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Spanish Equal Opportunities minister calls paedophilia 'a right'

Shock in Spain. Minister Montero says that “children have a right to sex as long as they consent”. It is the natural outcome of the hypersexualisation of children that began with the sexual revolution. No comment from the Left and the EU of course, is too busy giving pro-life Hungary lessons in democracy .

Minister Montero

"Children should have the right to have sexual relations with whomever they want, as long as they consent". This unprecedented aberration of the legitimisation of paedophilia was enacted in the Spanish Parliament recently. But what is even more disconcerting is that it is a minister of the current government to make the pronouncement: Irene Montero, the minister for Igualdad (Equal Opportunities Ministry) of the government led by the socialist Sanchez formed by the PSOE and Podemos coalition. It happened on 21 September during a hearing in the House during the debate on the pro-trans and abortion law.

Until now, the topic of the legitimisation of paedophilia at the political level has always been taboo, with the exception of the Dutch paedophile party, which was later dissolved. But the words of Montero, a pasionaria of the most radical left, mark, so to speak, are a step forward towards the abyss of state paedophilia.

Here are the exact words of the partner of Pablo Iglesias, the founder of Podemos: "Talking about sex education is a right of boys and girls, regardless of their families, everyone has the right to know their own body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they don't want to and to know that this is a form of violence. Children have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with whomever they like, as long as they are based on consent, and these are rights that must be recognised, but you [referring to the PP and Vox ed.] don't like rights: admit it, you like other models of society that are not based on rights”.

This is a decisive step towards the acceptance of pederasty. To recognise that children have the right to a sexuality according to their 'tastes' is to take to the extreme the hypersexualisation of children that began with the sexual revolution and continued with a sex-mania culture that made use of seemingly harmless films (see Little Miss Sunshine) and television programmes.

A child cannot nurture any kind of sexual taste unless this is forcibly inculcated in them, nor can they experience the concept of consent since their will is extremely malleable and conditionable. Simply, consent and sexual preferences are non-existent concepts in a child's head because they lack maturity. Any psychologist knows this, but it’s strange that the only psychologist who ignores them is precisely the one who is also a minister of a European democracy like Spain, and moreover the mother of three children. But after all, from the law of abortion onwards, which disposes entirely of a child's life, the arrival of paedophilia is nothing more than the last stage of the slippery slope that began with the killing of foetuses in the womb.

Montero's speech is part of the debate in Spain about lowering the age of consent, which is currently set at 16, in the context of a much-debated law that will come into force on 7 October and regulates so-called consent in cases of violence. The government's idea is to lower the age of consent to 12, which would pave the way for paedophiles.

The minister's discourse did not fall on deaf ears in the Iberian country. Vox yesterday filed a motion to reprimand the minister and a criminal complaint for what she said, which were seen by Santiago Abascal as a promotion of pederasty. '”It is an international scandal that this person is still minister today, it is a direct threat to our children”, the party leader said. 

But these expressions are just the last straw to break the camel's back. Indeed, the right-wing party has called for the immediate closure of the Ministry of Igualdad, “a ministry that has done nothing but harm to the children, the girls and the women of Spain”, said Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, Vox's spokesperson at the Chamber, announcing that law firms are considering legal action “in the face of the tremendous harm this minister is causing. We have never heard anything like this in Spain”. After all, the ministry headed by Montero is also the one that has allowed minors to change sexual assignment even in the absence of a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Not only Vox, though. In just a few hours, the hashtag monteropederastia topped the Twitter trend, while there were many reactions disgusted by Montero's words. Among the many, that of Father Francisco Javier 'Patxi' Bronchalo, a priest from the diocese of Getafe, who called the minister's words “terrible, sad, and disgusting”, accusing the far-left exponent of apologia for pederasty.

Yes, precisely the Left. For years Podemos and the Montero-Iglesias couple have been taken as role models by many members of the European Left, by radical-chic editorialists, feminists, and LGBT circles.

But it is the Left itself that at this moment is abstaining from condemning the minister's words and protesting against the Sanchez-friendly government. Among 'comrades' one avoids such discourtesies, it is better to direct one's rants against Orban's pro-birth policies in Hungary, considered the absolute evil.

Speaking of Orban. Silence also from the European Union and the European Parliament, where Spain also sits with deputies and representatives. You can be sure that no one will dare to say that Spain is not a democracy, as happened to Hungary after the anti-abortion foetus heartbeat law.

Evidently not all rights are equal: on one hand the 'right' of the child to have sexual relations with whomever they want, on the other hand the right of the child to be born. So, which of the two rights is more dear to the leftist champions of equality and equal opportunities?