Pope Francis at the 'Supermarket of Religions'

    The Holy Father's participation in the Congress of Religious Leaders feeds the widespread idea that in essence every religion is as good as the other: an indifferentism alien to the Church and to reason, since if all are true, none is. Archbishop Athanasius Schneider says this in no uncertain terms, and reminds us that bishops must speak frankly, including to the successor of Peter.


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    Pope's 'odd' words on China and Cardinal Zen

    When Pope Francis' spoke about Cardinal Zen, on the return flight from Kazakhstan, it sounded like he preferred to abandon him to his fate in order to save diplomatic relations with China. Moreover, he took a strictly political and unreligious approach to Vatican relations with China.

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    Vatican stamps celebrate Luther not Lepanto

    The Vatican Philately has made a few strange choices and omissions by recalling Charlie Chaplin and the Protestant Reformation, yet stepping over the 450th anniversary (2021 edition) of the battle of Lepanto, which marked the end of the Islamic threat in Europe, and (2022 edition) of the death of Pope St. Pius V: a holy and courageous pontiff, perhaps too far from current "standards".


    Congress of World Religious Leaders: an atheistic project

    The Pope’s participation in the Congress of World and Traditional Religious Leaders, which is taking place from today in Kazakhstan, cannot fail to raise questions and perplexity. The pretext is working for world peace, but in this way the Church participates in the new syncretistic civil morality, which necessarily puts the truth or non-truth of religions in brackets.

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    "My uncle Albino, the Pope who considered himself ‘God's delivery man’"

    On the eve of  Pope John Paul I’s beatification in Saint Peter’s, the Daily Compass reports his nephew’s testimony, son of the Pope’s brother Edoardo: «He was a person who lived between heaven and earth, eager to evangelise, to communicate Christ to everyone. This is why he put the teaching of the Catechism first, he believed it was the basis of faith ". "His life teaches us that it is possible to live as Christians even in very difficult times".

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    Bavarian woman builds a church to fulfil a promise

    A beautiful chapel gives visible and concrete form to a Bavarian woman's prayer for the healing of her son. It took Rosa Mühlberg three years to build it including parts built with her own hands. And it is more beautiful than many modern cathedrals. It’s proof that authentic sensus fidei also inspires true beauty.

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    For the Church the daily news is the new Revelation

    It is the daily news, current events, what history tells us that is the new Revelation. With the Church of Pope Francis, the 'prophecies' of Hegel, Martini, and Sartre are fulfilled: existence precedes essence and the press review is the new morning prayer. Migrations, globalism, ecologism, transitions, UN agenda, Chinese model, family planning, abolition of private property, homosexualism. There is no topical issue on which the Church today maintains a tough and antithetical position to that of the world, of resistance and opposition.

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    Shepherds chosen by the sheep: there is a problem with women in the Dicastery

    Reversal between shepherds and sheep: in choosing their own pastors the sheep end up playing the role of the shepherds; both John Paul II and Benedict XVI had warned against clericalising the laity, giving them roles and ministries that belong instead to sacramental ministers. The problem with the three women (one lay woman) chosen by the Pope in the Dicastery of Bishops is not one of skill and competence, but of sacred order. A clumsy manoeuvre to 'modernise' the Church or a further step towards female priesthood?

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    Pope and abortion: something doesn't add up

    Interviews with Pope Francis are now being churned out in a constant stream, a damaging phenomenon for the Church. However, it is worth noting his strange attitude towards abortion: very harsh in condemning the practice, extremely soft in drawing the consequences.


    War and peace, not all popes are the same

    The same call to lay down arms, but with a different approach depending on pope situation. From the "suicide of civilised Europe" (Benedict XV) on the Great War, to Pius XII's attempts to avert the Second World War, to Francis' current attitude. The Daily Compass interviews Professor Massimo de Leonardis on the role of Popes in the times of war during the 20th and 21st centuries.

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    Pope Francis’ many errors on China in Reuter’s interview

    In his interview with Reuters, Pope Francis blesses the agreement with China for the appointment of bishops and exalts Cardinal Casaroli's Ostpolitik in the 1960s and 1970s, taking it as a model. But that diplomatic experience was a failure for the Church and the same is happening with China.  

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    Vatican finds way to approve contraception and assisted fertilisation

    The publication of a volume which collects the proceedings of a conference organised by the Pontifical Academy for Life is the occasion to open a new 'process' aimed at changing Catholic morality: the legitimisation of contraception and its counterpart, artificial insemination, is in the sights. Monsignor Paglia: “This is how we advance theological bioethics”.

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