Let’s go to church; Jesus is waiting for us

    The government decrees and bishops decisions which have closed churches or limited access do not have any basis in reality. There is no risk that a large group of people will gather nor that infection will spread, and we demonstrate why. In fact the opposite is true: visiting the Lord, in his House, is an experience that is full of grace, especially in this time of trial. If you have not already done so during these days, go without any fear and you will find out why it is a source of grace!


    God‘s chastisements are to save us, say Scriptures

    Original sin establishes the first relationship between man's sin and punishment. But is suffering only the result of breaking an equilibrium or is there also a positive intervention from God? The Bible takes into account a varied reality, which involves different kinds of divine action. The Old Testament interprets some natural disasters and painful situations as God's punishing interventions. The New Testament also describes a chastening action of God, but reveals definitively that His purpose is always - in respect for human freedom - our salvation.

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    Consecration, Calling for all bishops: follow Portugal

    The bishops of Portugal and Spain are carrying out an epochal salvific act with the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We implore  all bishops to imitate them today. The Lord is allowing, in His infinite mercy, that we experience first-hand the great fragility of man, of his health, of his economic systems, of his earthly certainties. And He is making it clear to the whole world. This is a great warning, and it would be wrong and a harbinger of disastrous consequences not to accept it.


    “Lord, it’s so hard; what do you want me to do? I will make a vow.”

    We are at the mercy of fear and panic, so we must seek to understand the language of God by asking him with open and humble hearts: Lord, what do you want me to do? Let’s do something worthwhile: lets make vows. God is speaking to us in an eloquent way. Are you cooped up at home? Then let’s make a vow to dedicate more time to Him on the Lord’s Day. Are we deprived of the Mass? Let’s make a vow to return to Mass when it is celebrated again without being full of pride.


    “The virus has exposed the individualist lie; we cannot deprive ourselves of the Mass”

    The pandemic has brought to light the precariousness of the human being and exposed the individualist lie, which has favored the breaking of bonds with the family, with tradition and with God.” The Spanish bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla explained to The Daily Compass why he has decided not to suspend Masses with the faithful: The Holy Mass is heaven on earth, and without it man loses his soul.” The coronavirus is a blow for the pride of globalism and our technocratic society,” but also for the Church that now ought to turn to the decisive questions of human salvation.”

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    «No to Card. Kung »: Beijing decides who to beatify

    Asia‘s Catholic news agency, UcaNews, has denounced the Holy See for failing to open the process of beatification of Cardinal Kung Pinmei in order not to displease Beijing. Meanwhile, dozens of British signatories are petitioning the Holy See for an immediate end to its agreement with China.


    Being prepared for death… is what we need

    It is being said that anyone who is asking for the celebration of Mass to be reinstated, anyone who is going to church to pray, anyone looking for a priest to ask for confession and the Eucharist, is a selfish person. And yet, whether we are thinking of ourselves, of people dear to us or who are more at risk, what should make us most afraid is not death but rather leaving this world in fear and without being well-prepared for death. Death must not become something taboo for the Church: it is what we most need to hear about, as well as hope for eternal life.

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    Rome reopens its churches. Pope and Cardinal Vicar blame one another

    A new decree by the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Angelo De Donatis, revokes the decision made just a few hours earlier to close the churches of Rome, after the pope thundered at his morning Mass in Santa Marta against “drastic measures.” And so the churches in Rome are reopening, but Cardinal De Donatis wrote to the pastors of Rome and revealed that the decision to close churches was made by the Pope. The protests by many of the faithful and alarmed phone calls from bishops and cardinals convinced him to make a U-turn. A disturbing spectacle of a church hierarchy in a state of confusion. And now may the bishops have the courage to reinstate public Masses with the faithful (obeying all security and health directives).

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    When the going gets tough… pastors get weak

    The disturbing story of Romes churches – first ordered closed and then reopened  –  clearly reveals a Church bent on living for today and unaware that Gods is worth more than our present lives. Precisely because of the seriousness of the epidemic, it is necessary to lift suspensions on public Masses, even if it means taking necessary precautions.

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    Dialogue and action: that’s not synodality

    There is no common understanding of what the concept of synodality means. It was once thought that synodality meant walking together believing in the same truths of faith. Today synodality is considered taking action together. The model of synodality was a monarchical church, today it is a democratic church.

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    The Mass is essential for the common good

    Every Mass, as the Council teaches, has by its very nature a “public and social disposition.” The sacrifice of Christ that is renewed in the Mass is universal – it is offered for the salvation of the entire world. Benedict XVI has said that the Eucharist has such a public significance that it impels people to a courageous commitment to serving the structures of this world through the social doctrine of the Church.


    The capitulation of Faith to the coronavirus

    With due respect and understanding for the decisions of the bishops, the suspension of Masses with the faithful has given the message that Faith, God, are no longer able to respond to our needs.