Pope and abortion: something doesn't add up

    Interviews with Pope Francis are now being churned out in a constant stream, a damaging phenomenon for the Church. However, it is worth noting his strange attitude towards abortion: very harsh in condemning the practice, extremely soft in drawing the consequences.


    Biden, the "devoted" president, but to abortion

    The American president, who professes to be a "devout Catholic", has promised to do everything in his power to guarantee abortion in the United States. He is calling Dem voters to the polls, "saddened" by the Supreme Court ruling, but is also worried about the midterm elections.The Fox News columnist, Miranda Devine, speaks to the Daily Compass.

    • USA

    Whipping at the border, Catholic Biden's welcome

    The first striking images of the latest migration crisis on the US-Mexico border are those of horse-mounted officers using lassos as whips to drive masses of migrants away from the US side of the Rio Grande. Wasn't Biden the Catholic president who opposed the man 'of the wall'? Serious reflection is needed on the voting criteria. And on the morality of migration policies.

    • LIFE

    How Biden takes orders from Planned Parenthood

    Vice President Harris received a group of abortionists at the White House, declaring that abortion is a ‘non-negotiable' right. On the same day, 16 September, the Federalist published a paper showing how Biden is breaking the rules in order to reward Planned Parenthood & Co. and redirect taxpayers' money to them.


    Biden bragging about the withdrawal from Kabul is indefensible


    Joe Biden publicly boasts, he’s ended the war in Afghanistan, even though the scenes of the disastrous withdrawal are there for all to see. Biden has probably made use of the behavioral scientist Sunstein, theorist of the "nudge" to  tailor his rhetoric. But, the Americans are not fooled and the president has lost credibility.

    • Eucharistic coherence

    Who gains if US bishops reject public sin?

    The public sins of rulers are never only a "personal" matter. The pastors of the Church have the duty to protect their flock from scandal. We do not know how any possible clear position from American bishops will provoke reactions on a political level. However, one thing is certain: reiterating the Church's teaching on the need to refuse the Eucharist "to those who obstinately persevere in manifest grave sin" will lead to healthy reflections on Who is substantially present in the Blessed Sacrament.


    USAID’s Samantha Power: new power on the global stage

    The nomination of Samantha Power to lead USAID -  the United States Agency for International Development - is and indication of a more aggressive policy to promote abortion in the world. Indeed the nomination of Samantha Power as Administrator of USAID was enthusiastically welcomed by the abortion industry.