From Gay Pride to paedophilia: the Netherlands leads the way

    Dutch Pride is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a photo competition. One prize has gone to a disturbing image of a two-year-old girl surrounded by S&M males. Why? Because of the usual litany about prejudice and diversity. This is the kind of  "freedom" the LGBTI movement aspires to: a future of male bondage engaged in extreme and violent sex and their aspiring attention to the girl. On this matter, The European Commission is silent while voicing protest against Poland and Hungary for their strong opposition to homosexual ideologies in childhood. It says nothing about this widespread and ever less latent paedophilia.

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    "Paedophile from birth"? Here's how perversion is legitimised

    A scientific article published on the Psychologytoday.com portal is an attempt to present paedophile behaviour as something “natural.” This is certainly not the first attempt to explain the origins of paedophilia following the classic Overton Window method.