Catholic support for the wrong West needs a rethink

    There is a considerable misunderstanding concerning the concept of the West. There is an "essential" West that corresponds to Christian civilization and its social and political consequences; and there is a West that coincides with liberal democracies, with a system of values opposite to the first. Unfortunately, many Catholics side with this anti-Christian West.


    Censorship at universities spells end of academic freedom

    Dr. Peter Boghossian is the author of a series of provocative studies on gender and feminism. Recently, he tendered his resignation as professor, and he is not alone. In six years, 426 university lecturers in the United States have been reported or received warnings while two thirds have been sanctioned, 100 have lost their jobs and another 93 have been placed on leave.


    A guide to avoiding harmful children’s books

    The habit of telling stories to children is dying out, as people forget the great function of traditional tales. But the enemies of the Logos continue to churn out children’s stories. How can we understand what sort of book we have in our hands? Here are some questions to consider: Who is the enemy? How do you beat the enemy? Is there growth and change? How does the story end? The answers will help you to get your bearings.