Trump: “standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility”

    "What we are seeing now on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or with peace." After he condemned the killing of George Floyd and expressed solidarity to his family, president Donald Trump warned the responsible of the violence that have spread across America. But it won't be an easy task.


    «Minneapolice», repression and anger behind the violence

    The escalation of violence after the death of George Floyd, a black American detained for using a counterfeit 20-dollar bill, follows 8 weeks of extreme lockdown orders, loosened only a week ago. Minnesota was already a powder keg because of hunger, no work, no individual liberty, no basic human respect, and the state and the city are run by radical left-wing ideologues, Tim Walz and Jacob Frey.

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    War on Chloroquine. Some like it Covid

    After an article was published in the scientific journal Lancet declaring hydroxychloroquine’s ineffectiveness, the World Health Organization halted its testing. This decision goes against ongoing evidence to the contrary, as well as it having been a recognized treatment for SARS. Perhaps this is because hydroxychloroquine it is too cheap, thus being a hindrance to other lucrative pharmaceutical sales hoped for during the pandemic. This also explains the many obstacles to recommend plasma therapies. An English scientist explains his rationale in a simple yet chilling way: "We hope that the virus will remain with us for a while longer” so as to have more time to experiment with a vaccine.

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    Cardinal Puljić : “My own life and the lives of Bosnian Catholics are in danger”

    A Mass celebrated by Cardinal Vinko Puljić in memorial of  victims of massacres committed by Tito's partisans has sparked heated controversy. Puljić was accused of wanting to rehabilitate a Croatian pro-Nazi regime. Despite delivering a moving homily, the reaction was so violent that the cardinal says he believes his own life and the lives of all Catholics in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in danger. He accused two members of the country’s presidential cabinet of being instigators of an anti-Catholic campaign whose aim is to obscure the barbaric massacre of innocent lives.

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    Obamagate: the suspicion Obama was spying on Trump

    In the United States, Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of conspiring against his administration in the final two weeks of the former president transitioning out of the White House. The closure OF the Michael Flynn case may mark the opening of a new one: Obamagate. The year that began with Trump's impeachment attempt is now evolving in ways no one would have imagined.

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    Hoping for a messianic vaccine is dangerous, immoral, and anti-scientific

    If it is possible to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, it should be done respecting the criteria that guarantee the absence of toxicity and harmfulness. The failure of similar efforts to create a vaccine for SARS should lead to prudence. From this point of view, developing a vaccine that is safe requires at least five years of testing, not five months. Then there is the question of the use of aborted fetuses in vaccine development and an unacceptable utilitarian logic. The very strong media pressure in favour of the vaccine cannot become an alibi for superseding non-negotiable moral principles.

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    The (real) FBI plot against Donald Trump

    There is a conspiracy that oddly does not make the headlines, even though it is shocking and reasonably well documented. It’s about a plot hatched in the upper levels of the FBI, the America’s federal police, to frame President Donald Trump at the start of his administration while ruining the life of his former national security advisor, General Michael Flynn.

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    The virus does not stop wars, but reduces military spending

    The Coronavirus pandemic has not stopped the bloodiest conflicts, such as ongoing fighting in Libya and Afghanistan. The collapse of economies is likely to trigger greater antagonism between countries. Meanwhile, the scarcity of resources seems to demand cutting military spending, as South Korea has done. However, this is a choice that could boomerang in terms of national economies, employment, and defense.

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    India’s cultural problem with child rape

    A new episode of the rape of a girl in India has brought the spotlight back to a serious problem in a country which reported 33.977 cases of rape last year, an average of 93 per day, despite the fact that rape is punishable with the death penalty. The victims include even the tiniest children. But little will be resolved as long as the widespread mentality about the abortion of girls and the marriage of daughters does not change.

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    How Taiwan, boycotted by the WHO, beat the virus. And without a lockdown

    Despite being internationally isolated, unacknowledged and boycotted by the WHO to curry favour with Beijing, Taiwan has managed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and contain the epidemic more successfully than any other country in the world. Taiwan took countermeasures when China still didn’t admit to the epidemic. As of Today, Taiwanese authorities have registered a mere 6 deaths out of a total population of 23 million without ever forcing the island’s inhabitants (except those infected) to stay at home. In the following interview, Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, the Taiwan (Republic of China) diplomatic representative in Italy, reveals his small democratic nation’s secrets of success in containing the coronavirus.

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    What will poor countries do if the “rich” ones get sick?

    Even in the midst of the pandemic Oxfam hasn’t changed its tune: it is asking rich countries to help poor countries fight the coronavirus. But the NGO doesn’t ask why poor countries are poor. The answer lies in the tribalism, corruption and violence of their ruling classes. It would do better to ask them for the necessary funds.

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    It’s time to reconsider what the Magisterium has taught about globalization

    Everything that is happening as a result of the coronavirus necessitates a reconsideration of globalisation, including what the Magisterium has said about this theme. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were prudent, but the present pontiff has thrown himself fully into globalism. The next pope will need to review the entire file. Here’s how.