RS, a Polish citizen living in England, was sentenced to death "in his best interest" by the judges and by the hospital where he has been hospitalized since last November in a vegetative state. But the family of origin started a legal battle to be able to repatriate him with the intervention of the Warsaw government and the Polish Church.

    • UK / THE RS CASE

    Polish and British governments wrangle over RS’s fate

    • 24-01-2021

    RS has been granted diplomatic status but wrangling between the British and Polish governments are preventing him from returning to Poland for medical treatment to save his life. Polish public opinion has focused on trying to convince his wife to change sides and support his repatriation.


    Now the Bishops have stepped in to ring to save RS’s life

    • 22-01-2021

    It’s a race against time now to save RS‘s life. The Polish citizen’s food and water was disconnected 7 days ago by British doctors. By request of the President of the Polish bishops, Gadecki, the English bishops ask the U.K. Minister of Health to intervene. Meanwhile, the Polish government offers RS diplomatic status to bypass court restrictions to bring him back to his homeland for treatment.

    • UK / THE RS CASE

    "The world should know that my brother wants to live"

    • 20-01-2021

    They are killing a conscious disabled man: «At Christmas when he saw us he started to cry and his eyes followed our every movement. But after we went to court to save his life, they won’t let us visit him anymore». This is what RS's sister has to say about her disabled Polish brother whom the British health and legal system has left to die of hunger and thirst.


    RS dies of starvation, condemned to death by a Soros judge

    • 19-01-2021

    RS is expected to die at any moment now that the hospital in Plymouth, England, has disconnected his nutrition and hydration. Yet, a last urgent appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) reveals that the ECHR's final judgment, which sentenced the Polish citizen to death, was issued by a judge, Yonko Grozev, a pro-euthanasia activist who served in George Soros’ foundations. A recent report, denounces that in the last ten years as many as 22 judges nominated to the ECHR have all been "sons of Soros".


    Another no from the ECHR condemns RS to death

    • 14-01-2021

    The European Court of Human Rights for the second time, in less than a week,has rejected an appeal to avoid the death in the United Kingdom of the Polish citizen RS, in a vegetative state. Family members and doctors acting on their behalf presented evidence to demonstrate his condition has improved.


    RS condemned to death: the European Court sides with London

    • 10-01-2021

    Not even the Polish government’s intervention could save the life of one of its citizens, held hostage in a British hospital, in a vegetative state. The European Court of Human Rights sides with London and RS’s life support is suspended. An urgent appeal to the UN is the last hope in a race for time.


    Another "unworthy" life in England. This time the clash is with Poland

    • 05-01-2021

    Another victim has fallen foul of the UK’s principle of "best of interests". A Polish citizen residing in the United Kingdom, in a vegetative state, has received the death sentence from doctors and judges. The government in Warsaw has appealed to the European Court, which must decide by January 7. The case raises serious issues about patients' rights abroad.