No justification yet for compulsory vaccination

    There are many indications that suggest we are moving toward mandatory vaccination, either explicitly or through forms of discrimination for those who refuse it. But morally speaking, there are no requirements that legitimise it being obligatory. Indeed, the vaccine should not even be commercialised. Here's why.

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    • ABUSES

    Pornhub promotes pedophilia, but exonerated by the media

    Pornhub has removed nearly 70 percent of its content in which minors appear raped and abused, sometimes even by their adoptive parents. 40 victims have denounced the website while a New York Times investigation has exposed the scandal. It's a shame the mass media have exonerated the pornography giant by shifting the focus to privacy issues of the footage. But The Guardian has taken a stand, explaining that pornography incites pedophilia.

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    • REVIEW

    Pfizer vaccine, questionable efficacy at the expense of safety

    The new Pfizer vaccine is hailed for its excellent efficacy. This does not mean it is without problems which require attention, also because they are too dangerous to be ignored. First of all, haste: the lack of data on safety could mean some minor cases of Covid were overlooked. Data on the asymptomatic disease rate are also lacking. The two deaths after vaccination arouse perplexity, not for the number, but because the causal link is not explained, ie how and if the correlation with the vaccine was excluded or if it was the trigger of these deaths. But the most serious aspect of the study is that it was decided to stop the research prematurely, that is without deciding to monitor the adverse effects of the vaccine. But, privileging (questionable) efficacy over safety is unethical and unscientific.

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    Documentary on womb-for-rent, silences the voices of the children

    Ghosts of the Republique narrates the experience of two men whose parental aspirations were blocked by French law and therefore sought haven in Las Vegas, where, thanks to Crystal, the surrogate mother, they became the parents of two “children”.  The directors leave out children’s rights and admit wanting to create an advertisement to change the way people think, and hence change society.

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    Shock in Ireland: from defending life to abortion atrocities

    An Irish survey has doctors talking about a “terrible” procedure much like “sticking a knife in a baby”, and afterwards “feeling so bad”. The injection of potassium chloride directly into the heart causes a baby great pain and performed without sedation ( forbidden when euthanasia is practiced on animals).  What’s more, when babies are born alive, doctors refuse to take care of them. Nonetheless, after voting ‘yes’ to abortion, the country was supposed to have embarked on an era of progress due to the elimination of its obscurantist Catholic heritage.

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    Here’s the agenda of “peacemaker” Biden: priority is abortion

    The candidate-democrat’s pro-abortion priorities have been made public. While certain Catholics are worried about justifying their vote for a radical party, arguing that Biden is open to the dialogue needed to restore peace to a divided America, they do not understand that the war broke out with abortion and egoism by law ( as Mother Teresa of Calcutta explained). Trump just decided to respond to the attack, and this is the reason why the foe is openly revealing its violence.

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    • 99 YEARS OLD

    Wanda Poltawska, the anti-abortion champion and her sad birthday

    St. John Paul II’s friend and Polish concentration camp victim of  Nazi abortion experiments said: "I saw Nazis tossing newborn babies into crematoriums: for all my life I’ve had these harrowing images before my eyes...I promised myself, if I survived, to study medicine and to defend life." Today Wanda Poltawska celebrates her 99th birthday while witnessing the latest attack on life in her native Poland.

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    British Medical Journal guidelines treat Covid

    Many are the therapies for the Coronavirus, and the British Medical Journal has updated the guidelines on how to manage the various situations that arise. Often lacking, however, are those who put them into practice, beginning with the oft lamented non availability of many general practitioners, who should be the first dyke to staunch the epidemic.

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    A group of Catholic intellectuals against PAL on abortion

    A group of Catholic intellectuals complain that the Pontifical Academy for Life uses ambiguous language in its criticism of the new Italian guidelines on day hospital abortion and altogether omits condemnation of abortion.

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    • CHURCH

    For the Italian Church and the Vatican, Abortion Is a Bit Less Bad

    The recent articles in Avvenire, the news service of the Italian bishops, and the interview given to Crux by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, are signs of a disturbing change in the Church in its attitude towards pro-abortion laws.


    UN-aid for Covid is blackmail to advance abortion policies

    Ecuador is the first country that has officially bowed to UN blackmail. In exchange for financial aid to battle COVID-19, the United Nations is demanding that Ecuador liberalize its anti-abortion laws, promote gender ideology in schools as well as legalize cannabis and surrogate pregnancies. This shameful negotiation demands attention from the international community. Vatican diplomacy must take decisive action.

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    • CHURCH

    Paglia’s Revolution: How to Destroy Catholic Morality

    In an interview with the American website Crux, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, denies the existence of non-negotiable moral principles and accuses those who use the right to life as a voting criterion of political exploitation. The implicit reference is to the American elections, but Paglia’s affirmations are consistent with an approach, by now consolidated, that distorts the fundamental foundations of Catholic moral theology.