8 billion people and there’s still room for many more

    The milestone of eight billion inhabitants on Earth has been the trigger to instil the usual fear of overpopulation. But the world is not overpopulated, simply the neo-Malthusians are imposing unfounded and specious rules (on agriculture, energy, food) to prevent development and decrease the population. They are the ones we have to fear.

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    The World on course for a Demographic Catastrophe

    An American study foresees that by the end of the century there will be a general decline in the world population, with the populations of 23 countries reduced by more than 50%. The researchers say that a major social reorganization is needed or it will be a disaster. But rather than seek real solutions, they want to continue with the same anti-human ideologies that have brought us to this point of crisis. The Holy See also deserves an admonishment.