The Church must resume proclaiming Jesus Christ crucified and risen

    The adaptation to the world has produced an irrelevant Church with a tendency to disappear. The work of the Synod, to be useful to the Church and the world, should promote a great mission to the people in every nation, because salvation from sin is the reason for Christ. And the heart of the mission is the liturgy.

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    Right to forgiveness? This is how mercy is cancelled

    During an interview on an italian channel, the Pope speaks of a universal right to forgiveness. But how can one claim the right to a gift? Forgiveness is the prerogative of the merciful God, who goes above and beyond the measure of justice and law. The command to forgive stems from the knowledge that we ourselves have been forgiven by mercy, not by right. The words of Francis have a paradoxical effect: by affirming the 'right to forgiveness', they negate the role of mercy.


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    Hollerich on homosexuality: the Cardinal’s many errors

    In an interview with KNA, Hollerich makes several statements on homosexuality, hoping for a change in doctrine. But the cardinal is wrong. He forgets that the Church's teaching is based on natural morals and that there is full agreement between the Old and New Testaments in judging negatively the homosexual condition and acts.

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    Interpretation of the Scriptures

    For a true understanding of the Scriptures, the literal meaning and the spiritual meaning must be kept together. Yet, the historicist tendencies that have emerged since the sixteenth century onwards have undermined their unity. The correct interpretation of the Scriptures cannot be separated from the Tradition of the Church, from which the canon of Scriptures is also derived.

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    The myth of synodality is a return to Babel

    The preparatory document speaks of a synod aimed at a new humanism and “to plant dreams, draw forth prophecies and visions” with absolutely no mention of conversion and mission. The focus thus shifts from faith (and reason) to "democratic" reforms. It is the collapse of Catholic culture.

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    Catholic journalists or vaccine salesmen?

    The Consortium of Catholic media, “Catholic Fact-checking” received formal recognition last Friday from Pope Francis, who granted it an audience. It is the consecration of an unprecedented commitment to the spread of vaccines, but we can't help wondering whether this is the Church's mission.

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    The inspiration of Sacred Scripture

    Sacred Scripture is truly the Word of God, but the language used is totally human. Inspiration signifies God acts through people: He makes use of human faculties to the fullest, not merely as His scribes, but by elevating mankind’s abilities, not distorting them. There is no error in the Scriptures, but in reference to supernatural truths.

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    Living Tradition and the misunderstanding about Vincent of Lérins’ position

    Fidelity to Tradition is the principle for all true progress in the Church. Synodality, on the other hand, represents a break in continuity. Francis reveals a misunderstanding of "living tradition" when he uses a famous quotation from St. Vincent of Lérins, whose thought, when taken as a whole, however, referred to dogma.

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    No one defends Benedict XVI, he’s a nuisance

    Benedict XVI’s inconvenient presence has become even more vexing today. Just his very existence is a reminder of many troublesome matters. The advocates of the current "driving force", who from their various positions guide the Church, fear its lost momentum recently, and cannot but consider Benedict XVI a considerable nuisance.

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    Sources of Revelation

    Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition are the two means by which Revelation is transmitted and are closely bound together. Christ founded the Church but He did not write a book. Revelation is entrusted to the Church to safeguard. And as it is to the Church that the Scriptures and Tradition are entrusted, likewise it is in the Church that they are to be evaluated and made comprehensible. There is no division in the content of the two, but Tradition has the chronological precedence.

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    Supernatural Revelation

    Although Supernatural revelation, allows mankind to know with absolute certainty even those things that with the effort of his own reason he is capable of knowing, all the same it is essential because God wants mankind to be in communion with Him. Nonetheless, this vision is denied by rationalism and modernism. Revelation reaches its culmination in Jesus while historicity and the anthropological aspects are its important modes.

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    Pro-vax Catholic media being paid by Soros and Gates

    The consortium of Catholic media, catholic-factchecking.com, led by Aleteia and linked to the Holy See, is a project to silence non-aligned Catholic journalists. It is financed by large international anti-life and anti-family lobbies, in cahoots with the big pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines. This explains a lot....