Saint Ambrose by Ermes Dovico


Mulled Wine

Culture 04_01_2021
Mulled wine


Serves 6

Ingredients for the mulled wine
1 bottle of red wine (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese)
1 large orange cut into pieces with peel
6 cloves
1 cored, peeled and sliced Granny Smith green apple
2 cinnamon sticks
1 piece of fresh ginger
10 tbsp. brown or caster sugar
1/2 vanilla pod
2 pieces of star anise
1 bay leaf
6 black peppercorns

For the garnish
1 orange cut into round slices with peel
Cinnamon sticks
Star anise

In a heavy-bottomed pan, melt the sugar with the orange pieces and all the spices over a high heat. When the sugar begins to melt, forming an aromatic syrup (about 4-5 minutes), turn the heat right down and pour in the wine. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes keeping the heat low.

After this time, add the apple slices and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Strain the hot wine into glasses or cups and garnish to taste with a slice of orange, star anise and cinnamon sticks.

(Liana Marabini)