Saint Polycarp by Ermes Dovico

From Davos to New York: the good, the bad and the ugly

Compulsory vaccination - flu, Covid and sexually transmitted diseases - for everyone, but the main focus targets minors, bypassing parental consent. At the same time lockdown dealt the coup de grace to the small entrepreneurial and commercial activities that kept the different communities together. This is how the plans of the Davos elites become law in New York.

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Davos has sent out its annual marching orders to its minions the world over. The ruling class of the State of New York, swarming as it is with members and fellow travelers of the Global Oligarchy and eager not to be left carrying up the rear, already had the legislation prepared for the fulfillment of the latest in the WEF medical agenda. All that is now needed is for a legislature attentive to the will of the People---which is say that of the powerful lobbies and the liberal media who “discern” and “accompany” what it is that the population obviously has always desired---to rubber stamp the contents of the elitist Diktat and pass it on to a Governor who cannot wait for the moment to sign and brutally enforce it. Allow me to outline this syllabus of bad laws, proposed, as usual by a variety of Democratic Party stalwarts, whether as discerning ideologues on their own steam or slavishly at the command of their financial masters I do not know.

Our syringe-friendly Diktat begins with mandatory flu shots for every student, from five year olds in Kindergarten through the end of High School at eighteen (State Senate45/State Assembly2240), followed by more required stabs for Covid, not just for the same age group (A8378), but for college students as well (S6495). As though their veins would not therefore be bloated enough, yet another bill permits further injections for adolescents fourteen years and up: with any vaccines whatsoever and without parental consent required (S3041/A3192).

But this is merely the beginning. Since the current wisdom is that everyone who has stepped out of the cradle does so immediately to engage in sexual activity, administration of all drugs and all vaccines for STDs---without any parental knowledge, much less consent---are said to be de rigueur for students of all ages: from the minute they are exposed to temptation, at the lowest level of entry into the groves of academe (S937/A822). Still, why limit this boon merely to the medical tools for dealing with sexually transmitted diseases? Minors should have access to any medical procedure, including surgery, while keeping this a secret from their irritating mothers and fathers and their constant urge to disapprove (A9963).

Now, lest some outraged readers of this website write to complain that the friends of the Global Oligarchy in the Assembly and the Senate show a lack of concern for adults, I feel obliged to add that New York is a State dedicated to inclusivity. Given the fact that some of these basically thick headed post-pubescent obscurantists seem to have retained an outdated critical spirit, displayed by their rejection of the peace of mind brought about by submission to the jabs that pass all understanding, legislative civic virtue seeks to require that all medical exemptions, adult as well, be approved by the Department of Health (A7139). They are also to be tracked by the State (S1653/A2255), with religious exemptions eliminated altogether from the workplace as well as the school (A8398). And given the fact that vaccine passports are taken for granted as a “done deal” for the imminent future, records of all adult injections would be collected to be handed over to the functionaries charged with stamping them onto our permits to travel outside our local germ-free paradise by yet another bill forming part of the current New York State/WEF Diktat (S75a/A279a).

However, we are still by no means finished. After all, as St. Peter warns us in his Epistle, we must all be sober and vigilant, because the Enemy of 93 Gender-Kind is roaming about like a roaring lion seeking some prey to devour, including those bearing salutary medicine in their hands and the youth whom they have at needle point at the Kindergarten door. His propagandistic roar must be drowned out! How else to do so, but by mandating a full course of honest vaccine industry instruction at the middle and high school levels (A8870)? Moreover, the misled parents of those of tender age, always under suspicion for blocking the health and sexual promiscuity of their offspring, must at all costs be prevented from gaining additional specious arguments for brainwashing their children. This can be accomplished by forcing social media networks “to provide mechanisms and policies for reporting vaccine misinformation” (traditionally referred to as “the truth”) (S4512a/A7581).

So much for the bad ruling class, which, thankfully, is running into opposition from the good in the form of demonstrations against this year’s Diktat at the State Capital in Albany, constantly fed by updates from such essential sources of information as Life Site News. That opposition is even becoming much more public among “the huddled masses truly yearning to be free”, and finally standing up to the continuing demands from the Orthodox Covidians to keep their mouths tightly muzzled and their opinions to themselves. The occasional Inquisitor who wanders into my café on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village to stoke a fire and inspire a 2020 style auto-da-fe now finds that the “roaring lions” will tell him-her-it openly and loudly where he-she-it can go, in classic New Yorkese.

Nevertheless, it is the ugly that remains a lasting concern to me. One thing that New York---unlike almost the entirety of the rest of the United States---could always boast was the possession of little neighborhoods where everything needed for daily life was available within walking distance, and in a setting that was so local, small, and cozy that one almost felt obliged to take his passport along with him if he crossed into the foreign territory just up the road. Globalism has been eating away at that reality here in the First World for some time now, just as it has been destroying neighborhoods in the Second and Third Worlds as well. Covid lockdowns, along with the previous work of the WEF/Davos Oligarchs and the legislation of their ruling class buddies practically outside my door have been doing their level best to give it the coup de grace since 2020.

The destruction of small businesses, the empty mom-and-pop stores, the tent cities---not of the familiar homeless, but the of the frightening, criminal desperados---the undying stench of marijuana, the uncollected filth that this coup de grace has produced---largely on purpose---has made the environment ugly. And nothing can dishearten the souls of those who long for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful; nothing can make them feel as though the bad are too powerful to be defeated, than seeing ugliness and yet more ugliness accumulate around them.

Please pray for my beloved, quirky Greenwich Village and the strangely charming Old New York. This is the only kind of vaccine that we always need to survive and prosper. Be well! Be Catholic! Viva Cristo Rey!