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Ukraine: LGBT agenda advances with the war

The armaments received from EU countries and the United States are accompanied by the acceleration of Western diktats for Ukraine to approve 'gay marriage' and the LGBT agenda. Freedom of religion is under threat. And parallel to the war is a wider religious conflict, as the dispute over the Cave Monastery shows.

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The war has only accelerated the Western diktats and blackmail to which Ukraine is bowing in order to receive armaments and obtain EU membership. The two fronts of this action to uproot the country's identity are: on the one hand, greater limits to religious freedom and a church subservient to the state; on the other, the progressive legalisation of gender theory and homosexual relations.

Since last January, the UN Security Council and, more recently, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, warned of restrictions on religious freedom throughout Ukraine, emphasising the danger of frequent searches of monasteries and churches, as well as draft laws that could undermine the right to religious freedom. Also in recent days, 29 and 30 March, scuffles broke out outside a monastery in Kiev after a Ukrainian branch of the Orthodox Church, which according to the government has links with Russia, defied an eviction order. Tensions over the presence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) in the 972-year-old Kiev Monastery of the Caves have increased since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Kiev accuses the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of maintaining ties with the Moscow Patriarchate, which supported the invasion of Ukraine, while the UOC in turn claims to have severed all ties with the Russian Church since May 2022. The dispute over the Monastery of the Caves, Ukraine's most revered Orthodox site, is part of a broader religious conflict that runs parallel to the war; the monastery complex is owned by the Ukrainian government, which had notified the UOC of its eviction as of 29 March. The attempt to statalize the Ukrainian Orthodoxy had already begun under the government of the previous Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, who came to power after the ‘Maidan Revolution’, and was finally sanctioned on 5 January 2019, when the Orthodox Church of Ukrainian (OCU) formally obtained independence and the declaration of autocephaly, celebrated by the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew. From that moment on, the country's Orthodoxy was divided into two churches: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the UOC) linked to the Moscow Patriarchate, and the almost homonymous OCU, an autocephalous church linked to Constantinople.

These days, with the siege on the monks of the Monastery of the Caves, i.e. Zelensky's explicit intention to achieve full 'spiritual independence' from Moscow, we are thus witnessing the final step in weakening Orthodoxy and destroying anything that may remind us of the deep historical ties between Ukraine and Russia. The war and the breaking of identity ties between the two countries is an indispensable service for new anti-Christian customs and cultures, desired and imposed by Europe and the United States, to take root in Ukraine. It is no coincidence that as early as last July, five months after the start of the war and after years of refusal, Ukraine ratified the Istanbul Convention, as demanded by Brussels and envisaged by Soros' Open Society. Stopping Zelensky, who in early August 2022 declared to the world his total support for the approval of so-called 'gay marriage', had been taken care of by movements such as Christians for Ukraine, promising unprecedented protests and demonstrations across the country in defence of divine design, children's rights, and the Ukrainian Constitution (Art. 51: “Marriage is based on the free consent of a woman and a man. Each of the spouses has equal rights and duties in marriage and in the family... The family, childhood, motherhood, and fatherhood are under the protection of the state”).

The rainbow frenzy seemed to have subsided; however, in recent days, in view of the new military and economic aid on the way, once again Zelensky and his associates in the parliamentary majority have returned to the charge for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and adoption. They did so first through pro-LGBT funded groups that, with the support of the European media, chanted slogans about Russian homophobia and the necessary Ukrainian difference on civil rights; then through legislators who presented bills on the registration of same-sex couples and related rights; and finally through tear-jerking gay couples of soldiers who, from the front, demanded equal rights to those of their heterosexual comrades. Politico writes that the war is advancing LGBT rights in Ukraine, but it would be better to tell the whole truth, i.e. that there is an attempt to instrumentalise the tragedy of the war to satisfy rainbow demands and increase the de-Christianisation of the country.

Now, however, Zelensky and his Western instigators are faced with the entire Council of Churches and Religious Organisations of Ukraine, which has lined up against the proposals to introduce 'same-sex marriage'. All Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims oppose any proposal in this regard, which would be "only the first step, because the next step will be to initiate the possibility of adopting children by same-sex couples, with all the extremely negative consequences for the formation of these children's personalities and with the deprivation of their natural right to grow up in a family and have a father and a mother", reads the joint statement.

Needless to say, the surrogacy industry for heterosexual couples in Ukraine continues apace and is already expected to be legalised for LGBT couples by the end of 2023. Restricting religious freedom, shattering the Orthodox Church, implanting new LGBT doctrines through state neo-laicism: is this why we want to help the Ukrainian people?