France: the law that eliminates fathers gains ground

    Despite massive street protests, on Tuesday the French Senate began to debate a bill to extend artificial insemination to single and lesbian women. The final vote is scheduled for February 4th. Family associations and bishops highlight the absurdity of a text that eliminates the father figure and, therefore, creates orphans.


    Judas and Hell, Archbishop Paglia excommunicates Jesus too

    The recent comments of Archbishop Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, caused such a stir. He decleared "heretic" whoever says that Judas is in Hell. But the Gospels, as well as many saints and popes, say the opposite. And also about the religious assistance to those who persist in asking assisted suicide, the words of Paglia contradict the Magisterium.


    "If you believe in life stand now to save Tafida and all disabled"

    "If the doctors say that Tafida could live for another 20 years and I say that I am happy to sacrifice my career to look after my daughter, why are the doctors trying to stop me? Just because she is disabled? " Shelina Begum is the mother of the little English girl living in a state of minimal consciousness at the Royal London Hospital which wants to switch off her life-support and prevent her from being transferred to the Gaslini hospital in Genoa. She was interviewed by the Bussola and launches an appeal to all religions to unite and fight for the disabled. Today marks the beginning of the week, according to the last hearing, when Judge MacDonald will issue his  ruling on Tafida’s life.


    Vatican clears the way for sex change drugs

    It’s astounding that Vatican News, the official portal of Vatican information and the bioethicist Laura Palazzani, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, support the Italian State’s decision to include a drug which blocks puberty in the Italian National Health Service. There are statements which overturn Catholic anthropology making the satisfaction of desire a prerogative over vocation. Instead of questioning the causes of distress in adolescence, they offer a drug: a positivist materialism which denies Catholicism. Is this what Catholic universities teach today?


    «I visited Alfie: the problem is "brain death"»

    What is the origin of the medical approach, flaunted on the world stage, which decided the life of little Alfie Evans? The answer for Dr. Paul Byrne, internationally renowned neonatologist, who visited the baby in December 2017, has been clear for years: «Everything stems from the definition of death, no longer clinical but cerebral. A heretical vision whereby life is measured on the amount of brain functions. So it is full of living people who are not treated».


    Alfie Evans: on a mission from God

    Some people think that Alfie does not have a mission, that he is here by chance. So they ask trivial questions like: "Can he  breathe on his own?"; "Will he ever be able to talk or walk?" That's why they think his life is not worth anything, they do not speculate that Alfie has been sent, sent for something great.


    How Alfie died: all the facts

    We do not know how long Alfie would have lived if he had been treated and taken care of properly, we do not know if additional tests would have resulted in a diagnosis and led to a cure... What is certain, however, is that we can not say that the child died only because his life support was removed.


    Eliminating Alfie : the origin of evil is in England

    What we attribute to Nazism, is in fact a culture well rooted in the United Kingdom (and not only) and still very much complied with. Worse still, as the case of Alfie Evans demonstrates, the eugenics culture is now openly practiced in hospitals and proclaimed in courtrooms.


    Vatican hospital: Alfie could come even tomorrow

    After Pope Francis' urgent appeal during the General Audience yesterday, the Vatican hospital Child Jesus has presently been requested by the Secretary of State to take initiative directly.


    «Dear Bishop, help me to save my son»

    "Your Excellency, My name is Thomas Evans and I am Alfie’s father. I felt great sadness reading the press release issued by the Archdiocese, concerning my son’s situation". That's the beginning of the letter that Tom sent to the Archbishop of Liverpool. 

    • LIFE

    Alfie Evans, what's at stake?

    If the term "quality of life" is allowed to replace "the sacredness of life", then each of one of us is in danger. This is why, even if we are not fully aware of it, Alfie's life is the same life in us all; the battle for Alfie is the battle to affirm our own life.


    Alfie's last hours tick away, his only hope is Pope Francis

    After all the court rulings in favour of euthanasia the only hope left for for Alfie's parents in these final hours lays in the hands of the Catholic Church of which they are faithful followers. Alfie's father begs the Pope to take him and his son into the Vatican. "On March 28, the Holy Father received my asylum request to come to the Vatican.