Mary and Joseph, the couple that prefigures Christ and the Church

    From the earliest centuries of Christianity, saints and ecclesiastical writers have seen in the virginal marriage of Joseph and Mary a figure of the spousal union between Christ and the Church, the loftiest historical sign of the great mystery of which Saint Paul speaks. Hence the opportunity for a new celebration of the "Feast of the Marriage," which would be a valuable aid for pastoral work on marriage.

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    Müller’s warning: the Papacy is in grave danger

    The power of the media has contributed to the present considerable confusion in the Church about the meaning of the Papacy. On the one hand, the renunciation of Benedict XVI has engendered the idea of the coexistence of ‘two Popes’, which is absolutely inconceivable. On the other hand, Pope Francis, between the relativisation of his role and ‘paradigm shifts’, risks preaching ‘a human brotherhood without Jesus Christ’ and engaging in a dialogue with Islam under the banner of religious relativism. It is necessary to rediscover the Christ-centred character of the Papacy. Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller publishes an article on the true meaning of the Papacy.


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    Yes to female "readers and acolytes," puts Diaconate in danger

    By virtue of his motu proprio Spiritus Domini, The Pope's decision to modify Canon 230 opens the Lectorate and Acolytate to women as well. Down through the centuries, these have always been  ‘ministries’ conferred to males alone, because, like the other ancient minor orders, they emanate from the Diaconate. In this way,  having broken the bond with tradition, the latter can also be attacked.

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    Disturbing Church push for UN goals

    Definitely abandoning its presence in defense of man and non-negotiable principles, the Church has accepted the United Nations 2030 agenda with targets in favor of contraception, abortion and promotion of education contrary to human nature. Enemy pressure and the weakness of the Vatican explain the turnaround that began in 2015.


    Incarnation and Redemption are founded in the feast of the Epiphany

    The adoration of the Child Jesus by the Three Kings and the gifts they offer Him attest to His true identity, the person of God the Son in whom divine nature and human nature are united for the salvation of the world. How contemporary the Feast of the Epiphany is, the feast of the light of Christ shining in Christian hearts for the salvation of the world! Today, the darkness that could deceive us and lead us away from the Light that is Christ has entered the Church itself.

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    Mary's divine Motherhood that gives way to redemption

    When we think of the mother of God we tend to "shift" to our level of experience, reducing Mary to  a carnal mother. Instead, the Church teaches that it is precisely by our asserting her title of Dei Genetrix that we can defend the truth of the two natures of the One Divine Person. Moreover, Mary's "yes" to the Incarnation includes her "yes" to participate in the redemptive work of her Son. That is why she is Co-Redeemer and not merely a most virtuous woman.

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    «The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light»

    «Christmas is an event of light, it is the feast of light: in the Child of Bethlehem the primordial light once more shines in humanity’s heaven and dissipates the clouds of sin. The radiance of God’s definitive triumph appears on the horizon of history in order to offer a new future of hope to a pilgrim people». We propose the homily of Saint John Paul II at Christmas Midnigh Mass, 2001.


    Joseph’s marriage to Mary, a mystery of salvation

    From his marriage to Mary, Joseph derives his participation in “her sublime dignity” (Leo XIII) and his paternal rights over Jesus. The two holy spouses, both virgins, by their obedience to divine will and their acceptance of the Saviour, become the couple which, unlike Adam and Eve, “constitutes the summit from which holiness spreads over the whole earth” (Paul VI). A true catechesis on the family must start from their marriage.

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    Pope’s message for peace 2021, some positive aspects

    In his message for the World Day of Peace, Pope Francis, in addition to some of the social themes he has repeated several times, departs somewhat from previous documents by placing greater emphasis on the primacy of God, and with an explicit reference to the Church’s social doctrine.

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    The “alien” Crib in the Vatican is an expression of the New Church

    The ugly and questionable Vatican Crib: the message is clear, explicit, and intentional. It is no longer the sacred representation of an event that took place, but the pretext to say other things that are pressing to the world - especially to the cultural mainstream - and to today's society.

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    A clever way to impose an Amazonian liturgy

    The Roman Missal in the Zairean rite is the first one to be enculturated and lends itself to becoming a precursor to a future Amazonian rite. There are two risks in this undertaking: introducing pagan elements and producing a new liturgy inspired by the objectives of Church politics as opposed to the Church’s mission.  On this matter, Benedict XVI warned, "A liturgy is not born by means of decrees."

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    Advent. Christ knocks at the door of our hearts

    In the same way Saint John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of the Messiah, after four thousand years of expectancy, so the four weeks of Advent are our opportunity to receive Jesus into our life today. The Lord never stops knocking on the doors of our hearts and by welcoming Him now we can rejoice fully with Him at the end of time. Advent calls us to purification through prayer and sincere confession, so that we may be filled with the grace of Christ.

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