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    “Look up” to escape the crisis

    “They are called to look up, but no one knows how to raise his eyes”— the lament of God expressed by the prophet Hosea is the most truthful and radical judgment on the time of crisis we are living through. The virus is a call to conversion, but instead the world seems to attach itself more and more to idols and the path that leads to ruin.

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    Laudato Si', a debatable self-celebration

    On the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’s Laudato Si', a year will be dedicated to deepening discussion on the social encyclical’s themes. This is a questionable initiative, as questionable as the very content of the encyclical, which is based on a series of debatable scientific theories and which represents a discontinuity with the Church’s prior social teachings.

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    The Vatican consecrates itself to anti-human ecologism

    April 22 saw great involvement of the Vatican media and the Pope in the celebration of the 50th Earth Day, dedicated to the encyclical Laudato Si'. An event that marks the definitive integration of the Holy See with the world's ecological lobbies, despite the fact that the forces behind Earth Day are heirs to the Eugenic Societies.

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    Covid-19 frees Europe of its ecological illusions

    The coronavirus crisis and the deadly realism its subjecting us to, is forcing Timmermans and von der Leyen to put their feet firmly back on the ground and privilege human and economic survival over expensive and ambitious plans that aim to achieve ecological utopia. Much of the Green New Deal will now be postponed to better times.

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    Coronavirus and ecologism, Vatican News fools no-one

    It was no mistake an article was published and subsequently removed from the Vatican News English web site. This article considered the beneficial effects that coronavirus has had on the planet. It was written by a young Nigerian Jesuit who merely summarized what he had been hearing all these years within the Society of Jesus and the Vatican.

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    Disposal of green energy? It's not a green matter

    Everyone wants to avoid creating environmental problems. But good intentions is not enough if science kowtows to environmental ideology. For example: it is easy to talk about renewable energy, but the consequences of the disposal of obsolete wind turbine blades are a growing problem for the environment. This is why. 

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    Blaming climate change makes millions

    The climate is always changing. There is no country and no people in the world completely safe from natural disasters. Rather, it is the evolution of scientific and technological developments which have successfully limited the losses and damage nature inflicts. The problem of Africa, for example, is a lack of disaster management infrastructure. But now, with the climate change obsession it's easy to attribute the blame to Western modes of production and lifestyle and obtain generous compensation for the presumed damage.


    Ten commandments for Catholics facing green alarmism

    How should a Catholic respond to an event like the current United Nations climate summit in Madrid (COP 25)? Here is a list of ten commandments on how to react to the ecological alarmism on global warming, the policies of supra-national states, street demonstrations, climate strikes and the student movements that characterise this new millenarianism. Policies, rather than being based on science are more like a pagan cult.


    Ecocide: A Word to Avoid

    Even the Pope is calling in a loud voice for “ecocide” on the global level to be prosecuted. But this word implies a vision that reduces man to the same dignity as animals and plants, and makes all human activity potentially criminal…


    Environment and Creation, opposites in the climate debate

    The Amazon Synod  has highlighted one more point of great confusion in public opinion, it involves the environment and climate. The problem lies with the terms "environment" and "creation” which are interchanged as if they mean the same thing although they are two opposing and irreconcilable terms. 


    Pollution news: life is better in developed countries

    If there is an argument that today seems indisputable, it is that the world is increasingly polluted and that developed countries are the cause of this pollution. But this is only another deception because reality demonstrates exactly the opposite: there has been a drastic reduction in pollution in industrialised countries, thanks to the research, development and marketing of innovative and less polluting technologies. Instead, it is underdevelopment which is the real threat to the environment.



    Stop worrying, the climate has always changed

    Our investigation continues into how the incessant propaganda campaign on climate change has distorted the public’s perception of reality. The first victim of climate change is nature, or to be exact, what we think about nature. We have been to led believe that nature is static and its equilibrium is destroyed exclusively by human presence and activity. We are under the illusion that no change is the norm, like a frozen image that persists to infinity. But this is not the case, nature is dynamic, it is constantly changing. We are being brainwashed by a vision rooted in atheism. Regrettably, the Catholic Church has now joined in the chorus.

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