«I visited Alfie: the problem is "brain death"»

    What is the origin of the medical approach, flaunted on the world stage, which decided the life of little Alfie Evans? The answer for Dr. Paul Byrne, internationally renowned neonatologist, who visited the baby in December 2017, has been clear for years: «Everything stems from the definition of death, no longer clinical but cerebral. A heretical vision whereby life is measured on the amount of brain functions. So it is full of living people who are not treated».


    Appeal of hundreds: «Thank you father Gabriel, now let's ring the bells for Alfie»

    A letter/appeal to be signed: "The presence of Don Gabriele near Alfie comforts us. We need priests who, aware of their paternity and vocation, do not abandon us before evil and in the hour of death. We ask to ring the church bells for the baby during his funeral, certain that there are still many priests capable of shouting to the world the scandal of love".


    Alfie Evans: on a mission from God

    Some people think that Alfie does not have a mission, that he is here by chance. So they ask trivial questions like: "Can he  breathe on his own?"; "Will he ever be able to talk or walk?" That's why they think his life is not worth anything, they do not speculate that Alfie has been sent, sent for something great.

    • LIFE

    Alfie Evans, what's at stake?

    If the term "quality of life" is allowed to replace "the sacredness of life", then each of one of us is in danger. This is why, even if we are not fully aware of it, Alfie's life is the same life in us all; the battle for Alfie is the battle to affirm our own life.


    Bishop Paglia offends the parents of sick children

    I am the mother of Mele, Emanuele Campostrini, a 9 year old boy suffering from a severe disability due to mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial DNA depletion. I am indignant after reading the statement of the Vatican Academy for Life president on Alflie Evans ruling.