Are resources running out? It’s propaganda to impose a Green Deal

    A false idea on the topic of resources has also emerged in public opinion. As usual, the target is the human race: everyone believes the earth’s resources are petering out because of over consumption, but this is not the case. The human race produces much more than it consumes: in fact, resources are not defined simply by their natural state, as we are led to believe, but by how human intelligence and creativity develop ways to use nature’s elements.


    Sustainable development, a world living in deception

    The term sustainable development is commonly used to mean economic growth that conserves the environment, an outcome which sounds beneficial and desirable, but the real goal of that concept is to demonstrate that population growth is the real cause of underdevelopment and environmental degradation.

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    Climate Scaremongering is more political than scientific

    Years of pounding propaganda have disoriented and seriously distorted how we consider reality, ranging from nature’s mechanisms to the relationship between development and the environment, from climate knowledge to the role of human activities. For this reason, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana is dedicating a series of instalments to climate change, aimed at addressing the single aspects falsified in this wave of collective hysteria.