Northern Ireland, 25 years later peace is still fragile

    Every year there are still a thousand sectarian crimes, and hundreds of churches, Catholic and Protestant, suffer attacks, while Parliament is politically paralysed. The Good Friday Agreement that ended 30 years of fratricidal war in 1998 has not yet delivered peace. The appeal of the leaders of the Christian Churches.


    Lockdown, a political and unscientific decision

    What did members of the government say to each other during the Covid-19 pandemic, when they ordered us to stay at home? They discussed political choices, even if scientifically dubious or openly wrong. This is what emerges from "private" conversations in both the United Kingdom and Italy.


    The rise of Hitler 90 years ago and the price paid by Catholics

    90 years have passed since Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor. From the start, the German Catholic Church foresaw the danger of National Socialism and then paid a very high price for its resistance: 310 German priests interned in concentration camps, 65 died during imprisonment, 36 executed or murdered, 790 arrested, 1510 fined, 6593 interrogated, to mention some. Numbers that conflict with today's German Catholic Church, amenable to the what the world wants and even more eager to conform to it.

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    Vaccines and tumours: repentant oncologist raises alarm

    British professor Angus Dalgleish, luminary in the field of oncology and once an avid supporter of the development of anti-covid vaccines, has changed his mind about their efficacy. Faced with the evidence of the side effects and with great intellectual honesty, he denounces the resurgence of tumours and calls for all vaccine programmes to be suspended.


    Migration, a weapon to destroy national identities. The case of Italy

    The recent clash between Italy and France over the ships which collect migrants in the Mediterranean skippered by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is only the symptom  of a wider war which aims to dissolve the identity of Europe. Italy is the main battlefield as Cardinal Biffi warned twenty years ago.


    Show me your lectern and I’ll predict how you will govern

    From Tony Blair's wheeled shelf to Boris Johnson's chunky podium until Rishi Sunak's recycled wood: a curious British tradition grants every prime minister a personalised lectern for their first speech in front of 10 Downing Street. It’s also a way to read their style of government. But the most famous debut, without a lectern, was Margaret Thatcher ...

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    Vaccine victims in Italy call for parliamentary investigation

    For the first time in Italy, the Committee representing 1,800 victims of the anti-Covid vaccine has met and is now calling for a parliamentary investigation committee to inquire into vaccine damage. Considerable evidence from doctors, journalists, and many injured people at the congress is causing the wall of silence to crumble. Dr De Maria and Dr Venezia: "Long Covid and adverse reactions, there is a common thread"; Dr Donzelli: "The protection of the triple-vaccinated is already negative after six months, the unvaccinated are infected less than the vaccinated"; Dr Frajese: "There has been a numbing of consciences"; Dr Savini: "In my vaccinated patients +30% of pathologies”.

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    The anti-Russian “Holy War” is providing the West with justification for greater authoritarian tendencies

    The war in Ukraine is yet another crisis following hot on the heels of the climate crisis and the pandemic: three ideological campaigns on a vast scale which share a common thread; that is the tendency towards a coercive restructuring of democratic societies by means of the employment of emergency powers, rendering their legitimacy beyond question. Also, the anticipation of a ‘piloted’ decline in population of those aforementioned societies.

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    The Bucha massacre and warmongering

    If the desire for truth were the main issue, an independent international commission should be set up immediately to determine responsibility for the Bucha massacre. But the desire to use this episode to escalate the war and get Europe more involved seems to have gained the upper hand.

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    Italy, an open door to illegal immigrants. Cyprus, the Turkish "invasion" persists

    The number of illegal immigrants landing in Italy is reaching record numbers. With Sunday's landing in Pozzallo, 4600 illegal immigrants have arrived in the country since the beginning of the year, 20 times more than those who arrived during the same period in 2019, at the time when Matteo Salvini was Interior Minister. They come mainly from Libya, but also from Tunisia and Turkey. The phenomenon is also on the rise in Cyprus, where migrants are illegally crossing the border of Northern Cyprus, the republic born from the Turkish invasion of 1974. The Cypriot government accuses Ankara of encouraging human trafficking.


    Fact checking, opinion without facts

    "Who controls the controllers?" It’s a question everyone should be asking themselves, especially at the moment when information is under strict surveillance including by Facebook's "independent" fact-checking.

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    Christmas forbidden, EU is heir to the French Revolution

    The European Union has made an about turn, on the (grotesque) document banning the use of the word Christmas or overly Christian names. But it won’t be long before secularism strikes back, being the fundament of an EU that has denied its Christian roots and the project of its founding fathers. The truth is that today's EU, diversified and inclusive, is reminiscent of communist ideology. And, unfortunately, the anti-Christian anthropological transformation goes far beyond Europe.

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