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2024 election campaign symbolizes America's "night"

Septuagenarian Trump and octogenarian Biden are running for the presidency. The electorate is confused because of secularization, vices and cancel culture. The (only?) hope for America is for a younger electable Republican to break through in the primaries and end the darkness with a new dawn to reinvigorate American democracy.

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It came in the middle of the night. The recorded announcement that President Biden was running for a second term in 2024 came at 6am New York/Washington time, 3am California time. Most of the country – probably the President himself – was still asleep. This is a first in American politics. The President, an unpopular, senescent octogenarian, allowed the recording to be released while asleep! 

Notwithstanding Biden’s lack of a live announcement in front of a quizzing press, the United States now has two major declared presidential candidates, septuagenarian Donald Trump and octogenarian Joe Biden, running for the highest office in the nation. Does the campaign of two old men symbolize the onset of the eclipse of the United States of America and its longstanding special status in the world?  

While the American mainstream press has consistently overlooked Biden’s mental disfunction, it has focused sharply on former President Trump’s legal accusations foisted on him by Democratic party government officials at the state and national levels. Almost totally ignored are some of his major achievements such as defending the pro-life cause and bringing peace between Israel and a few of its Muslim neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa.  

President Biden, on his first day in office returned the country to liberalized abortion and aborted the energy capacity of the country by banning the Keystone oil pipeline in the name of curbing global warming. On the international front Biden later presided over the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, leaving behind not only American collaborators but military equipment worth billions of dollars to a lethal enemy.  

Even the US participation in the international effort to supply weapons, some of which are near obsolesce, to Ukraine as that country fights to retain its independence, leaves some perplexity given that this is the country where his drug addict son, Hunter Biden, did some lucrative business while his father was Vice President.  

Polls indicate not only low approval ratings for the President, but that most registered democrats do not want Biden to run again. However, if it comes to Trump versus Biden in the election, Biden seems the likely victor. Such is the sad status of American politics today.  

How confused is the electorate? Americans are steeped in secularization, confronted with widespread cancel culture and wokeism, and faced with spreading legalization of vices from sports betting and casino gambling to cannabis while unsure of what will come next.  

Fortunately, the Republican Party, besides the arrogant Trump, yesterday’s man, has several announced and potential candidates for the presidency who embrace traditional American values of life, liberty, personal and national security, and freedom of religious worship. They are of a new generation but vastly more experienced including Tim Scott, a black senator from South Carolina and Nikki Haley, a former governor and United Nations Ambassador. There is also the possibility of an Italian surnamed, not-yet-declared candidate, Ron DeSantis, who was recently re-elected governor of the state of Florida by a wide margin, to also run for the presidency.  The Democratic Party has no other candidates in line besides Biden, at least none that the mainstream press mentions. 

The (only?) hope for America is for a younger electable Republican to break through in the primaries to become the party’s candidate and emerge victorious in the national elections next year and end the darkness of night with a new dawn to reinvigorate American democracy which has brought freedom, opportunity, and prosperity to millions of people since independence in 1776.