«Dear Bishop, help me to save my son»

    "Your Excellency, My name is Thomas Evans and I am Alfie’s father. I felt great sadness reading the press release issued by the Archdiocese, concerning my son’s situation". That's the beginning of the letter that Tom sent to the Archbishop of Liverpool. 

    • LIFE

    Alfie Evans, what's at stake?

    If the term "quality of life" is allowed to replace "the sacredness of life", then each of one of us is in danger. This is why, even if we are not fully aware of it, Alfie's life is the same life in us all; the battle for Alfie is the battle to affirm our own life.


    Alfie's last hours tick away, his only hope is Pope Francis

    After all the court rulings in favour of euthanasia the only hope left for for Alfie's parents in these final hours lays in the hands of the Catholic Church of which they are faithful followers. Alfie's father begs the Pope to take him and his son into the Vatican. "On March 28, the Holy Father received my asylum request to come to the Vatican.


    Bishop Paglia offends the parents of sick children

    I am the mother of Mele, Emanuele Campostrini, a 9 year old boy suffering from a severe disability due to mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial DNA depletion. I am indignant after reading the statement of the Vatican Academy for Life president on Alflie Evans ruling.