Operation Two Popes: a cheap shot at Ratzinger

    The Daily Compass watched the Netflix movie, “The Two Popes.” Read this and you won’t need to watch it: it is ideological, ridiculous and a cheap shot at painting Benedict XVI as a decrepit man and Pope Francis as the Church‘s Robin Hood. Just to give you an idea, there is a scene where Bella Ciao is sung - a Communist melody which has become associated with the Italian resistance against the Nazis.


    CNN gags the truth on the Turin Shroud

    Last December 12, CNN dedicated a long and abundantly illustrated article to the Holy Shroud, where my declarations have been manipulated to give the idea of the emotional passion of those who approach the Shroud believing in its authenticity, in contrast to the scientific rigour of those who consider it false. It is really a bad example of journalism, a poor and unprofessional article.

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    "Ode to life", where beauty meets sacred

    The biennial contemporary sacred art exhibition titled ‘Ode to Life,’ is currently being held at the Grand Hôtel des Ambassadeurs in Menton, on the French Riviera. It is the first of its kind and well worth a detour. Curated by Liana Marabini, it runs to the end of October.

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