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Pro-abortion superheroes, evil masquerading as good

To publicise abortion and other dogmas of political correctness, the IPPF has come up with a campaign featuring six 'safe reproduction', anti-life, superheroes. Good and evil are thus reversed. But behind it there is an epic idea of the struggle for 'new rights'.

Life and Bioethics 16_05_2023 Italiano Español

Members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the world's largest pro-abortion organisation are only capable of giving birth to - since childbirth is their worst enemy – the worst ideas. In order to publicise abortion they have now come up with a campaign in which there are six superheroes committed to spreading the abortion word around the world, that is fighting the enemies of life. These superheroes are called Repro Heroes, that is, superheroes of safe reproduction. Translated: abortion, contraception, and sterilisation. There is even a quiz to find out which superhero you are.

The IPPF portal declares: “Repro Heroes are champions of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Fierce and fearless, you can find them on the frontlines of the fight for safe abortion care, championing climate justice, defending women's rights and advocating for pleasure-centered sexual health. [sic!] The Repro Heroes have unique superpowers to help propel the fight for equality and rights”.

Let’s review the characteristics of these six free- abortion superheroes. Inaya (superpower: instant healing) provides “life-saving sexual and reproductive health care” to those harmed by man-made natural disasters. Kunyaza (superpower: can assume any gender identity) is “gender fluid”, teaches that pleasure is paramount in sex. Aina (superpower: precognition) is an environmentalist and fights against “land grabbers and extractive industries”. Being able to predict the future, she uses this ability to draw up plans for the spread of abortion in the coming years. Valentina (superpower: flight) argues that “abortion is a health cure. Full stop”. She challenges the “conservative legislators” in Latin America who oppose abortion. Aizha (superpower: supersonic voice) aims to involve young people in pro-choice political campaigns. Zofia (superpower: telepathy) fights against “extreme right-wing movements” and uses her superpower to “read and examine the minds of potential human rights violators”.

It’s easy to comment that once superheroes fought evil to make good triumph while now Repro Heroes do the opposite; that once Superman and Spider-Man saved lives while now Zofia and co snuff them out. However, if you look more closely, there is more. Behind this new gimmick of the pro-choice front lies, albeit perhaps unconsciously, an epic vision of the struggle for the 'new' civil rights. The narrative is as follows. There are certain minorities that must be protected: women who want abortions, homo- and transsexual people, women and people of colour, and endangered ecosystems. Conversely, there are the enemies of these fragile social classes: the Catholics, the pro-life and pro-family, the sovereigntists, the conservatives, the fascists, the Caucasian males. It used to be revolutionaries who came to lead the battles for the liberation of these poor people. Now there are superheroes. The IPPF and similar organisations, liberalist and progressive governments, the UN and its agencies, NGOs, environmental lobbies, the likes of Soros and Gates with their foundations, Levantine newspapers and publishing houses, progressive Catholics and theologians present themselves as superheroes defending the weak from the abuses of those who oppose the advance of all things new.

The narrative is obviously a mystification, but it does contain an element of truth: the existence of superpowers. The aforementioned new superheroes are endowed with astounding financial means, immense and universal political powers, and a monopoly on culture in schools, universities, the scientific world, publishing, the arts, the media, social media, and the world of fashion.

Having said all this, Catholics can rest easy. Their Superhero has far greater superpowers than his adversaries and above all he has already vanquished the powers of evil once and for all. Inaya and Kunyaza included.