Pfizer-Vatican connection

    A mini-investigation by the National Catholic Register reveals private meetings in the Vatican of Pfizer's CEO, while the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, singles out the Pfizer vaccine for exclusion from possible conscientious objection. This contradicts the famous Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


    The Church raises a wall against non-vaccinated persons

    Access to Masses celebrated by the Pope in Slovakia is prohibited to those who are not vaccinated. And in Italy, the bishop’s daily newspaper launches a crusade against those who oppose mandatory vaccination. Fully espousing the pro-vaccination cause and the adoption of the Green pass, the Church of mercy that advocates tearing down all walls,  is building one around the Mass.


    German schismatics disgrace the Mass as Rome turns a blind eye

    Women playing priests, rainbow flags hanging from the altar, a punk-styled statue of Our Lady. Following a Vatican 10 May statement forbidding the blessing of homosexual unions, now forbidden preaching and blasphemous Masses are taking place in Germany. In some of the country's most prominent churches, 12 women are now preaching, a clear numeric reference to the first apostles. The Daily Compass has gathered evidence from a “Mass” held in Essen, proof that an abomination of desolation currently underway in Germany. Meanwhile, has Rome turned a blind eye?


    “No vaccines from aborted foetuses!” A heroic appeal to Christians

    An appeal by many women, pro-life activists; women who are urging Christians all over the world and men of upright conscience to resist vaccines contaminated by abortion. Dr Wanda Półtawska, friend and confidante of John Paul II, and miraculously cured by Padre Pio, is the first signatory.