• Interview with Cardinal Müller

    The German Church: «Marx is responsible for the failure»

    On the same day that Cardinal Marx resigned from his position as Archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller was interviewed on La Nuova Bussola Quotidiano weekly webcast. “This so-called synodal path has failed because it goes against divine law and Marx is responsible. Now, he wants to delegate to the pope, who is his friend, the task of solving the problems its caused. What’s more, “these bishops do not want a schism, they want to set themselves up as leaders of a nationalistic Church, convinced they are the future of the universal church. The pope has to do more for the unity of the faith, climate and migrants are important but secondary issues.” And on the subject of Covid, “it was a grave error to allow the state to dictate the line to take on the Sacraments and the Eucharist”.


    Germany set for a soft schism. While the Pope watches

    The 10th of May has arrived, tension has already mounted around the dreaded German schism, and appeals to Rome to intervene and curb the schismatic drift have multiplied. But the notion of schism today is not really clear because of the role of the Pope, the doctrinal competence of the Bishops' Conferences and the widespread crypto-schismatic situation. The feeling is that nothing will happen, misunderstandings will continue and schismatic practices will be implemented. Just like a crime with no culprits.