It’s time to reconsider what the Magisterium has taught about globalization

    Everything that is happening as a result of the coronavirus necessitates a reconsideration of globalisation, including what the Magisterium has said about this theme. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were prudent, but the present pontiff has thrown himself fully into globalism. The next pope will need to review the entire file. Here’s how.


    If Ireland is anti-Catholic, the Church is also to blame

    The origin of the Irish Church's crisis of credibility is not due to the sexual abuse scandal, but of a moralistic and sentimental conception of faith inculcated in the distant past. And by an educational system that disembodied faith from reality. Catholic writer John Waters describes what took Ireland to secularisation at lightning speed.

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    Today’s coronavirus crisis means future change

    When the coronavirus emergency is over, nothing will ever be the same again. The present crisis reveals the emptiness of ideologies like naturalism and globalism and the disintegration of the European Union; it asks us to reconsider our concept of the common good, the subsidiary function of credit, and the relationship between Church and State. What is happening today should become a reflection on how to reconstruct the world after the crisis. Here is a broad reflection by Msgr. Crepaldi based on the social doctrine of the Church.

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    Taiwan, Singapore and S. Korea: virus is contained not personal freedom

    Totalitarian China is increasingly referred to as an example for how to contain the coronavirus epidemic.  While wanting to remain a democratic country, Italy is nevertheless is trying to imitate the Chinese. Never mind that China is a highly questionable model, it is not the only Asian nation to have effectively tackled the epidemic. Other Asian countries, such as Taiwan (Democratic China) and Singapore have managed to stymie further infections. Meanwhile South Korea, one of the hardest hit countries, has managed to slow down outbreaks like, if not more than, China. Yet, none of these governments have used totalitarian methods nor have they have blocked entire regions or entire economic sectors as is happening in Italy.

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    The government wants money the Church receives from its citizens

    The more the Church is attacked, the more support it receives from its citizens. This is the case in Spain where 32.32% of recent tax returns showed contributions made to the Catholic Church for a total of 284 million euros. This record amount has proven intolerable to Sánchez-Iglesias’s socialist-communist government, now resorting to the Court of Auditors to cast suspicion on the Church’s funds received from taxpayers.

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    Coronavirus statistics, food for thought

    The Coronavirus cases in Europe have moved the focus away from China, but the news coming from there is interesting: outside Hubei province, the Covid-19 epidemic is in a downward phase. The study by a scientific journal confirms the mortality rate (about 2% of those infected), which increases with age and the presence of chronic diseases, and is more lethal for males (2.8% vs 1.7% of females) and smokers.


    Africa spared by COVID-19, but floored by locusts

    So far only one recorded case of Chinese flu in the Black Continent. But the locust invasions in many countries are cause for serious concern. The locusts are destroying the crops and the people are responding by eating the locusts. But it's a mistake because they're contaminated with pesticides.

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    Exercise prudence, not panic

    Semi-deserted streets, cafes closed, supermarkets taken by storm, canceled public and private meetings: there is now the Coronavirus panic. But the reality of the facts does not justify this hysteria. The epidemic is very limited and there is currently no prediction of an uncontrollable spread. Being cautious and avoiding unnecessary risks is an obligation, but widespread panic is also a sign of widespread personal fragility.


    The real problem with the coronavirus is the Chinese regime

    Xi Jinping has made a Maoist-style announcement of a “war of the people” against the coronavirus, in order to impress international public opinion. The Chinese authorities are now declaring that the contagion can be spread through paper money: the material of science fiction novels. The door has been opened for the communist party to use brutal means of repression against the people, along with other devices. Does the West really have no objection?

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    This is Why Jihad is Winning in Africa

    For the last two months there has been an increase in Islamist attacks in Africa, despite 18 years of military efforts, including Western intervention, to defeat the terrorists. At fault is poor governance, corruption, and tribalism that all hinder the development of Africa. The United States has given up and has abandoned the continent.

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    Presidential Elections 2020, Trump gambles on life

    The historic participation in the March for Life in Washington last January 24, (the first president in history), Donald Trump not only confirms his commitment to life, already evident in many government acts, but he puts the fight against abortion at the centre of the next election campaign.


    After the Altar, the Throne. The sad decline of Royalty

    Harry and Meghan’s farewell from the Royal Family reveals that the English Monarchy is drawing closer to its ignominious end. The decline of the role of the Throne follows the decline of the role of the Altar and is a consequence of religious disorientation.

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