blank mind

    While another shocking testimony of a nun-victim of Father Rupnik emerges, in an interview with the AP agency, Pope Francis washes his hands of the scandal. Allegedly, he knew nothing and never intervened; he defends the statute of limitations in this case because the abuses were not committed against minors or 'vulnerable adults'. An untenable line of defence, refuted by many circumstances.


    Heretic bishop candidate for guardian of orthodoxy, risk of schism

    Monsignor Heiner Wilmer is favoured to lead the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, despite evident contradictions to the magisterium. The fact the Pope even considers him lends support to the controversial “Synodale Weg”, of which Wilmer is a leading exponent, in thought and deed.


    Benedict XVI: 'the purpose of the liturgy is God'

    Benedict XVI's liturgical legacy expresses first and foremost the primacy of worship, conscious that authentic liturgical renewal does not come through instructions and regulations nor through misguided participation. Hence the commitment to a 'reform of the reform', starting with his own example in papal celebrations.

    • A JUST MAN

    Saint Joseph Pope Benedict’s favourite saint

    Among Benedict XVI's favourite saints is Saint Joseph, whom the pope describes as “the man who gave God the greatest proof of trust, even in the face of such an astonishing announcement”. An exquisite example of a putative father, Joseph is described by Ratzinger first and foremost as a just man. Numerous feasts and solemnities are inspired by him. And there is even a shrine in Provence where he appeared.

    • CHURCH

    On abortion and gender, Benedict and Francis are irreconcilable

    Monsignor Gänswein's memoir, which recalls Pope Ratzinger's notes on Pope Francis' statements on abortion, contraception and homosexuality, confirms the different doctrinal and pastoral perspective of the reigning Pope compared to the emeritus.

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    “The time Pell blocked the gay lobby in Saint Patrick’s…”

    He was labeled “anti-gay”, in reality, he conducted significant pastoral initiatives for AIDS patients. He did not judge them but was compassionate and provided healthcare. He wasn't afraid of anyone. He just wanted to be remembered as a pastor who did his duty for God and among God’s people. Monsignor Peter J. Elliott, Cardinal Pell’s best friend and his auxiliary bishop in Melbourne, speaks to the Daily Compass.


    Müller: Benedetto XVI was Saint Augustine of our times

    “Pope Benedict did not speak of Christ but spoke to Christ. In him there is a profound unity between theological reflection at the highest level and spirituality that entered directly into people’s hearts.” “He was well aware of his expertise, but he used it not to elevate himself above others, but to serve the good of the Church and the faith of simple people.” “About confusion? Today there is too much political, ideological thinking in the Catholic Church.” “Is the Church 200 years behind, as Cardinal Martini said? Impossible, Jesus is the fullness of all times.” Cardinal Müller, editor of Ratzinger-Benedetto XVI theological works, speaks to the Daily Compass.


    Francis shocks Barcelona seminarians with sexual expletives

    The case of the Pope’s speech at the December 10 meeting with the Barcelona seminarians is snowballing. Instead of reading the prepared speech published on the Vatican website, Bergoglio allegedly spoke off the cuff, denying (again) the need for repentance in order to grant absolution. According to testimonies collected by Germinans Germinabit, he also used vulgar expressions. It necessitates urgent clarification from the Vatican Press Office.

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    Cardinal Nichols: In Hyde Park Pope Benedict taught us to pray

    Pope Benedict's visit to the United Kingdom in 2010 is still a living memory for the President of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales: "I never thought I would witness an event like this". The testimony of a mother of two teenagers: 15 minutes of absolute silence led by Pope Benedict before the blessed sacrament: my children learned more about prayer than I had ever been able to teach them”. The Daily Compass met Cardinal Nichols in Rome on the occasion of the funeral of Benedict XVI.


    "Benedict XVI Doctor of the Church: he fought for the faith of simple people"

    Will Benedict XVI become a saint soon? "The Pope will decide, I think he has been a doctor of the Church with his magisterium. He always fought for the faith of simple people. The centrality of the question of God and Christocentrism are the two strong points of his theology". Cardinal Koch was interviewed by the Daily Compass. Ratzinger wanted him at all costs in the Vatican with him and he became one of his most trusted collaborators: "I told him that I did not want to leave my diocese, he answered: ‘I understand you, but come’".

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    Benedict XVI: beauty opens the heart to God

    An important thread in Joseph Ratzinger's rich teaching is the concept of "enlarged reason". A reason that does not reject stupor  nor closes itself in the material horizon, but remains capable of embracing the various expressions of art and beauty as ways to be fascinated by the Mystery of God.


    Rupnik's exit leaves a 'mosaic' of questions

    Apparently, the theologian-artist has retired to a monastery and a confrere will now preach the exercises at Loreto in his place. But, a changing of the guard does not eliminate the doubts and perplexities about the silences and cover-ups, which stretch from the Aletti Centre to the Vicariate of Rome.