Iceberg report, the ridiculous attempt to discredit pro-lifers

    The report by the abortionist NGO EPF, in which many MEPs participate, has been published in Brussels. It accuses the pro-life movements of having received 707 million dollars in 10 years. It’s virtually nothing, considering the billionaire funding abortion NGOs receive.

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    "The abortion of Down babies is discriminatory". British government stands trial

    Today the hearing begins which challenges the law that allows abortion up to 24 weeks, but in the case of disabilities such as Down syndrome up to nine months. The courageous action of two women: "Once a diagnosis for Down syndrome is confirmed, there’s tremendous pressure to have an abortion. It's an offensive law "

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    “Risks of vaccine-related disease underestimated”

    A vaccine-related pathology exists; ignoring interactions with ACE2 receptors underestimates the risk”. The Daily Compass interviewed professor Bellavite: “AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) is ignoring the causal connections to haemorrhages and thromboses by blaming pre-existing pathologies, which could instead be concomitant causes; the renin-angiotensin system is 'stressed' by the vaccine spikes, a circulatory problem arises in predisposed subjects or those at risk”. Therefore we need “a pre-vaccination history, instead of charging in blindly led by a general whose narrative is not scientific but militaristic, in which deaths are normal”. Should young people be vaccinated? “It’s a gamble and blackmail: just to go on holiday they take risks without the benefits”.


    Killed to donate their organs: euthanasia upsurges

    Candidates for euthanasia and organ donors, the so-called "Good Samaritan euthanasia" is currently practised in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. Now a scientific article explains that there is the possibility this practice will be expanded to increase the availability of organs for transplantation. First of all by starting the euthanasia process at home to facilitate potential donors; then by targeting the mentally ill and depressed: healthy and young bodies, excellent for transplantation, of little use in an insane person.

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    Research on aborted foetuses is not a remote evil

    The epidemic has revealed hidden realities, even though there have been those who have been denouncing the relationship between abortoirs and medical experimentation for years. It is enough to recall the CMP enquiry, in which the employee of an intermediary company between Planned Parenthood and the research laboratories described little bodies, in some cases still viable, dismembered with forceps and sold. “The foetus’s heart was beating. We tore out its brain. I realised I could no longer work for the company... even if it could be instrumental in curing some diseases”. Even Fauci is now funding studies in which the scalps of tiny murdered foetuses are placed on the backs of rats. Can we accept all this in the name of health?

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    Abortion-derived vaccines, the forgotten truths

    There are twelve cell lines which have been taken from aborted foetuses, and we must not forget the excruciating way these babies are killed in order to use their tissues. The Church says that morally problematic vaccines  can only be accepted in situations of grave necessity and only on a temporary basis, while protesting against the production of such vaccines and the use of aborted foetuses in medical research. There are no circumstances where the use of these vaccines can be recommended as a moral duty, instead there is a duty to lobby for ethical vaccines.

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    UNICEF doesn’t recognise that pornography is evil

    A UNICEF report - first published, then withdrawn due to protests and resubmitted with minor changes - supports the idea that pornography is not always harmful to children and adolescents. And that they should not be denied ‘vital sex education’, including abortion and LGBT issues. A scandalous approach that fails to recognise the objective evil of pornography.

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    Surrogate pregnancy: ECHR's rejection goes only halfway

    The European Court of Human Rights has rejected the appeal of a divorced lesbian couple who were denied recognition by Icelandic authorities as parents of a child born in the USA through surrogacy (neither of them is a biological mother). But the problem persists because the two women are treated as “de facto” parents and their homosexual union as a family. So, how will the "no" to surrogate motherhood hold up in court?

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    “No vaccines from aborted foetuses!” A heroic appeal to Christians

    An appeal by many women, pro-life activists; women who are urging Christians all over the world and men of upright conscience to resist vaccines contaminated by abortion. Dr Wanda Półtawska, friend and confidante of John Paul II, and miraculously cured by Padre Pio, is the first signatory.

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    USAID’s Samantha Power: new power on the global stage

    In the United States, the new Biden-Harris Administration immediately adopted a “tabula rasa” approach to life matters. One of the main moves is the appointment of Samantha Power (former US ambassador to the United Nations) as the new chief of USAID, the primary dispenser of US foreign assistance. It's already crystal clear what kind of agenda she will advance: “We will advance gender equality, LBGTQI+ rights, and women’s empowerment as part of our broader commitment to inclusive economic growth and social cohesion". And the Biden Administration will once again finance those international and non-profit organizations that provide abortion as part of “women’s empowerment".


    USAID’s Samantha Power: new power on the global stage

    The nomination of Samantha Power to lead USAID -  the United States Agency for International Development - is and indication of a more aggressive policy to promote abortion in the world. Indeed the nomination of Samantha Power as Administrator of USAID was enthusiastically welcomed by the abortion industry.

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    Vaccines and infertility, researchers sound the alarm

    After Roxana Bruno sounded the alarm about Covid vaccines and the risk they pose to fertility, another warning comes from Janci Chunn Lindsay who has worked on the development of contraceptive vaccines: due to the similarity between syncytins and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, vaccine-induced antibody responses could trigger a cross-reaction, causing reproductive side effects. Even the Virologist Bill Gallaher confirms the suspicion. He points out that there are already numerous cases of spontaneous abortions and menstrual irregularities in vaccinated women.