Foetal cells, the Trump-Biden difference

    Before Trump intervened to curb the use of tissue from aborted babies, experiments were being carried out on 'humanized mice'. Then Biden reversed his predecessor's measures, refinancing research based on foetal cells. This barbarity has become systemic, affecting many therapies, including vaccines, and cannot ethically be dismissed.

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    Vaccines, aborted fetuses and other drugs: a guide to the issue

    A strong argument from those who consider it unproblematic to use aborted fetuses cell lines for making vaccines goes like this: if we ban vaccines, then we should also ban a host of other common drugs that use the same cell lines. Not only is the matter a bit more complex than this, above all, it is not right to tolerate any evil just because it is found to be widespread. What follows is a recommendation for Christians....

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    Why “the benefits outweigh the risks” is untrue

    In the face of increasing cases of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines, the mantra of the media and politicians is “the benefits outweigh the risks”. This is untrue because the principle of proportionality must consider the individual, not the population at large. Also Cardinal Sgreccia reminded us: the individual is not a part, but a person; it is a moral abomination to believe that the risk of individual deaths is acceptable if it benefits the community.

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    The Family Plan that the U.S. and LGBT, anti-life lobbies hate

    On July 25, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei presented a plan valid till the end of 2032 for the protection of life from conception and the family as the "basic unit of society." On the same day, Guatemalan Public Prosecutor Sandoval was fired. This led to tough stances being taken by Biden's U.S. government and street demonstrations that erupted against the Guatemalan government.

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    UN: Here’s how Soros, Gates and Ford decide human rights

    The Eclj is publishing  a 92-page report showing how the majority of experts of the UN Human Rights Council are conditioned by the funding of certain states and organizations such as the Ford and Gates foundations and Soros' Open Society, with an anti-life and family agenda. Available online, the report is full of figures, facts and names.

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    UK cuts UNFPA abortion funds

    The UK has cut its budget due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. The cuts also include a drastic reduction in the funds allocated to UNFPA, the UN agency for population. And among these, funding for reproductive health programs for developing countries is especially reduced. Explicitly speaking this means less money for abortion. The reason for the Johnson government’s decision, in contrast to the Biden administration in the US, has not yet been explained. But the UK has nonetheless set an important example, to other lenders.

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    Canada, euthanasia comes with an algorithm

    A group of researchers has developed software capable of predicting death six months in advance, a tool that will serve to increase pressure on patients and family members to remove the disorder prematurely or push for therapeutic abandonment. It is not by coincidence that this diabolical discovery occurred in Canada, a country at the forefront in euthanasia.

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    Pfizer-FDA clash: third dose or first of a new series?

    The third dose was never mentioned in the approved guidelines, but given what we have seen it is not surprising that Pfizer is insisting that it be approved. But third dose of what? If the protection guaranteed by the American giant is nine months, the third dose looks more like the first in a new series that will launch us into a permanent vaccination campaign. The stop by the FDA and the WHO will not stop Pfizer, aided by countries like Italy that already take a third inoculation for granted. 

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    Gates’anti-life billions cast a dark shadow over vaccines

    On July 2, at the conclusion of the Generation Equality Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a pledge of $2.1 billion in grants over the next five years. The bulk of the funds will go to contraception and "reproductive health and rights" (abortion) projects. This is part of an ongoing anti-life commitment and which raises serious questions about the funds invested in Covid vaccines. Are we really sure that the real objective is health?

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    Iceberg report, the ridiculous attempt to discredit pro-lifers

    The report by the abortionist NGO EPF, in which many MEPs participate, has been published in Brussels. It accuses the pro-life movements of having received 707 million dollars in 10 years. It’s virtually nothing, considering the billionaire funding abortion NGOs receive.

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    "The abortion of Down babies is discriminatory". British government stands trial

    Today the hearing begins which challenges the law that allows abortion up to 24 weeks, but in the case of disabilities such as Down syndrome up to nine months. The courageous action of two women: "Once a diagnosis for Down syndrome is confirmed, there’s tremendous pressure to have an abortion. It's an offensive law "

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    “Risks of vaccine-related disease underestimated”

    A vaccine-related pathology exists; ignoring interactions with ACE2 receptors underestimates the risk”. The Daily Compass interviewed professor Bellavite: “AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) is ignoring the causal connections to haemorrhages and thromboses by blaming pre-existing pathologies, which could instead be concomitant causes; the renin-angiotensin system is 'stressed' by the vaccine spikes, a circulatory problem arises in predisposed subjects or those at risk”. Therefore we need “a pre-vaccination history, instead of charging in blindly led by a general whose narrative is not scientific but militaristic, in which deaths are normal”. Should young people be vaccinated? “It’s a gamble and blackmail: just to go on holiday they take risks without the benefits”.