Poland is right, democracy in Europe is at stake

    The clash over national sovereignty between Poland and the European Union raises the fundamental question: Should the process of European integration result in the creation of a supranational entity that is above the individual Member States, or should these states retain their sovereignty and transfer only part of it to Brussels? This is the statement made by the former president of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus on the subject.


    Brussels wants the heads of Christian governments

    Christian nations are under fire. Guillotine fantasies are sprouting everywhere in Brussels. Is the Slovenian Prime Minister proposing to restore the EU's original values and preserve national autonomy? Is this why, accusations of authoritarianism are immediately levelled against him? Orban's Hungary and conservative Poland are under harsh attack, the former especially over its anti-pedophilia legislation.


    Iceberg report, the ridiculous attempt to discredit pro-lifers

    The report by the abortionist NGO EPF, in which many MEPs participate, has been published in Brussels. It accuses the pro-life movements of having received 707 million dollars in 10 years. It’s virtually nothing, considering the billionaire funding abortion NGOs receive.