Saint Paul teaches that an Empire should repair its injustices

    The coronavirus crisis has brought about a focus on freedom and its relationship with the law, a theme that seems inopportune to bring up right now, even for many Catholics. And yet in the Acts of the Apostles we find a very clear example that speaks to our situation when Saint Paul calls for the public reparation of an injustice. This is why Christians ought to act in defence of their own freedom and rights for the good of the entire society.

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    All Masses banned. Italy’s “Patriotic Church” like China.

    The Italian Bishops’ Conference has decided to suspend all Masses in Italy with the faithful in attendance until April 3 because of the coronavirus. This is a grave and historically unprecedented decision, which sends a clear message, faith is irrelevant to people’s lives. It is a model that creates the risk of being followed by the rest of the world. The ecclesiastical hierarchy seems to be ever more dependent on the government, following the model of the “Patriotic Association” in China. “Clandestine” priests are now celebrating Mass in churches or homes with a few of the faithful in attendance, at the risk of being denounced by state officials and other priests.

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    France, ambiguous start of the dialogue between State and Islam

    President Macron wants a “French Islam". His appeal was followed by concrete actions and last year the AMIF, the new Association for Islam in France, was created. But who controls this association? According to a parliamentary question, the AMIF is dangerously close to the Muslim Brotherhood, even if its promoters deny this.

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    The 21 martyrs killed by ISIS, true followers of Christ...

    Five years have passed since 21 young Christian men were brutally slaughtered on a Libyan beach by Islamic State members. Twenty were Coptic Christians, Egyptians working in Libya, the 21st came from Ghana. Before the execution, they raised their prayer: Ya Rabbi Yassou, “O Lord Jesus”. The Coptic Orthodox Church declared them martyrs, and a book has reconstructed their life. A life based on a truly lived Gospel, with no compromise with the world.

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    Abu Dhabi, one year later: The ambiguity about religions remains

    One year after the signing of the Abu Dhabi Declaration, two fundamental ambiguities remain: the will of God regarding the plurality of religions and the way in which religions ought to collaborate for peace. But the point is this: the way in which religions see God determines the way they see the human person, the family, woman, law, and freedom, as well as peace.

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    Pakistan: judges rule it’s OK to rape Christian girls

    Scandalous sentence of the Sindh High Court against the 14-year-old Catholic Huma Younus, kidnapped, raped and forced to marry a Muslim man: the marriage is valid, according to Sharia law, because Huma had already begun her menstrual cycle. This proves that Pakistani laws, which prohibit marriage to minors, are only a façade to secure Western economic aid, firstly from the European Union. The judgement sounds like a sentence for the thousands of Christian girls who suffer the same fate, with forced conversions perpetrated through abduction and sexual violence.

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    India, "Christmas gift" for the harassed Church

    The defeat of the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP in the election to the state legislature of Jharkhand was a real "Christmas gift" for the Christians, after years of persecution from the hindu nationalists. Very happy is Archbishop Felix Toppo of Ranchi, after years of false accuses againts nuns and priests.


    Huma's ordeal: abducted, converted to Islam and forced to marry her abductor

    It was October 10, 2019: Huma Younus, a 14-year-old Christian girl, is abducted by a Muslim man, named Abdul Jabbar. Her parents went immediately to the police station to file their complaint, but in their pursuit of justice they have run straight into a brick wall. Every year in Pakistan at least a thousand Christian and Hindu girls are kidnapped. In the meantime, the abductor raped Huma and forced her to marry him and convert to Islam. After the first judicial troubles, Huma's family found the support of Aid to the Church in Need and a legal help from a Catholic lawyer, Tabassum Youssaf. She is risking her life, but she's determined to fight this battle

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    Spirited protests force belligerent Hindu nationalists on the backfoot

    The Hindu nationalist BJP (Indian People’s Party) that returned to power with an emphatic victory in 2019 is in jitters following unprecedented protests over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, a move to deny citizenship to Muslim refugees. The church too joined the chorus of protest, because the discrimination on the basis of religion envisaged in the Citizenship Act and NRC is against secularism and democratic values


    Warning: Study says climate sceptics should be straitjacketed

    Here we go. The thesis of a Bavarian psychotherapist: those who are not  "adequately interested in the imminent destruction of the world as we know it" require medical treatment. They have"psychological problems" that require psychotherapy. It’s thought-crime and social engineering in the name of climate control.


    New Martyrs for a Schizophrenic Spain

    The Pope has recognised a further 27 martyrs, religious murdered in hatred of their faith during the Spanish Civil War, bringing to 1,962 the total number of martyrs for Christ, the most extensive persecution in Church History. But the current political composition of the country is very similar to that which 80 years ago led to the extermination of so many Catholics. So, while the Church beatifies its martyrs, the cultural and media mainstream still believes that the executioners were justified.

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    Kerala’s ruling Communists dump proposed legislation to control church property

    The powerful church leadership in southern Kerala state heaved a sigh of relief after Pinarayi Vijayan, the Communist chief minister of the state, denied plan to enact a legislation drafted by the State Law Reforms Commission to take control of church properties.