Between virus and war, God takes us to the secret place of conversion

    Lent begins and the proclamation of the Gospel takes us from where we are, to lead us to a secret place where we can know the secret of the Father, the place of prayer and fasting to which we are called to present the bulwark of faith against the brute violence of war. Many are afraid of dying, as with the virus, and so they run away, far away, like the prodigal son. Thus, in an instant, it is no longer the virus, but the brother who has become the enemy to fight, the brother who did not think and act like us. Without God, man is always at war with a scapegoat on whom to pour out his frustration, pain and anger at the failure generated by sin, since a divorce is consummated because of the same sin that instigates a war.


    The continuous state of emergency is euthanising democracy

    Overpopulation, climate, Covid-19: for seventy years now the Power that controls politics, the economy and the media has worked to install fear in the population by means of invented or overestimated phenomena. It’s paved the way for a continuous state of emergency allowing "enlightened elites" to force policies and restrictions on people’s freedom which, in state of normality, would be otherwise impossible.

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    Green pass: a matter of idolatry not vaccination

    As restrictions escalate, so does the number of ordinary people who understand that what is at stake is not the freedom to go to the pub or the restaurant, nor even vaccination freedom: it is the freedom to exist as human beings worthy of the name, without kowtowing to Leviathan. It is a question of deciding who we want to worship, God or the dragon. Revelation comes to our aid.

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    Vaccines and infertility, researchers sound the alarm

    After Roxana Bruno sounded the alarm about Covid vaccines and the risk they pose to fertility, another warning comes from Janci Chunn Lindsay who has worked on the development of contraceptive vaccines: due to the similarity between syncytins and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, vaccine-induced antibody responses could trigger a cross-reaction, causing reproductive side effects. Even the Virologist Bill Gallaher confirms the suspicion. He points out that there are already numerous cases of spontaneous abortions and menstrual irregularities in vaccinated women.


    Mass banned, what happened to "Catholic" Ireland?

    Ireland will be allowed to celebrate Mass again from May 10, that is after the total closure of all churches for seven months, including sanctions for "rebel" priests. It’s a unique case in Europe, which combines a contemptuous government and submissive bishops. This is the story of what happened.