Covid vaccines approved for infants in US: a useless risk

    The US FDA gives the go-ahead for Covid vaccines to be administered to infants and talks as if a solution has been found to a scourge that claims innocent victims, as polio or diphtheria did. But it makes no mention of the embarrassing fact that the lethality rate for infants affected by Covid is 0.00008% and this for infants with pre-existing conditions.

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    Historic ruling: the US Supreme Court strikes down the right to abortion

    "The US Constitution does not confer a right to abortion". This is the Supreme Court judgement which finally after 49 years cancels the Roe v. Wade ruling. Now the authority to regulate abortion passes to individual states. It is a monumental lesson for all pro-life supporters: the course of history is not ineluctable, it can be changed for the better when there are people determined to fight without compromise, for the truth and dignity of mankind. Former President Trump also deserves recognition for the victory: the Supreme Court judges he chose proved decisive.


    Archie Battersbee’s mother: “stop them slaughtering my son”

    After the ruling, which gives the doctors of the 12-year-old with a severe brain injury, permission to remove his life support, Archie's family declare they intend to appeal and denounce the collusion between the judge and doctors and the serious failures of the London Royal Hospital: "They consider him dead based on just an MRI scan ". "From the start, they were more interested in his organs than saving him." "They are trying to starve him to death." "The hospital hygiene is appalling, there is also a death chamber for children like Archie.”


    25% rise in heart disease topples vaccine-worship

    The Israeli study does not lie: there was an increase of as much as 25% of cases that had needed emergency treatment for cardiovascular problems, by young people and adults between 16 and 39 years old, between January and May 2021, compared to the corresponding pre-pandemic and pre-vaccine periods. This study shows that the problem of vaccine adverse effects has been largely underestimated and underreported. A marked change is also needed in view of future further doses.


    Monkeypox and gay pride: the WHO’s inconsistency

    The World Health Organisation, after declaring the cause of the spread of the monkeypox pandemic (two LGBTQI+ raves in Belgium and Spain) and issuing a specific guide for LGBTQI+ people on the dangers of monkeypox, now self-censors and promotes participation in Gay Pride around the world.

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    Archie Battersbee, conversion also changes the fight for life

    In anticipation of the High Court judge’s decision whether to end the life of 12-year-old Archie whose doctors consider brain dead, his family give an important testimony: converted to Catholicism after the accident, they ask for prayers not public protests. It’s a public recognition of who the true Lord of life is.


    Ten days left to save Archie Battersbee

    On the 6th and 7th of June, a High Court judge will decide whether to end the life of 12-year-old Archie whose doctors consider brain dead or heed the English family’s hopes, which are based on the numerous cases of patients declared dead and then mysteriously returned to life. There are striking similarities between the stories of Trenton McKinley and Archie.


    Archbishop Cordileone sanctions Pelosi, a lesson in Catholicity

    Challenged by the Democratic leader on support for abortion and the right to Communion, the Archbishop of San Francisco did what every bishop should do in similar circumstances: he has forbidden Pelosi from receiving the Eucharist. Obviously Cordileone will be much criticised for this both by politicians and within the Church, but his letter of explanation is also unexceptionable from a pastoral point of view.

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    Archie, another victim of “best interests”

    Twelve years old, with a serious head injury caused by accidental suffocation, the family embroiled in a legal battle against the London hospital doctors who want him dead. The final sentence - following life-threatening tests - due within days. Then, there’s the whole family’s conversion to Catholicism after the accident.


    Schooyans, the forgotten prophet for a culture of life

    It is significant to note the embarrassed silence in the Church on hearing the news of Monsignor Michel Schooyans' death on 3 May at the age of 92. The Belgian Jesuit, philosopher, and theologian had written numerous essays on bioethics, demography, and international organisations, denouncing the “culture of death”. But in recent years he had noticed how this worldly ideology had infiltrated the Church.

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    Heidi Crowter, with Down syndrome: I’m suing the British government for discrimination

    The woman who recently won the right to have her case against the abortion law reviewed in the London Court of Appeals because it discriminates against unborn babies with Down syndrome, speaks to The Daily Compass: “The law makes me feel like I should not exist. But people need to know that we are human beings who can have a great life. My Christian faith gives me the strength to fight this battle”.


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    False freedom and social harm, anti-abortion draft demolishes Roe

    The US Supreme Court's anti-abortion draft, signed by Justice Alito, explains that the principle of stare decisis cannot bind the court if precedents are erroneous, such as Roe v Wade and Casey v Planned Parenthood. These rulings set an arbitrary threshold such as foetal viability, and caused both social and legal harm. The Alito draft also sets out the principles that abortion laws will have to respect if Roe and Casey are overturned.

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