One of the many recipes born in the monasteries is for leftover bread cake, an example of a clever way of making the most of all the food available and avoiding waste.


    You want to learn about tasty and healthy eating? Get thee to a monastery

    The secret of a healthy and tasty cuisine that avoids the cardinal sin of gluttony was already found in the Rule of St Benedict and also features in the work of St Hildegard of Bingen. Hundreds of recipes created in European monasteries have now become commonplace: vegetables, charcuterie, cheese, but also sweets and beers and liqueurs. The monastic culinary tradition is still very much alive and hundreds of monasteries in Europe and the USA sell their products online.


    Montessori, an “educative method” that does not educate

    On August 31, 1870, 150 years ago, Maria Montessori was born in a little town in Central Italy. She was a doctor, a pedagogist, a child neuropsychiatrist, educator and philosopher, a committed feminist, and is universally known for the educative method based on spontaneity that bears her name. There are more than 20,000 schools named after her throughout the world, above all in the United States, Germany, and Great Britain. The author of numerous essays, she nearly won the Nobel Peace Prize. But in reality the Montessori approach is destructive for the education.

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    The arms of Mary toward Heaven

    The Cerasi Chapel, the most famous chapel of the Augustinian church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome, is also called the Chapel “of the Assunta” or “of Saints Peter and Paul” in virtue of the expressive force of the works of art contained there: conversion, martyrdom and homage to the Virgin. It is the foundation of Christian doctrine. Carracci's Assunta opens her arms wide, demonstrating the desire to quickly reach the destination to which she is headed. The impetus of the momentum seems to project it into real space, from which the faithful observe the scene. Carracci's truth is measured by Caravaggio's naturalism.

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    Ennio Morricone, when faith becomes music

    Ennio Morricone has died “with the comfort of his faith”. A Catholic composer known for his “spaghetti” Westerns soundtracks, Once Upon A Time In America and The Mission, he was above all a man of faith who expressed his own spirituality in his music. Although snubbed by many critics, he also composed many works of contemporary music, which was his true passion and which he called “absolute.”

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    The senseless hatred of St. Junipero Serra

    Under the pretext of anti-racist protests, vandals destroyed a statue of St. Junipero Serra (1713-1784) in San Francisco. Serra was a Franciscan who evangelized California and travelled hundreds of miles to baptize and evangelize native American Indians. He knew how "to meet many people, learning and valuing their particular customs and ways of life," as Pope Francis said when canonizing him a saint.

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    Terrorism and Covid, two recipes for public control

    Terrorist attack in England: the media strive to quell any alarm. Coronavirus: the media stoke a permanent state of fear. This sort of panic by command which works to keep the population at the mercy of Power, can only be resisted by clinging to the One who has already defeated this worldly Power.

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    Is America unhappy? Covid and Trump are not guilty

    Among the studies researching the psychological impact of Covid-19, there is the study presented by the University of Chicago. The American media has interpreted it in dramatic tones. However, the only way to find out whether one is happy or not is to draw a simply graphic revealing how much gap there is between our vocation (adherence to a project we are called by God to steward) and our current state of life. Let's take look at it and maybe we'll discover that neither the quarantine nor COVID-19 have anything to do with our happiness.


    Black memories: when the Democrats defended the interests of slave owners

    Democratic Party’s most “ugly” memory is found in its 19th century pro-slavery, agrarian political agenda, not to mention its “Manifest Destiny” ambition which prompted the mass mistreatment of Native Americans. It was 19th century Republicans, not Democrats who ultimately defended black lives

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    The anti-racism of anti-Western racists

    An iconoclastic anti-racist fury has erupted and not just across the whole of the United States. It is now global. In England, monuments of Churchill and Gandhi have been vandalised. In America, images of Christopher Columbus continue to draw angry sentiments while the Hollywood classic “Gone with the Wind” has been removed from HBO Max. In Italy, "morelli" (little blacks) dark chocolate sweets are disappearing from shelves while the Indro Montanelli statue faces removal. But why?

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    The kente stole, Pelosi’s misguided “Africanism”

    For the “white man” to do the right thing when it comes to the rights of Africans is becoming increasingly difficult. Nancy Pelosi and other American Democrats wore the kente stole (West African tradition and symbol of African-American resurgence) as a tribute to the death of George Floyd. The Africans were outraged.


    How Blessed Franz succeeded in remaining faithful to the Truth

    Franz Jägerstätter, beatified in 2007, knowing that Nazism was incompatible with Catholicism, refused the oath to the Führer, government allowances for his family, and compensation from the state. His popularity with his neighbors in his village changed into hostility against him; everyone turned against him, even his parish priest and his bishop. He had only the Bible and his wife to support him, even though she knew that the farm would fall apart and that she and their daughters would be branded forever as the family of a traitor.

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