Rupnik's works discourages worship, “it’s not sacred art”

    On the debate started in Lourdes about Rupnik's works, which questions all the faithful, the Daily Compass interviewed Fr Nicola Bux: “The situation of sacred art has contributed to secularisation and the loss of faith. And Rupnik positioned himself in this void. The commissioning bishops should ask themselves whether the faithful, looking at Rupnik's art, are inspired to pray or rather to dance around the golden calf, which is ourselves”.


    Another victim surfaces in Rupnik scandal, Pope's blank mind

    While another shocking testimony of a nun-victim of Father Rupnik emerges, in an interview with the AP agency, Pope Francis washes his hands of the scandal. Allegedly, he knew nothing and never intervened; he defends the statute of limitations in this case because the abuses were not committed against minors or 'vulnerable adults'. An untenable line of defence, refuted by many circumstances.


    Rupnik's exit leaves a 'mosaic' of questions

    Apparently, the theologian-artist has retired to a monastery and a confrere will now preach the exercises at Loreto in his place. But, a changing of the guard does not eliminate the doubts and perplexities about the silences and cover-ups, which stretch from the Aletti Centre to the Vicariate of Rome.