St Joseph, the ideal model for educators

    As his human nature was united with his divine one, even Jesus needed to be educated. Under the guidance of Mary and Joseph, the Son of God made man was able to grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”. In particular, St Joseph had to perform the duties of a father, such as instructing Jesus in the Law and in a trade while integrating him into social life. Thus he and the Virgin emerge as “models for all educators” (St John Paul II).


    Abortion education: a priority for the G7

    Among the priorities decided and the documents approved during the meeting in London of the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers, ahead of the next summit of leaders of state and government of the world’s most industrialised countries (11-13 June), is the education of girls to include the murder of their unborn child. Pushing for this are the powers that be from around the world.